Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 12 Book Signing Session


The next morning, Ye You woke up at the first glimmer of dawn. After helped Sora be well covered with a blanket, Ye You had some washing up, put on outdoor shoes, and walked out of the Sakura Resident. Because of the weather, the asphalt road gave people a hard feeling as if it was frozen.

Ye You exhaled a breath of white air and rubbed his hands, looking at the buildings in the distance that were fading in a white fog, he sighed, “It is the white season again”. After a long sunny day, if there is a heavy fog, it will definitely be a cloudy day, and after many days of rain followed by fog, it will definitely be a sunny day.

It was about to change the weather, and the temperature will drop sharply. Ye You slowly thought of something and decided to go home again, leaving a note to Sora to wear more clothes and be careful not to catch a cold. Then take the folding umbrella and set off again.

The cold weather alone cannot freeze the city’s rush, and the wage slave in suits crowded the platform early in the morning. It was rush hour now, and Ye You stepped onto the train with the crowd.

Although it was crowded, the shoulders were against the shoulders, and the front feet were against the back feet. As far as the eye could see, there were all moving heads. However, there was no incident of idiot happened.

So, it was all a lie, at least Ye You had never across one in the past fifteen years. Law and order were better than expected. Do not mention the harassment. Most men deliberately kept their distance from women, fearing that accidental contact would cause misunderstandings, and then life would probably end here, in the social sense.

A silent train ride to Ueno Station and then a ten-minute walk or so to the location of Kasumigaoka’s new book signing session.

“Yo, you are coming pretty early.”

At the side door of the bookstore, Kasumigaoka waved this way. She has dressed very artistically today, with black glasses and a white scarf. If the shapely, slender thighs were not wearing black velvet stocking, it would be more appropriate to a literary girl’s quality.

She greeted Ye You with a smile and said in a provocative tone, “It was half an hour earlier. It is obvious that your mouth says no, but your body is unexpectedly honest.”

Ah, just accept what she says. How can there be a literary girl with a mouthful of pornography?

It was just this kind of small scene, Ye You was already very skilled, he just smiled and replied, “Congratulations on your new novel selling well. Starting today, you are also famous in the light novel industry.”

“Starting today’ this statement was wrong. Wasn’t it true that only well-known writers could hold a conference? Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if no one comes. Although I am not too fond of this kind of publicity.” She took out a book with a beautiful waistband from her bag while she was speaking.

As soon as Ye You was about to reach out to take it, and he was shocked by Kasumigaoka’s next words, “Here, our child. With my full of love autograph.”


The hand paused awkwardly and politely in mid-air but finally took it.

Moreover, the autograph was indeed loving, with a heart shape that occupied the entire leaf drawn with a pink grease pen, and inside it was written ‘Kasumigaoka’ in the cute artistic font.

“I did not expect you to write this kind of font as well,” Ye You said.

Kasumigaoka smiled, “What? Oh, there is a lot you cannot imagine,” then she continued, “And since you do not like to show your face, wouldn’t it be fine to refuse the press conference autographs and such?”

Ye You changed the subject, “And there is the handshake and everything, it will feel tiring.”

“Ah, shaking hands, it is not a problem. Although the bookmate’s enthusiasm and intention made me very happy, I still could not do anything to shake hands with strangers. Think about it, I am also a delicate and charming girl. The girls are fine, but the boys are not good,” Kasumigaoka said with one index finger raised.

She walked in front and entered through the side door, and Ye You followed her.

Although Kasumigaoka asked the publisher not to release her personal information, after seeing that she was so outstanding, it was customary for people who come here to think, “It would be nice if we can get in touch with her further, right?”

Nevertheless, Kasumigaoka refused this process. There are really few light novelists who dare to do this.

However, the value of the face was justice, and if you look cute, this level was like a breeze, and even makes people feel refreshed – that was what fits with the fantasy of a ‘genius beautiful girl novelist’.


Ye you said, “Then all the boys who came today will be disappointed.”

“So, you will act as my temporary manager and bodyguard today and protect me.” Kasumigaoka suddenly turned her head, glared at Ye You fiercely, and speak while pointed at Ye You with her index finger.

Ye You smiled slightly, “Got it, Princess-sama.”


Kasumigaoka turned her head in satisfaction and sat on a chair that had already been set up.

In front of her was a rectangular table covered with a white cloth, and it was filled with books, estimated to be over 200 books. For every reader that came to the table, Kasumigaoka would sign in person, meaning that she would write her name at least 200 times. This reminds Ye You of copying texts when he was a child

The press conference went smoothly, and there were long queues outside the bookstore before it officially opened. Since the organizers had said no handshake, the readers who come to this signing session will not go beyond the rules. After all, no one knew what kind of person Kasumigaoka was before. They all came here just because they appreciated her work.

It was just that there was a fanatic fan halfway through, he wears dark glasses, and he was full of otaku atmosphere. After getting the signed book of Kasumigaoka, he still stayed on the spot, showing a look of wanting to move forward, holding her hand, and telling his heart.

Because it looked dangerous, Ye You glared at him.

Now that his mental strength exceeded ordinary people by several times, this stare made the otaku, who was already not good at dealing with outsiders, feel a tremendous oppressive force and could only leave with an annoyance. Kasumigaoka also let out a long sigh of relief. She was terrified that the person would do anything rude.

After all, those who can come here were all her fans, and Kasumigaoka has no experience handling emergencies. She called Ye You over today was indeed the right choice. Kasumigaoka said silently in her heart.

The press conference was over. Kasumigaoka said she would like to thank Ye You and invite him to dinner. Ye You has not hesitated and chose the most expensive-looking family restaurant. Two people were sitting in a luxurious private room and toasted their glasses.

“Cheers, for the complete closing of this autograph session!” They toasted with a glass of juice in each hand.

Both of them were light novelists and shared a common topic. In the meantime, the conversation talked about magic.

“Do you think magic exists? Kasumigaoka,” Ye You asked.

Kasumigaoka thought about it, “Let us say, for example,” The Black Stocking Light Novelist took a sip of juice, “If someone lost ten times in a row in a fair fight, can you explain why that is?”

“Of course, there is no reason for that. However, most people will feel that how could they be so unlucky, there must be some invisible law. What happens if the element of “horoscope” is mixed in at this time? …. For example, ‘the Aquarius has a bad fortune recently, and do not want to bet’. Then ‘magic’ was born. Something that happens by chance comes down to the law of inevitability, and that is how most of the magic in the life around us came about, right?”

“In other words, you do not believe in the existence of magic?” Ye You continued to ask.

“I do not know. Instead, I look forward to its existence.” Kasumigaoka said ambiguously.

“That is it.” Ye You nodded lightly, then changed the subject.

It was not convenient to share the things in the chat room with anyone else yet, but at the very least, there had to be self-protection. For example, it was able to make dimensional travel again. It was not that Ye You did not trust Kasumigaoka, but that every more person knows the secret, there is more possibility of leaking, regardless of whether the person concerned has the will to leak it or not.

Nevertheless, it was okay to exchange opinions a little bit.

 As for Sora, that was different.

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