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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 19 Me


Blank was joined. It was apparent that they were two, but it only increased 50-dimensional points, and the last time Useless Angel joined alone, it also increased by 50 points.

“Did even the dimension judge that the two of them were one ……?”

Ye You has nothing to say. After a simple greeting, Ye You began to study ‘Different Dimensional Network.’ However, he found that this was cheating, and it was actually limited.

“Damn, 1-dimensional point to connect to a different dimensional network for only one hour? Why so expensive?”

Increase or decrease Ye You’s current dimensional point balance: 64.

It is a bit difficult to be an excellent copywriter. Of course, he does not mean himself, but Kuroneko and Useless angel.

It was a bit more challenging to become an outstanding copyist, but of course, he was not referring to himself, but Kuroneko and Useless.

The two of them have only recently joined, and they have not contributed to the chat room. The current dimension point was about 1 and 0.

Signing in for ten days to gain a 1-dimensional point! It must also be a continuous check-in. If the sign-in were interrupted, it would re-accumulate the count.


Ye You tried it with a 1-dimensional point, and he was able to connect to Kuroneko’s network. The judgment method was straightforward.

Just look at whether there was Yosuga no Sora or not. There was no Yosuga no Sora in the world where Ye You lives, but a search over there yields 10,400,000 results.

Moreover, there was a Meruru…

Now it seems that the plan to play network games with members of the chatroom has failed. The 100-dimensional point spent to open the ‘Different Dimensional Network’…a bit hurt. Ye You felt a stomachache. He did not expect that there would be follow-up expenses.

This was just like the tricks of unscrupulous merchants to trap people.

“Forget it. I have finished reading the Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Guide, and I have the knowledge I need to master. It is time to continue my practice.”

In the past few days, Ye You found that the effect of meditation has been minimal. Hardly increase mental power.

Furthermore, according to the introduction to magic circuits, many circuits can be constructed in the body.

However, Ye You could not condense the second one at present and asked Neet Hime and Seventeen. He really even consulted Useless Angel.

Nevertheless, after all, they were not professional magicians and knew very little. The final result was only that “actual combat is the king of cultivation.” Although Ye You was distressed, it was not convenient to trouble them to ask others.

“When I can pull people, I must let Neet Hime pull Patchouli in.”

Patchouli was the original holder of “Introduction to Magical Circuit.” The Girl of Knowledge and Shade, Enigmatic Source of Magic, The Unmoving Great Library, Witch of The Spring Haze. These are her aliases. With her around, magic cultivation would definitely be smoother.

But now Ye You, a novice magician, has to do the work of eliminating spirits… to fight evil spirits. This problem was the result of Neet Hime and the others’ unprofessionalism.

 In fact, it was no wonder that Neet Hime and Seventeen, were not humans themselves. Of course, they definitely lacked in teaching humans to cultivate.

Ye You searched on Google and entered the keywords’ haunted house’ and ‘ghost disturbance.’ After all, evil spirits did not mean that they could be encountered when someone ran into it. Rather than trying luck aimlessly, this might be more effective.

“Anyway, let us start with one by one urban legend.”


This was a park area about two stops away from Ye You’s home. It was also the third-place Ye You looked for to be marked with the supernatural symbol.

Ye You looked up at the Japanese-style dim sum shop in front of him with a slightly old-fashioned decoration.

 The facade was already yellowed, and even the square pattern glass next to it was missing. It was obviously a storefront that had been in disrepair.

The dim sum shop was still some distance away from the commercial street, but not very close to the residential area.

It could be said that as a store, the location was not very good. However, this was not the reason why the shop owner cannot keep running. Instead, the place was haunted a year ago.

Every night at midnight, children were crying, one after another. Even on a moonless night, three white shadows would be seen wandering around the room. While wandering, they would make a stern and miserable cry.

The shopkeeper’s face was pale. He was not the original owner here but was resold from someone else’s hands. Later, after inquiring, he learned that there had been home burglary incidents here. Four vicious robbers shot and killed three children.

The pale-faced shopkeeper invited many eminent monks to cast spells, but it did not work. In the day-to-day torture, he could not stand it anymore and wanted to resell the house again.

However, it was too late. The constant was coming and going of monks, and the shopkeeper’s abnormalities had made the place almost become an urban legend and a famous haunted house on the internet. Nevertheless, Ye You liked it.

Shops in downtown Tokyo cost only 8 million yen. This was simply a gift, and there was no more suitable investment than this. If it was just a mere spirit disturbance trivial, it would not have any effect on Ye You at all.

“Is this the place?…”

Just standing at the entrance, Ye You felt an unusual coldness. The existence of Second Sight allows Ye You to ‘see’ things that ordinary people cannot see. Of course, he also heard about the shooting incident here.

“If it was a child, the grievance will be heavier.”

Ye You stood at the door and waited, and the shopkeeper arrived soon after.

“You mean the person who wants to buy a house?” The shop owner frowned. Although the boy in front of him looked very calm, he was still a minor.

The owner hesitated for a moment and looked at Ye You warily. People who said they wanted to buy a house but actually just came to see the ‘ghost house’ had encountered many.

 If it was not for the fact that he was in desperate need of money at the end of the year, he would have driven Ye You away impatiently.

Seeing his suspicious look, Ye You just threw the bag full of papers directly, “This is a deposit. After my guardian signs the transfer procedures with you, the remaining 7.8 million will be credited to your card. Here, then, can we talk now?”

“Huh?…oh, good…”

Although Ye You and Sora were not adopted, they will have designated legal representatives, guardians.

Ye You’s guardian was a distant relative of his mother and worked as a Mandarin teacher in a high school. Although not very easy to talk to, but very reasonable.

If the guardian was asked to do this kind of thing, there was no problem at all. The house’s matters were quickly discussed, and the transfer procedures were troublesome, but it was only a matter of time.

Ye You already got the key in the middle of the night and texted Sora that he might go home late. Then with a click, turn the key to open the door.

“Removing spirits and making business. As expected, the ability is the golden mean of business.”

He found a place to sit down at random and waited quietly for midnight. There was no moon tonight, and the room was incredibly dark, as thick as it was filled with ink.

In the empty room, the seats are neatly arranged, and the silence made people panic. Then wait until the moment when the gloom was the strongest. Suddenly a sharp, mournful cry came to mind.

“Oh, is it coming?”

Ye You slowly opened his eyes. On the wall, three figures of children fiercely surfaced. Their faces were incomparably pale, with a blood hole on their foreheads, and the dazzling blood kept flowing out.

“Ahh! Save us!”

“——No, I do not want to die.”


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