Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 17 Ablaze Lights on Christmas Eve


Ye You did not know what happened to Kuroneko, but it was within expectation. At this moment, Ye You was reading the Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Guide. Although he does not know if there is a difference between the Fantasy Land’s ghosts and the world’s ghosts here, it was good to learn more.

Regarding the spell cards, Ye You put them back in the chatroom file box. After all, it was safer to put them there. The method was through uploading, but when Ye You uploads anything, he got no dimension value. This was a new use for ‘upload’: as a mobile space backpack.

Since the chat room was fully bound to the room leader, it would not get lost and could be taken out at will, making it very convenient to carry. However, there were restrictions: things that have life cannot be uploaded. Simultaneously, there should be restrictions on quality and volume, but Ye You has not tested it yet, so the specific data was not precise.

In the evening, Kasumigaoka sent a message. The main idea was to wish Merry Christmas and ask if Ye You were free. Of course, there was time, but he has to accompany his sister. Although Ye You himself was not much of a Christmas person, it feels good to celebrate with Sora. Therefore, it was natural to refuse.

“Tsk, dead siscon.”

Kasumigaoka curled her mouth and fell on the bed, staring at the phone inattentively. On Christmas Eve night, a view of a sweet couple hurt the feeling of single people. It really was better to buy some coke and chips and stay home and write.

The night of December 24. The black sky did not drift down white snowflakes as people expected.

Ye You and Sora made a nice dinner. This was the 15th Christmas Eve that Ye You has spent in this world. It did not matter what the holiday was, but as long as Sora was happy, it was good.

Just looking at her smile, Ye You will be satisfied. But a peaceful day requires the power to protect it. Even for the possibility of one out of ten thousand encounters in danger in the future, Ye You felt that he should make 100% efforts to break it.

“Sora, have you been meditating lately?”

Ye You was worried that Sora turned on Second Sight and saw something terrible. It was not fair to be scared. Aren’t girls afraid of ghosts or something?

“No. Because I have to prepare for the entrance examination.” Sora answered.

Ye You asked again, “Then, do you feel any special after you meditate?”

“Hmm… Is it a special feeling?” Sora tilted her head and thought, “It seems that there is nothing special.”

“Is that so?”

After three months of meditating by himself, Ye You memory and comprehension have been significantly improved, but Sora did not feel anything unusual. No wonder Neet Hime and Seventeen were surprised that Ye You turned on Second Sight for three months. Turns out, was this something difficult to achieve?

“Be persistent, Sora. Just spend an hour a day, I can use simple magic now oh.” To improve Sora’s enthusiasm, Ye You ran the magic circuit, focusing his magic on his fingertips to draw a Rune. The rune of the void condenses in the air without dispersing, exuding a strange luster.

“Wow! That is amazing. There really is magic.” Sora’s eyes were full of little stars of adoration. “Can I do it too?”

“Well, just work hard.”

 “But…the entrance examination…” Sora showed a distressed look.

“Reassure, Sora, and I will not leave you alone. No matter which school you are in, I will stay with you.”

In fact, this is also the reason why Ye You brought up magic. Looking at Sora of studying all day long, Ye You did not want his sister to be under too much pressure. For Ye You, it does not matter which high school. The reason for choosing SumiSora High School. It was just close to home. But if it was for Sora, it does not matter if Ye You take the train for half an hour every day.

“Ok……” Sora bowed her head when she heard what her brother said.

The anxiety of not being able to pass the exam had dissipated like mist meeting sunlight. But the bottom of her heart was more powerful, giving her a more explicit motivation to work hard. She might cheer herself up. But the meditation thing seem to be picked up again.

When Sora got the method of meditation, she was delighted and eager to try. But after trying two or three times, she gave up because this requires sitting motionless for an hour, abandoning distracting thoughts, and visualizing an intricate pattern wholeheartedly in the heart.

 She felt this was a waste of time. After several failed attempts, Sora did not bother to meditate. Because there was a more important thing to do: get admitted to the school Ye You intends to go to. It seemed much easier for herself than meditating.  But now, seeing the light jumping from your fingertips, Sora has a clear direction. She was not wondering whether meditation is useful, removing the last layer of distractions.

On the other side. In terms of time, the worlds of Kuroneko and Ye You seemed to be synchronized, and it was Christmas Eve on her side. Kuroneko thinks today’s Christmas Eve was the best ever. She had never thought that she was so close to ‘Miracle’ that she could touch it with her hand.

It does not matter whether Neet Hime was really Mount Peng Lai. Kaguya herself. However, the magic really exists. Otherwise, what does the missing notebook explain? Yes, only magic can explain it.

Now Kuroneko reads the previous content in the chat room, and her senses have entirely changed. They were really discussing magic. Meditation, magic circuit, ghost. These all exist. There was nothing more stimulating to a Chuunibyou than these. Kuroneko felt that the cerebral cortex was shaking.

Afterward, she found Neet Hime, hoping to teach her spiritual practice. But Neet Hime said she wanted to play games, and there was no time. Nevertheless, She still gave Kuroneko a meditation book, which Ye You had used. Then let Kuroneko figure it out on her own.

This was the Kuroneko’s gift of the day, an unprecedented treasure.

Of course, books were sent in pictures, and the transmission of items between indoor members requires dimensional points. Kuroneko did not have one, and Neet Hime was not generous enough to consume her own hard-earned dimensional point for someone else. However, the meditation method was something that did not matter, even if it was in picture form.

It was not a magic book like the magic spell itself, but like ordinary books, it is information recorded in words. Kuroneko’s room had the lights off and was surrounded by white candles. Lit, Kuroneko was wearing a black Lolita costume, kneeling and sitting in the middle of the lit candle, sitting on her knees in a prayer-like posture.

She was so silent until three minutes later, she suddenly opened her eyes and laughed wildly:

“Hahaha, the filthy world will eventually be judged. Moreover, I will step into the realm of the gods. Oh oooo-oooooo!”

Kuroneko, that was, Ruri Goko, the Chuunibyou girl in madness, did not notice the door’s pushing, where a crack opened, and there were two pairs of childish eyes staring this way in the darkness.

“Sister Hinata, Sister Hinata. What is the older sister doing?”

The girl called Hinata looked down at the youngest sister in the family and shook her head: “Do not ask. This is too pitiful for the older sister. Not only did she not receive a friend’s invitation on Christmas Eve, but she held a suspicious ritual at home. ……”

Hinata Goko’s immature face became severe, “Tamaki, you cannot tell anyone about your older sister, understand?”

Little Tamaki nodded her head, seemingly, “Yes.”

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