Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 20 The Idea of Exist in This World


The darkroom was gloomy, and the cry was sharp. There were three blood shadows floating on the wall. At such midnight, it is even eerier.

“Oh, how are you guys.”

Ye You got up and smiled and greeted over there.



The gloomy atmosphere just now fell into a strange tranquillity. The three little ghosts glanced at each other in confusion, froze in place, unable to react for a long time. Ye You smiled.

Although they looked terrible, their faces were as pale as corpses, and their foreheads seeped this red blood. But there was no sense of resentment from them, which means they are not evil spirits.

Simultaneously, judging from the fact that the original shopkeeper was just frightened, it can also be seen from the side that they did not mean to hurt people.

“Why would they carry out such a prank?”

Ye You took a step forward. Instead, the little ghosts shook together like frightened rabbits and backed away. There was a disbelief look in their eyes, and quietly communicating,

“Sister, sister, he does not seem to be afraid of us. What should we do?”

“… Do not panic, hold on, how can there be humans who are not afraid of ghosts.”

“That is right, that is right, didn’t we scare away those bald heads before?”


“——Awooooo!” Howling sound heard.

It was super fierce!

“I am talking about you guys.” Ye You raised his voice, the superb rune flowing in his hand. The sound of the wind whirled around his hand.


The little ghosts were shocked. What was this? was his hand glowing? Was there really an exorcist in the world?

The little guys dispersed with a whistle, turned into three white shadows, and fled. Ye You just lifted his finger to carving the rune in the void.

——ISA (ISA Rune). What was symbolized was a frozen state. The development of power was concentrated or contracted to avoid the appearance of dynamic power.

It also symbolizes the integration and balance of the self.

Stability and unchanging was its prototype strength. And its transformation could be imprisonment.

【Triple Binding】

The three-light streams turned into white chains, rushing away from Ye You’s fingertips like a snake, wrapping around the ghost as accurately as if they had eyes.

But one of the rune chains dimmed as it wandered and was broken free by a ghost.

“Catch three targets at once. Is it still too reluctant for me?” Ye You pondered.

This spell has been repeatedly refined and carefully considered before it has constructed the magic circuit, and even used it to test Sora.

In fact, magical restraint was performed during training, and the technique’s construction process was also very smooth.

Ye You thought it was something handy and easy to grasp, but there were flaws in actual combat. This made Ye You feel a little frustrated. But soon, he began to sum up his experience.

The problem was the distribution of magic power. The dimmed chain has less magic power than the other two.

Fortunately, the opponent was just a weak ghost. If the two sides enter a severe battle, this mistake can be fatal at the moment of life and death.

“Fighting is the kingly way to improve strength and experience. Neet Hime and Seventeen are not deceiving me.”

As Ye You reflected on his mistakes, and quickly recondensed the runes at his fingertips, restraining the escaped ghost.

“Well, can you tell me the reason for your prank now?”

Ye You squinted and sat down in a chair. In front of him were three ghosts tied into a ball, two little girls and one boy.

At the moment, the complexion of the ghost’s face was not so pale but as familiar as an ordinary person, and the blood hole on their forehead was gone.

If a mist’s cloud-like spiral did not replace the legs, it looks really no different from ordinary children.

“We are not pranking anyone. We are just chasing off the bad guys who invaded our house.”

The leader was a girl who seemed to be a little older. Although she was scared, she still mustered up the courage to shout to Ye You.

“Well, is this your original home?”

“Yes, it is.”

Although Ye You guessed it was the same. He untied the chains, and it melted away like the rain of light.

“Aren’t you here to destroy us?”

The little ghost who regained freedom shivered but did not run away.

“I cannot do that kind of thing. I am a magician, not an exorcist. Besides, even if I am an exorcist, I will only destroy evil spirits and save them to their eternal rest.”

“Magic, magician? There really is a magician.” The ghosts’ tender little faces faded into panic and surged with excitement and curiosity.

Ye You’s feeling at the moment was really subtle. He was unexpectedly inspired by ghost…

“Since there are ghosts, the existence of magicians is also normal.”

Ye You complained so much, but still could not hide the stars in the eyes of the three little ghosts. After all, before they became ghosts, they were just children of ordinary people with a longing for magic.

“Then my name is Ye You. What is your name?”

The innocent child’s natural closeness to magic, and the friendly smile on Ye You’s face, instantly conquered three little ghosts and began to circle him.

“Uh, uh, my name is Nakamura Ryoko.” This was the ghost who has plucked up the courage to protect her younger brother and sister behind her in ‘ danger’ face.

“… Nakamura Eri.” This ghost looks a little smaller than Ryoko, probably her younger sister.

The last one was a boy. He shrank timidly and was stared fiercely by Ryoko before saying: “I, uh…I’m Nakamura Takeda.”

“Then Ryoko, Eri, Takeda. We will be friends from now on.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Ryoko nodded happily. Although it was a ghost, she became friends with the magician.

Although Takeda and Eri were not as cheerful as Ryoko, their small faces were filled with joy.

“Then, can you tell me the reason why you guys stayed in the human world?”

“The reason?” The three little guys blinked.

“Eh? Don’t you guys know?” Ye You were confused this time instead.

Judging from the Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Guide, the three of them were obviously earth-bound spirits.

Earth-bound spirits were generally ghosts who have a wish that has not been fulfilled during their lifetime and were forced to stay in the world due to intense obsession. They would not hurt people for no reason.

They could only move within a specific range. They would ascend to heaven just to fulfill their wishes. Generally speaking, which was usually harmless.

However, if they stay in the world for a long time and their wishes were never understood, they will be eroded by grievances, occupy their spiritual wisdom, and turn into evil spirits. At that time, they could only be eliminated.

“I don’t know…” Ryoko lowered her head, and Takeda and Eri also showed sad expressions.

Ye You glanced back and forth over them. They were killed by robbers…was the wish for revenge? If that was the case, it would be troublesome.

But Ryoko said, “We want to say to my sister, ‘Do not continue to blame yourself. It is not my sister’s fault.’ But my sister could not hear us. “

Ye You speechless “…”

“Then, for some reason, our parents moved out of here with my sister, and we were tied to this house and could not get out …….”

Ye You remembered that there were four children in that vicious shooting incident, but in front of him, there were only three ghosts.

In other words, there was still one that survived. As for a reason for moving away, it might be because the parents did not want to recall memories.

Ryoko continued, “We are all dead, and only my sister survived. She must be in pain.”

Ryoko raised her head, and Takeda and Eri silently floated behind her: “We do not want my sister to continue to suffer. This is our wish.”

“Ah…I see.”

Ye You touched Ryoko’s head and then continued to stroking Takeda and Eri’s heads. They clearly were still in an age that did not know anything and was murdered by a wicked people, yet there was no resentment about it?

The obsession of becoming an Earth Binding Spirit was actually loved for their sister.

Ye You has rarely been touched by anything, but now his heart was fluctuating. The three children in front of him were so innocent and kind.

Even if they were killed, they did not resent others. They were just concerned about their sister, who was blaming herself because she was the only one who survived.

“I understand, leave your wish to me.”

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