Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 13 Kuroneko Will Finally Step Into the Abyss


When Ye You returned home, it was raining.

“Didn’t the weather forecast say that the rainfall rate is only 30%? It is terrible luck.”

Kasumigaoka stood in front of the restaurant, looking up at the gloomy sky. This troubled her very much. The nearest department store was also a block away, and it would be very uncomfortable to rain on her. It bothered her that the nearest department store’s distance was a mile away, and the raindrops on the body would be uncomfortable.

“Just right, I brought an umbrella when I went out.” Ye You took out the folding umbrella.

She surprised, “Eh? You brought an umbrella?”

“It is magic.”

Well, knowledge was magic. As long as we knew the proverb of ‘Long Sunny, Great Mist and Clouds’, we would be prepared if we have trust.

With a snap, the umbrella popped open, like a hydrangea blooming in the gray ground. “Let us go!”

It was three o’clock in the afternoon when Ye You returned home.

Today was December 20 in the Western calendar, and Christmas would be four days later, and then after welcoming the New Year, there would be entrance exams. To enter their ideal school, most of the outstanding students will study hard in this white season to lay a solid foundation for the blooming of the spring salute in the next year.

It did not matter to Ye You. His current grades will allow him to try to go to the Tokyo University exam even though he was an only high school student. Wasn’t this a matter of course? Excellent grades, sports all-around, that was just the essential operation of being a traverser. However, it did not work well for Sora. Her discrepancy was fluctuating around 60.

The discrepancy was one of the most prioritized indicators for student admission to Japanese schools. It reflects everyone’s rank among all candidates. It has nothing to do with the test paper’s difficulty, and it has nothing to do with the number of people in the test. It just measures where one person is compared to others.

Usually, 50 is the average, 75 is the highest value, and 25 is the lowest value. Discrepancy above 50 or more was considered a better grade. If the discrepancy is above 60, it allows you to attend a better school.

Sora’s 60 discrepancy was already in the upper-middle grade, but it was still not a safe bet to go to the high school she was applying to.

It used to be a very famous school, and it was a school with the theme of ‘showing students’ autonomy and stimulating their creativity. It was only a 10-minute walk from home. The name of the school is SumiSora High School. Ah, Ye You always felt like he heard this name somewhere.

Sora has been studying at home recently. Because Ye You was preparing to apply for the exam.

Ye You saw his younger sister buried her head in the study, and after making a cup of coffee for Sora, he walked to his room and turned on the computer.

The weblog has been uploaded last night and will upload the next chapter when finishing without hectic. Ye You continued to save the manuscript today. Anyway, the light novel side has come to an end. He has time and no pressure to enter high school.

After typing two thousand words, it was almost four o’clock, and Ye You opened the chat room. The members were still seven, and there was no increase.

Useless Angel and Neet Hime quickly become one. Both of them were existences that can play games without sleeping for days and nights. However, it was a pity that other worlds could not connect to the Internet, and the two can only clear the level together in the game uploaded in the chat room.

Ye You turned up the chat log, and from the useless angel’s statement, she seemed to have realized that this chat room was not simple.

“After all, it is an angel, not bound by common sense.”

Things like this were soon be understood and accepted.

After peeking at the screen for a while, Ye You did not online. After checking the time, he went to prepare dinner.

The conversation continues in the chatroom.

Useless asked, “So, can’t this chat room do anything other than chat?”

“You can also transfer items. Nevertheless, it needs a dimension point,” Neet Hime answered.

Seventeen responded, “The exchange of information between different worlds is an unimaginable miracle in itself.”

Okarin said, “Well, it might be able to change the world line.”

Neet Hime typed, “Although there are fewer functions now, it will definitely be enriched in the future.”

Useless curious, “Neet Hime, why do you dare to make such an assumption?”

Neet Hime guessed, “Because it can still let people traverse the dimension, although it seems that there is malfunctioning right now.”

Okarin asked, “Dimensional Travel? Does it mean a convergent linear jump?”

Neet Hime confused, “Huh? a convergent linear? I cannot understand what you are talking about.”

Seventeen said, “I heard that Blue Sky made a traversing 15 years ago?”

Neet Hime replied, “Yup, he has listed that as a prohibited item because the state will be random, but it may also be a factor of insufficient dimension point.”

The chat room rolled upwards almost at the screen’s speed, and the harsh words of Okarin were quickly brushed up and drowned in a sea of ​​words.

Useless said, “Ah, no. I rather stay at home and play games more than traversing the dimension or something.” Then she sent, “Lies lazily.jpg.”

Neet Hime asked, “Hey, are you really an angel?”

Useless quickly answered, “Of course, it is true. However, before that, you can look at my ID first.”

Useless in her mind, “Well, nothing to say”.

Neet Hime was speechless, “…”

Useless asked, “Then, how many a total of several humans here.”

Neet Hime replied, “Three. Blue Sky, Kuroneko, and Okarin.”

Useless asked again, “How about you?”

Neet Hime responded, “I am just an instant sinner who is immortal.”

Useless surprised, “What is the hell that is? It sounds like a witch to me, are you a magician?”

Neet Hime lightly sipped a sip of tea, which was brought by Reisen, who had just put on a bandage. “What about magic, haha. You can ask about Seventeen. Isn’t it, Youkai Great Sage.”

Seventeen said, “Ah, we do not know anything.”


Kuroneko was in a daze at the moment. She has been in the chat room since just now. When she saw the member’s statements of the room, she was surprised in her eyes. To say that they were Cosplay acute sufferers, but this was too much of an act.

This feeling of incongruity was not the first time. There have been discussions on magic before, and it was not knowledge that can be said by anyone searching on the Internet.


The two words seemed to contain magic power, causing Kuroneko to breathe quickly. “If, what they say is true… if, the magic really exists…”

Kuroneko has a sense of ambiguity on the line of illusion and reality. She will often use the settings in the anime as if it is right in her daily life. She will write her diary into a magic book and be here every night—an ultimate otaku girl who held a strange ceremony in her room.

She has a strong desire for magic. Rather than saying that Kuroneko began to believe what the room members said, it would be better to say that she ‘extremely hopes that what these people say was true’.

She just sat there in a daze, even the adorable sisters next to her kept shouting, “I am hungry, Sister-sama, hurry up, get cooking’. She could not hear them.

“That is right, item transfer!”

Kuroneko’s eyes lit up like she had discovered an oasis in the desert, and this insanity-like spirit startled the sister next to her.

“If it is really possible to transfer items, then this may really be the ‘unreachable boundary’!”

It was just that this requires a dimension point. As a result, there was one more person had been added to the sign-in frenzy.

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