Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 15 Gradually step into ‘Extraordinary Knowledge’


The magic circuit has been completed in Ye You body. He could also start trying to cast magic spells.

The “Elementary Magic” that Neet Hime had transmitted before. Ye You looked at it, and what he felt in the clouds and mist before became clear as if the veil had been lifted. It had no records of the related spell, but it had the basic principles of magic operation. As for the spell structure, Ye You had been studying rune magic early, especially the ISA (Isa Rune) in the rune magic.

Time passed as Ye You continued to study rune magic and repeatedly try to figure out the magical structure.

He did not even log into the chat room.

December 23, tomorrow was Christmas Eve. The holidays were always fun. It was a great thing to get together with family and friends while celebrating it at the same time.

At this moment, the street was already lit up. The beautifully dressed girl was smiling and talking to the phone. The adults would smile with satisfaction when they stop by the store with the children. However, none of this has anything to do with Ye You. To be honest, Ye You were not very interested in this festival.

Christmas? Why does everyone get together to celebrate a stranger’s birthday?

So, he opened the chat room.

Neet Hime typed, “Offering a salute for the birth of the Great Demon King Blue Sky.”

Seventeen copied, “Offering a salute for the birth of the Great Demon King Blue Sky. +1″

Useless copied, “Offering a salute for the birth of the Great Demon King Blue Sky. +1”

Kuroneko copied, “Offering a salute for the birth of the Great Demon King Blue Sky. +1”

Blue Sky shook, “What the hell is the Great Demon King…”

Neet Hime typed, “Do not be so humble, young man, even I did not expect you to succeed once.”

“It is more than once…I cannot even remember how many times I tried.” Ye You’s head hurt when he remembered last night, and he did not want to experience it anymore.

Neet Hime responded, “What I am talking about is not the number of times the magic circuit is constructed, but the number of ‘attempts’. You did not give up. I am imposing.”

Seventeen said, “Well, at this point, you can be proud of yourself.”

Kuroneko surprised, “Wait, the magic circuit? Are you guys serious?” Kuroneko finally could not help but still asked. Even if she did not believe that this chat room was connected to the dimension, it was customary to believe in magic.

Useless asked, “aren’t you the ‘Queen of the Nightmare’? Don’t you even know this? (laugh emoji)”

“That is just claiming it. I still know what reality is and what is fiction.” Kuroneko actually admitted that she was suffering Chuunibyou, even though she was in front of the computer.

She was not talking; to be precise, she did not know what to say. The poisonous tongue that was usually unfavorable has now turned into bitterness. Kuroneko also knows that her words were very unpleasant.

Now the chatroom relationship was very harmonious, and it was because the people in the room do not care about words at all. This was why Kuroneko stays here and online a lot.

If Kuroneko was put on other forums, she would have been sharply opposing each other in arguments. Although she would never say it, Kuroneko was proud of herself for knowing this. Her pride was that she would not allow herself to ask after she has bad-mouthing others shamelessly. Besides, she was not the one who took the initiative. For these various reasons, Kuroneko chose to watch the screen silently.

Blue Sky asked, “What should I do next?”

Seventeen answered, “First strengthen the foundation, and then continue to structure the number of magic circuits.”

Neet Hime agreed, “I also agree with her.”

Ye You now only had one magic circuit, and the magic power he could use was minimal, “I see, just continue to absorb the free elements in the air, right?”

Seventeen gave a piece of advice, “It is better to add some actual combat.”

“Yeah, that is right. Actual combat is the fastest way to become familiar with it.” Neet Hime agreed to what Seventeen just said.

Although what they said makes sense.

“But this was the first time that the two of them are in such harmony.”

Was this some kind of deal made in private?  


Blue Sky was confused, “Even if you say the actual combat…our side is a peaceful world. Are you going to go over in the Middle East to fight the war?”

“There is no need to go that far,” said Neet Hime, then she continued, “Now that the magic circuit has been constructed, Second-sight will also rise and be strengthened. Ghost, you should also be able to see clearly. It is not the white shadow like before, but the concrete figure.”

Blue Sky doubt, “So?”

Neet Hime explained, “The inextricable ghost wandering around the world will eventually be occupied by grievances and become evil spirits. It is even worse if they die with a grudge in their heart.”

“Uh…wait.” Blue Sky thought for a moment and said, “You mean you want me to fight evil spirits?”

It was not a ghost but an evil spirit for the existence of the human world.

Blue Sky doubt, “Is this hurdle a bit too big?”

Neet Hime responded, “If you are scared, you can go to taekwondo or kendo and play with those children.”

Ye You smiled slightly. “It is useless to provoke me, let us be real.”

Neet Hime said, “Okay. Do you think there is any point in fighting against ordinary people now? Can a world champion boxer gain experience by beating up kids?”

In other words, the experience can only be accumulated from the fierce battle…

Blue Sky typed, “I understand.” Nevertheless, it was not a good idea to just go for it. Then he asked, “Is there anything about ghost information?”

Neet Hime answered, “Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Book, which I brought from the Tower of White Jade, should be useful to you.”

Tower of White Jade was a place used to manage the ghosts of the underworld. The problem was not here. Was the House of Eternity and Tower of White Jade in a good relationship? No, why was Neet Hime already prepared the Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Book? This was definitely planned, right?

Blue Sky worried about this plan, “Well, let me ask if I cannot beat it, what will happen to me?”

He was now fighting alone with no backup. If there was any danger, Ye You might be absent. If it was before, Ye You would not look forward and backward like this.

However, now he has many friends and a younger sister who needs to take care of him. The overlapping of the two concerns brought more thoughts.

Seventeen calmed his down, “Do not worry, and you will not die.”

Neet Hime typed, “Even if you die, maybe we can meet in the Tower of White Jade. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Shut up! Why should death be the premise?

Kuroneko curious, “Is there really a ghost?” Seeing this, Kuroneko could not help but ask.

Neet Hime typed, “My lovely Kuroneko,” then she asked back, “Why do you think there are no ghosts?”

Kuroneko typed “…”

There was no answer at all. Why did she think there was no? This was just a matter of ‘common sense’ and a ‘matter of course’ that everyone agrees with. However, to say why there was no reason in common sense.

In the end, Ye You gave a more reasonable explanation. “From the perspective of energy conservation: The material neither disappears out of thin air, nor is it born out of thin air. Then after death, where do people realize that they are going? It is probably the “ghost” in our eyes.”

Kuroneko furiously typed, ”Do not use science to explain magic seriously! The fantasy that I finally began to believe is about to be shattered!”

Neet Hime calmly said, “No, it is off-topic.” Then she said to Ye You, “Anyway, do not be afraid. We will take care of everything.”

“What can you guys do, at most you can only type it over.” Ye You was speechless inside.

However, they seem to care about the way Ye You practice. They definitely have something up their sleeves.

“Well, something like that. Seventeen and I guessed if you, as the room leader, completely step into the realm of human ‘extraordinary knowledge’, there might be changes in the chat room.” Neet Hime said directly.

“It is possible.” Her words also opened up a new way of thinking for Ye You. A change in Ye You might cause a change in the chat room.

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