Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 18 An Urban Legends


When room members upload items, the room leader will also get corresponding points. Ye You currently have 114-dimensional points.

It was finally possible to activate the ‘Different Dimensional Network.’ With this new feature, it can directly connect to any member’s information port in the chatroom.

Without hesitation, after spending 100-dimensional points, Ye You immediately activated it.

Speaking of the networks, Ye You had to think of a god-like existence: The Humanoid Interface. It was that thousand years offline.

Since entering the chat room, the girl has not said a word so far. If Ye You did not guess wrong, it should be a life form in the world where “Haruhi Suzumiya” is located.

As it was literally said, Humanoid Interface was born from the vast ocean of information without a physical body. It can be called self-aware ‘information.’

They have been around since the beginning of the universe, Humanoid Interface already existed, and they even modified the parameters of the world to a certain extent to achieve the ability of “a miracle that only gods can cause.” If it was really Humanoid Interface, to them, the human network was as simple as a product of primitive society.

In other words, “By opening up an alternate dimensional network, if Humanoid Interface is willing to pay attention to me, I will be equivalent to the help of a god in a virtual world.”

However, the ideal was plentiful, and the reality was skinny. After Humanoid Interface entering the chat room, she has not responded to Ye You’s words so far.

Ye You greeted that side again with a one-in-a-million possibility, but the message sent over was still stone cold.

Ye You was accustomed to the silence over there.

Looking at the new book he published on the starting point website, it seems that there is no improvement. Another side, the light novel submitted to the editor, was also returned, saying that it needed an overhaul.

“Ah, things are really not going well.” Ye You spread out on the computer chair, “Do I, who debuted as the number one in the Newcomer Awards, have to follow the same path of copying the public as the unpromising traversers?”

The Different Dimensions Networks has been opened, and works from other worlds could be used for reference.

However, dull pride was at work!

The pride of being a light novelist instinctively resists borrowing works from other worlds. Nevertheless, the most important thing was that Ye You has accumulated considerable savings now, which makes him hesitate.

But Kuroneko sent a message, “Master Blue Sky.”

She suddenly said so in an uncharacteristically positive manner.

Blue Sky replied, “Do not be like this. I have goosebumps.”

Kuroneko said, “I did not know you were such a big man before. If there is any rudeness, please forgive me.”

Blue Sky asked to the point, “…what are you trying to say…”

Kuroneko was not a person who can say such things. If so, there must be another picture, “Well, can you send me the follow-up of “My Sister Can’t Be So Cute” that you sent me before?”

Ye You spoke to himself, “This kind of thing was connected to our network. Can’t you just download it yourself?”

Huh, wait.

She did not seem to know that a different dimension network was opened. Instead, there was no chatroom announcement. At present, only Ye You knew that a different dimension network had been activated.

Hehe, interesting.

Blue Sky replied, “Of course, you wait.” Ye You cheerfully agreed.

Ye You had already revised the light novel about “Oreimo.” He changed Ruri Goko’s name to Li Liu Quanwu, and his two younger sisters became two younger brothers.

The rest has not changed. After all, if everything was changed, It was too much trouble, Ye You did not have that time.

Blue Sky sent “My sister can’t be so cute, “.epub,” followed by He said, “I am just a red scarf passing by, do not thank me.”

Then Blue Sky asked, “Speaking of which, do you finally understand that this is a dimensional chat room?”

Kuroneko answered, “Although it is not clear yet, I searched for “Oreimo” and could not find any information about it on the Internet. I just assumed it was like this.”

Blue Sky said, “In other words, are you finally going to become a great copywriter? From then on, you have embarked on a glorious path and become the Kamisama of the light novel world.”

Kuroneko responded, “That kind of thing is good, but now my HP is almost zero. If I do not restore the potion, I will die.”

Blue Sky typed, “Uh…you have no money to buy your hobby stuff? This is really a disaster.”

Useless joined the conversation, “Ah, I can understand. No money for a top-up, no money to buy DVDs, this kind of unforgettable pain. Sometimes I think, just below the trumpet to destroy the world.”

Blue Sky disagreed, “Hey, don’t die because of this kind of thing, and please don’t let the world die too.”

Kuroneko agreed to Blue Sky, “right, wrong is the world.”

Useless “Well, the world needs to change.”

Useless, “I will change the world!”

Kuroneko typed at the same time with Useless, “I will change the world!”

“Do not snatch Lelouch’s lines!” Ye You talked to himself then sent, “Sekai Saionji: Meow Meow Meow Meow?.jpg.”

Blue Sky offered, “Do you want that too, Useless? You can copy and paste the novels of our world directly to the publishing house.”

Useless agreed, “Of course, otherwise, why do you think I am here.”

Blue Sky replied, “Then I will upload the file directly to the chatroom file box. You can download it directly from wherever you go.”

Ye You, who was crooked by the two, also forgot about the different dimensional network at this time.

The upload was complete, and the chatroom announcement shows that someone has joined.

【【】Join the chat room】

【】(Shiro) typed, “Brother, we…looks like…joined the same…chat room.”

【】(Sora) agreed, “It seems so.”

【】(Shiro) wondered how they joined this chat room, “We…obviously… did not accept the invitation…and did not take the initiative to apply…why…we suddenly entered …This chat room?”

【】(Shiro) guessed, “…Virus?”

【】(Sora) logically replied, “My lovely wisp. Have you ever heard of a virus that can be used to chat? Since it’s called ‘Dimensional Chatroom,’ of course, it is a software that connects to Dimensional.”

【】 (Shiro) sent advice to her brother, “Brother… Seven days without sleep…playing games…I think…you need to take a break.”

【】(Sora) chuckled, “Ha, I was mocked by my cute sister. Compared to this, there is a lot more. Do you have to imitate the tone of reality on the Internet?”

【】(Shiro) said, “This is…my…attribute…”

【】(Sora) responded, “I see, truly worthy of my sister-sama.”

【】(Sora) asked, “By the way, what time is it now?”

【】(Shiro) replied, “…Um…It is only eight o’clock in the morning…”

【】(Sora) asked again, “My sister, saying that eight o’clock in the morning is early in the morning. This is really new rhetoric. What day is today?”

【】(Shiro) doubt, “…I do not know…”

【】(Shiro) typed, “But… you are right there… three meters behind me… on the tatami… we… Why…talk on the Internet?”

【】 (Sora) replied, “uh…”

The two suddenly appeared, flipping up the chat interface by swiping the screen.

The speed of typing, even Ye You, as a writer, is beyond the reach.


Brothers and sisters in-game life?

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