Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 11 Kasumigaoka’s Invitation


It was one o’clock in the morning, which made the night seem misty even though it was winter in the city.

The light was still on in one of the bedrooms at Sakura Residence, like a flower blooming in the night. Ye You was typing in front of the computer, saving a manuscript for a new book that would release at some point.

The account had been requested Ye You’s Chinese buddy to finish the application form. The pen name was initially intended to be called Blue Sky or Just Like Blue Sky, but both were occupied. So, he took a pen name called ‘Blue Sky Demon King.’

The next step was just to upload the chapter. Ye You’s buddy also sent a congratulatory message, welcoming him to the Chinese website. When it was about a thousand words, Neet Hime sent another message.

Neet Hime said, “Hey, Blue Sky, it seems that I have extra 20-dimensional points.”

An extra-dimensional point?

Do the administrators have one too?

With the seventh person’s addition, Ye You, who was the room leader, would increase by 50-dimensional points. However, he has never expected the room administrators to grow too.

“This is a benefit after the chat room reaches seven people.” Ye You explained.

Neet Hime wondered, “Ohhh! There are still such good things. Will there be newcomers in the future?”

Blue Sky replied, “I guess there will be.”

Speaking of Ye You, he opened the properties panel, suddenly finding an extra book inside the inventory. Basic Introduction to Magic Circles uploaded by Seventeen.

“Uh… Is that the thanks she said …”

No wonder Neet Hime had not teleported over yet, she took it.

“Wait.” Remembering what Seventeen had said, Ye You suddenly realized a problem.

“In other words, the guy knows that the uploaded items ultimately belong to the room leader?”

Truly deserve to be called The Sage Lord. However, uploading items is only visible to the uploader and the room leader. No one else could see it or knew if anyone else has uploaded something.

“Blue Sky, Blue Sky, I think we need to pull more people from now on,” Neet Hime talked in earnest, “So we can have more dimensional points.”

Although the dimensional points could only be used to transmit items at the moment, it could be imagined with your toes.

There would definitely be a more extensive use for dimensional points in the future. Neet Hime began to plan ahead.

Blue Sky asked, “How do we pull people in, then?”

Neet Hime grunted, “As the room leader, you should not ask me.” Neet Hime was frustrated.

Blue Sky said, “But this feature of pulling people should be activated gradually as the chat room connects to more and more dimensions.”

Neet Hime also shared the same thought, “Well, we can only wait for now.”

“Then I will go back to playing games. I missed the old days when we used to play online games together, but why is the chat room falling back now?”

Neet Hime complained and retreated. Ye You also continued to type. Nevertheless, soon after that, his phone rang, and it was an email from Kasumigaoka.

Kasumigaoka said, “It is hard to sleep on a good day. Thinking about the sound of your voice, Can I dance with you, Misaki?”

Ye You has a poker face. “I’m sorry, please say something in human language.”

Kasumigaoka replied, “Really no sense of humor. Do you know what day it is now?”

Ye You confused, “What date? Is it your sister’s birthday?”

Kasumigaoka explained, “Look at the digital clock. It is going to be 1:23:45 soon… 86,400 seconds to do a cycle like this… don’t you think it is romantic?”

Ye You speechless for a while then said, “If there is nothing else, I will keep typing.”

“I am having a book signing session tomorrow. Please come to the Fushikawa Bookstore in Ueno Park on time before ten o’clock.” Kasumigaoka stated her intention anyway.

Ye You grunted, “Huh? That far? It has been half a city!”

Kasumigaoka said, “I will be grateful to you!” The black stocking light novelist was still self-talk as usual.

Ye You typed, “Why did I make a special trip to a bookstore that’s about ten steps from my house, and what is the benefit for me in doing so? If this increases your affection for me and triggers some strange option, therefore, if I enter the ‘KasumigaokaRoute,’ then I might as well cut and retrain.”

Kasumigaoka responded, “You are such a heartless man. You have already done this and that to me, sobbing!”

Ye You apologized, “I am sorry, why don’t I remember the kind of thing you said?”

Kasumigaoka said, “All your things have been inserted into things, and have penetrated all of me without reservation. Do you plan not to admit it?”

Ye You responded, “Hey, do not use such a misunderstanding statement. It is just that I once helped you change your novel.”

Ye You was sad because she always used this misunderstanding statement, and almost fell into Sora’s mind.

Kasumigaoka typed, “Your texts are inserted into my texts. The two of us have become one.” She continued, “Anyway, If you do not come to the sales convention this time, I will be overwhelmed by heartbreak.”

Ye You replied, “What you said makes sense, but I refuse. Although I am not an energy conservationist, I am not passionate enough to squeeze a train early in the morning because of a girl.”

Kasumigaoka seemed to have thoroughly thought of Ye You’s attitude and continued speaking, “Ah, perhaps there will be an idiot from somewhere to see a beautiful girl who has fainted. He will take off his human skin and turn into a beast of desire. The man would slowly take off the silk stockings that wrapped my beautiful legs and peel off the poor girl’s clothes one by one, and no matter I cried and said no, the man would not stop. Then I will probably be imprisoned and tortured out of shape. Moreover, the culprit in all of this is you. It is because of you that I’m so sad that I’m fainting.”

Ye You really lost to her. As expected of a person who knows the otaku community’s culture, Kasumigaoka has a unique way of blackmailing people. What she said surprised Ye You. He did not know there was no limit to what she could say.

Ye You feel lost and said, “Okay, I get it. Let us not talk about porn. I understand—tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. I will be there.”

Kasumigaoka sent, “(v^)^v”

Ye You had a headache and think about it. Squeezing the train early in the morning was really troublesome. If I had known, I would not have read her manuscript on the spur of the moment.

When Kasumigaoka was still in junior high school, she showed her writing talent. However, she was still quite a bit behind Ye You, who had already debuted as the winner of the Newcomer Award.

 An accidentally meet in a bookstore let the two learn about their mutual interests. Therefore, they were able to communicate more deeply with each other.

Moreover, because they were in the first and second grades, a feeling of “fateful rival” quietly breeds in Kasumigaoka’s heart.

This girl has not yet sprouted. For the first time, someone who had the same interest was a fateful rival. Two happy things merged together. Furthermore, those two pleasures brought more Happiness.

The two quickly became close friends who could talk about anything. The two are pretty much in this relationship if looking back.

If it was not for dropping out of school that year … Ye You put down the phone and stepped out of the room with a lazy stretch.

Found Sora was curled up on the couch in the living room, breathing steadily and sleeping like a kitten. Perhaps she noticed a movement at the door, and Sora, who was in light sleep, opened her eyes.

Sora yawned, “You, you are done?”

Ye you said, “Well, getting ready to wash up and go to bed. Why did you fall asleep here.”

“I made cream bars, I wanted to send them over, but I did not want to disturb you,” Sora said, pinching the edges of his white pajamas.

Ye You sighed and walked over, rubbing her sister’s head. At the same time, Sora had a very comfortable expression, “What a fool, no matter what Sora does, it is all happy things for me.”

“Happiness…… Well.” Sora lowered her head. Blushed.

“Ah, right, the cream bars. It must be cold after all this time.” Sora rushed to the kitchen in a bit of a panic, then showed a sad expression, “Ummm, it sure is still cold…”

Ye You calmed her down, “It is okay, just heat it up in the microwave.”

“Well, it can only be this way.”

The two of them finished their snack.

Sora put her elbows on the table, holding her chin with both hands, she looked at Ye You with a gentle face, “Is it good?”

Ye You nodded, “Mmm. The world’s number one delicacy.”

Sora smiled and said, “That means You must reward me for that.”

“Hmm. No problem, whatever you want, I will give it to you.”

This is what Ye You said, absolutely no regrets. Sora’s clear eyes flashed with a sly smile, “I want to sleep with you tonight.”


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