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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 22 You


Megumi Katou ah. Ye You, who was one grade higher than her, was called a fellow student because of dropping out.

When Ye You and Sora could not fit into the class initially (because they were repeaters), Megumi Katou talked to Ye You in such a regular way, and then she became good friends with Sora.

Megumi was also a beautiful girl if she looked carefully, with an easy-going personality, and very easy to get along with.

Her skin was fair and delicate, and the figure was pretty where it should be convex, and the curvy area was also quite concave. She was an adorable girl type. But such a dazzling girl had a very thin sense of existence.

The thinness here did not mean that she was low-key but literally meant that almost no one noticed her.

Even a classmate who had been in the same class for three years did not know that there was such a person as Megumi, and sometimes the teacher even forgot Megumi when taking roll call.

The sense of existence was thin enough to make a supernatural movie-this was what Ye You felt first-hand after a year in the same class with her.

Although it was fifteen years apart, if it were not for the serial dramas that also existed in this world, Ye You would basically have forgotten it. But Ye You always vaguely remembered Megumi’s “stealth” attribute.

“Is that guy really human?”

Now Ye You, who has stepped into the very extraordinary world, began to think about this.

“If there is still an endurance legacy, Megumi must be very suitable. Natural stealth skills, no solution.”

“You, what?” Sora tilted her head and did not hear Ye You’s muttering clearly.

“Nothing, it’s so late. Get ready to sleep.”

Ye You returned to his bedroom. He turned on the computer and checked that he had 64-dimensional points left. Another feature was ‘voice’ and ‘video.’ They cost 30 and 50 points respectively.

“Let’s turn on the video first. As for the voice, it is completely unnecessary for the time being.”

After all, the video contained the voice, Ye You really did not know why it should be distinguished. Unless there were too many dimensional points to panic, Ye You would not consider enabling voice for the time being.

Activated the video transmission function.

Dimension point deducted 50, and the balance was 14.

“I hope that the video will not have follow-up consumption like the ‘Different Dimension Network’…”

Ye You wondered if he could try the video first. After much deliberation, only Neet Hime was the right person to connect with. So Ye You started a video call to Neet Hime.

Eternity House, in the bright night of the computer version of Plants vs. Zombies, the lower right corner suddenly flickered.

[Blue Sky request video connection]

“Eh? Eh eh? video, video connection?”

Kaguya danced with joy and then refilled her coke.

A happy smile curled up at the corner of her mouth, “In this way, you can watch Blue Sky killing demon live online, and I can also remotely command, by the way. This is much more interesting than playing games.”

Neet Hime was sitting in an imageless posture, kneeling and sitting in an elegant posture like Yamato Nadeshiko, and then clicked to accept.

Ye You’s screen instantly appeared with an aesthetic effect, just like in a painting. The clear moonlight poured out from the window on the wooden house floor, like mercury flowing.

Although the house’s interior was quiet, the sight was bright, as if the wooden house was made of fluorescent materials, exuding a cold glow.

Moreover, all this was inferior to the ethereal existence in the center of the picture. The black and beautiful princess-style hairstyle was pouring down on the ground along with the kimono.

The twelve singles were laid out in layers, and only the exposed skin was reflected in the moonlight. The posture was quiet and charming, hazy, and dreamy. Furthermore, those clear eyes were looking directly at Ye You with a smile at this moment.



“Why? Are you fascinated by me?” The sound was more beautiful than imagined, as an explicit stream passing by a silent spring.

Ye You could not handle his curiosity, “No. I just want to ask, isn’t it hot to wear so many clothes?”

Kaguya straight face, instantly stained with black lines.

“But then again, you look a hundred times more beautiful than a fanzine,” He said.

“Isn’t this an, of course, matter? How can a mortal pen portray my face.” The Lunar Capital princess looked slightly slower and nodded in satisfaction.

Then he realized it was wrong.

“——You actually read my book?!” The Princess asked in a loud voice.

Ye You panicked, sweating from behind. But he quickly stabilized his mind. Ye You do not know how many times he has experienced such small winds and waves.

He was already very skilled. Ye You’s pretendingly calm face brought a trace of sadness.

“It’s a doujin. People nowadays don’t know what’s wrong. When they see the same person, the first thing they think of is the book. This is definitely a wrong perception.

The word doujin comes from the Japanese “どうじん” (doujin). Initially, it refers to people who have the same habits, interests, and ambitions. There was this term as early as the Meiji era.

Some poets and writers formed various groups called doujin clubs. The impurities introduced by doujin clubs were called doujin societies, which is also doujinshi.

During the Chinese New Culture Movement, Mr. Lu Xun used the term fan publication to refer to the impurities of the “Tattler” he founded.

From then on, the doujin began to refer to non-commercial, self-created content products. Therefore, doujin is not equal to H.” Ye You speaking hard and persuade her patiently. It seemed to feel very distressed to see their children raised with the wrong values.

The words almost made Neet Hime lower her head to self-reflect, “But it doesn’t matter even if you look at my body book, anyway, it’s just a disgusting otaku fantasizing sexual thoughts.”

Neet Hime has known the “Tokyo Project” for a long time and even asked Ye You to upload the “Tokyo Project” games series to the chat room.

“Uh, you really don’t care?”

Neet Hime, who had a gloomy face, seemed to have green veins beating on her forehead.

Ye You’s heart trembled, and then said, “Ahaha, that’s what I said, even if someone writes my little ecchi story, it doesn’t matter to me at all. Ahahaha…ha.. ha…..”

Neet Hime replied, “I really don’t know why your side knows about my existence, even a small part of my life. Although it is only a minimal period in my life, it is also very incredible.”

“I don’t know too well. However, I have a few guesses.” He said.

Neet Hime wondered, “Guess? How many more?”

Seeing Neet Hime’s astonishment, Ye You scratched his head honestly and finally turned the topic off. Now was not the time to show off.

Ye You continued, “After all, as a writer, I still need to get some brainpower. The first possibility is that the deep consciousness of all dimensional spiritual and intellectual life forms is connected to the lake. ‘It records the past, present, and the most likely future. When a certain lifeform causes ‘resonance’ in the lake, it may receive part of the ‘information’ of other lifeforms.”

Neet Hime nodded, “What else?”

“The second is the materialization of information. Information is not a ‘conceptual’ intangible, but a more ‘material’ existence. At the same time, information spreads in a way that cannot be blocked by a dimension. When information recorded in a dimension, a group, or a unit of life spreads to the outer dimensions, it is likely to be perceived by other beings, which we can call ‘inspiration.’ So that person becomes a writer, thinking that he or she alone can construct a world with a pen.”

“It makes sense.” Kaguya’s face finally became calm, and she was thinking.

Ye You secretly wiped a cold sweat, this calamity, at last, finally passed…

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