Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 21 Earth God


According to Ryoko, they only remembered the wish of ‘We do not want to see my sister grief and blame herself.’ However, in reality, they have forgotten the names of their sister and parents.

This was one of the two final destinations of ordinary earth-bound spirits: gradually forgetting the world and finally turning into evil spirits and being wiped out. The other was to have one’s wish fulfilled and to ascend to heaven with satisfaction.

Ye You felt the urgency of time. When they even forgot their name and wandered in the empty house in a disorderly manner, what they did at that time would lose control of their will. They would keep repeating the scenes of an absolute ‘obsession’ in their lifetime.

Nevertheless, there were only the names of these three little ghosts, and four or five years have passed since the incident happened.

It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack to find their sister in this city with over 10 million populations.

“Hey, it would be great if Humanoid Interface was there. If it was her, it would be a straightforward matter to invade the file system of the household registration room and find their sister’s current residence.”

Ye You remembered Humanoid Interface that had been silent since entering the chat room. As Humanoid Interface made by information, anything can be done only in the network world constructed by humans.

Breaking through one or two firewalls without leaving a trace was simply a matter of hand. But now, it was not the time to worry.

If you encounter a problem, you should find a way out, instead of entangled in ‘whatever it is.’

Ye You opened the chat room,

Blue Sky typed, “@Neet Hime, do you know of any way to increase the time that the earth-bound spirit stays in the world without being contaminated by earthly resentments?”

Although there were ways to control the enemy in “Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Guide,” it did not contain the content of protecting ghosts.

Neet Hime replied, “I am not quite clear. You can ask Yakumo Yukari. @Seventeen, It’s time to work.”

Indeed, if a demon sage has made friends with the master of the White Jade Building who manages the Netherworld, she would know more about this aspect.

Seventeen bothered, “It is insulting. We were about to fall asleep when your rude words awakened us.”

Weren’t you a demon who was energetic at night? Moreover, if you came out as soon as possible, you have been peeping at the screen.

Blue Sky apologized, “I am sorry to disturbing you so late.”

Seventeen said, “That is the proper way to ask for advice, Neet Hime. You should learn etiquette from Blue Sky.”

Neet Hime offended, “Oh, the sage of the demon, actually telling me about human etiquette?”

Seventeen said,” It is not about race. This is just the basic principle of doing things. That is why we said, do not stay at home all day; it will become hopeless.”

Useless joined in, “what is wrong to stay at home? I stayed at home and did not eat your rice,” then sent, “unconcerned.jpg.”

She was aware that they cornered her. Yakumo Yukari began to move on to the next topic. “Blue Sky, do you talk about the way to protect the earth-bound spirit? Because the ghost has lost the protection of the body, it is easy to be affected by negative emotions.”

Then she continued, “When human beings generate emotions such as resentment, jealousy, anger, etc., there will be a special wavelength emitted. Even if the body carries the soul, there will be a relative reaction? For example, ‘infected by the emotions of others’ or something like that.”

Emotions were contagious-this was not just a statement but everyone’s personal feelings.

Seventeen not finished yet, “The ghosts are even more so. They lose the protection of their bodies. They exist purely as spiritual bodies and are more likely to be corrupted by negative emotions, which is the so-called ‘evil spiritualization.'”

Ye You quickly understood, “So… Is it enough to just keep them happy?”

“Well, it can be greatly relieved to a certain extent,” Seventeen answered, “But it is better to let them go to Eternal rest. After all, the world is no longer their home.”

Blue Sky asked, “Are there any examples of earth-bound spirits who have stayed in the world but have always maintained their own personality?”

Seventeen replied, “The earth-bound spirit is the soul bound to the earth, but the bound has protection. From another perspective, this is also the meaning of ‘the spirit protected by the earth.'” Then she asked, “do you know the ‘earth god’?”

What was the God of Earth?

I have heard of the land god. Are the two the same? Ye You answered honestly, he does not know.

Seventeen explained, “From a theological point of view, as long as the scope of its “earth-bound” is expanded ten thousand times, one hundred thousand times, and one million times, you will be the god of earth who has controlled the land.”

Blue Sky curiously asked, “How does one become an earth god?”

Seventeen replied, “It has something to do with ‘fate’ and the strength of the individual’s spirit. But the method of becoming an earth god is also very different. We do not know exactly what methods are there. After all, I am just a mere demon. That is it.”

The consultation end here. The Earth God just asked casually. At present, it was enough to ensure that the filth of the world did not corrupt Ryoko and the others.

When asked what they wanted, the ghost had no sense of taste, though the answer was that they wanted cake. However, it was essential to be in a happy mood.

Ye You did not know how to make children happy, same as how to make ghost children happy.

“Big brother actually does not have to worry about us.” Ryoko seemed to see something, and she said, “As long as we can live here all the time, and no one will bother us, we will be delighted.”

“Well, okay.” Ye You smiled and stroked her head, which was the only way for now.

“I will come to see you tomorrow. Is there anything you guys want?”

She answered, “Animation. We want to watch anime.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Takeda and Eri also responded.

“I see. See you guys tomorrow then.”

Originally, Ye You planned to buy this place and open a maid cafe or something. Now it seemed that this plan was better to lean back and arrange it. After all, he was not short of money now.

A large amount of money left by his parents and the money he made from writing light novels were more than enough for him and Sora.

At the same time, after entering high school next year, SumiSora Academy’s scholarship would also be much money.

When Ye You returned home, the light in the living room was still on. Sora was wearing white silk pajamas with velvet, sitting on the sofa with her knees bent, looking like a pure white elf.

Sora was on the phone with someone, and when she saw Ye You coming in, she smiled softly at him and expressed a welcome home.

“Well, that’s it for now. I’m hanging up.” Sora closed the phone.

“It’s so late. Who is it?” Ye You took off his coat and sat beside Sora.

Sora answered, “It’s Megumi-chan.”

Ye You’s eyebrows linked, “Megumi? Is that Katou Megumi, who has a very thin presence?”

“Hey, You, it’s rude of you to say that to someone.” Sora punches his brother softly.

Ye You curious, “Uh, then, what’s the call for?”

“We are all planning to apply for SumiSora Academy,” Sora said. “This is a good thing. If we are lucky, maybe we can be in the same class again.”

And she continued, “Uh, uh. So, after the new year, Megumi is coming to our home for a study session.”

“…” Ye You seemed to know what his sister wanted to say next, and he was not answering. His smile froze on his face.

“You must come too. You, as a teacher, tutor us.”

Ah, I knew it would be like this…

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