Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 23 Chatroom Kaleidoscope


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The video did not require to be followed up to consume the dimension point. Through a video call with Neet Hime, Ye You confirmed this.

“I thought it would also consume dimensional points like the ‘Different Dimensional Network.'” Ye You were in a good mood.

“Different dimensional network? What is that?” Neet Hime asked when the two were still chatting on video communication.

“Speaking of which you don’t know yet, I used the dimensional point to open a different-dimensional network, which can connect to the network of the world where all the indoor members are located.” Ye You explained.

“Huh? Why don’t I see such a function here? Where is it?” The Princess-sama raised her head, stretched her slender white neck, and scanned her current screen back and forth.

Seeing her appearance, Ye You prompted, “Just in the upper right corner of the chat room, there is something called ‘Different Dimension Network.’ Didn’t you see it?”

“Nothing.” Neet Hime frowned, “Aren’t you lie to me?”

“Uh ……. What do you have to gain by lying to you …….”

Ye You suddenly thought of a possibility, “Wait a minute.”

He consumed a little more dimensional point and connected to Neet Hime’s network.

“Hey, I have it now! Suddenly appeared in my chat room,” Neet Hime said.

“Is that true?” Ye You showed a dazed expression, “It seems that my side can only connect the different dimensional network. When I connect to a member, that person can connect to the network of my world in reverse.”

Ye You thought at first that as long as the ‘different dimension network’ was activated, all indoor members could be connected.

However, it does not seem to be the case now. The only person who can use the different-dimensional network was the room leader.

Only when Ye You spend a dimensional point to connect to the member’s world and that member can reversely connect to Ye You’s network.

“Eh~~ What is this? I am also an administrator.” Neet Hime grumbled. She also wants to connect to different worlds and see what the networks of different worlds have. “Well, forget it, this is the end of the chat. Blue Sky…well…I haven’t asked your real name yet.”

“Ye You.” He answered.

Neet Hime said, “Next time you fight demons… well when you are cultivating, remember to call me. I might be able to provide some help.”

“Uh…why do you look a little eager to try?” Ye You felt a little nervous when he saw the inexplicably excited expression on her little face.

“Is there? The light in the room is not good, so you’re delusional. I’m going to play a game.” Neet Hime hung up the video.

“I really envy such a depraved and corrupt life.”

Ye You also want to play games and watch anime carefree every day without any worries. This was simply the ideal hometown of life. Ye You turned his eyes to the chat room.

Kuroneko typed, “Actually, it is really finished, is this really good. I can feel my blood wailing.”

It was referring to copying and pasting the novel “Oreimo.”

“Kuroneko’s life integrity is unexpectedly positive.” Ye You expressed surprise.

However, it has only been a few days, and Kuroneko’s side has been decided by the publisher to release it?

Blue Sky surprised, “So fast? And isn’t it almost New Year now? Your editors are really hardworking.”

Kuroneko responded, “Of course, it’s not that fast. It’s just a message from the publisher that ‘this novel is fascinating, and if nothing happens, it can start publishing next year.'”

Wow, before the official announcement, the publisher actually notified the author himself. It seems that the release of Kuroneko’s was already a certainty.

Kuroneko typed again, “It’s just…how do you say it, I always feel very awkward, like being showered with the holy water of an angel.”

Useless “what’s in this, unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough, as long as you have money to get it.”

Useless, “but there is no news on my side.”

Useless asked, “Blue Sky, are there any other novels? I want more.”

The useless angel felt that this method was feasible and was tirelessly asking for it. Ye You were not surprised by Kuroneko’s post. After all, it can be said to be a phenomenal work to some extent.

【】(Sora) typed, “Hey, this sentence is so emotional. What else?”

【】(Sora) wondered, “Are you all the authors of light novels? I seem to have joined a huge group.”

Blue Sky replied, “No, we are just people from another world.”

Useless responded, “I am an angel.” Then sent, “Unconcerned. Jpg.”

Seventeen also responded, “We are demons.” The demon sage Yakumo Yukari also appeared.

Kuroneko typed, “Ha, then I will be the future ‘Night Demon Queen’.” Kuroneko was not to be outdone.

Okarin typed, “Exactly! There are countless people with lofty ideals gathered here to fight to protect the current goddess.”

【】(Shiro) confused, “This is…what…?”

【】(Shiro) offended, “Mocking…new guy…?”

【】(Sora)  tried to calm his sister, “My sister, this is the welcome ceremony.” As an older brother, Sora was very optimistic.

Blue Sky greeted, “Okarin, long time no see.”

In the past few days, Ye You hardly ever saw Okarin show up. He remembers Okarin, that is, Rintarou Okabe, who was still a university student. Was it time for exam week?

Okarin replied, “Hi, Blue Sky. I have been busy researching ‘that’ recently.”

Okarin typed again, “I think I will be busy for a while.”

He continued, “But it’s worth it.”

Blue Sky a bit curious, “What does “that” mean?”

Okarin explained, “Didn’t I say it a long time ago? I control the sacred artifact of the current goddess! El Psy Congroo! Hahaha, this is Steins; Gate’s choice.”

Well, the frenzied chuunibyou scientist fell into narcissism, and it was challenging to have a normal conversation.

Blue Sky responded, “Well, I wish you prosperity for your martial arts.”

Okarin said, “I have indeed received your blessing. Then, my friend, I have a chance to see you again.”

【】(Shiro) still confused, “I feel… unable to get in… dialogue.”

【】(Sora) said, “It’s better to say that Blue Sky that can talk and understand to is mighty.”

After Okarin was hidden, the two blank siblings appeared.

Blue Sky typed, “I feel that you have the potential to develop in the direction of a poisonous tongue. However, this attribute Kuroneko has already occupied. If you also become like this, it is that the attributes overlap, and the audience will experience aesthetic fatigue.”

Ye You would consider the novel published at a certain point.

Kuroneko sent, “@Blue Sky (I am confident that this punch will knock you out of the earth.jpg)”

Kuroneko offended, “You are the poisonous tongue. I just express it differently from you mere mortals.”

【】(Sora) said, “There is more than one touch. If you see it, this is Tsundere. If you can increase this attribute, you will definitely gain a lot of popularity.”

【】(Shiro) responded, “Brother… Tsundere…I understand. This…obviously just…suffering…”

Kuroneko typed, “I say stop you guys!”

【】(Sora) “It’s not good. I feel that I have provoked the boss. I have to go to the game to suppress the shock.”

【】(Shiro) whined, “Brother…and me…help me…log in…mage, priest…and warrior…’s account.”

【】(Sora) responded, “Huh? You’re only using three characters this time? “

【】(Shiro) replied, “Hmm…currently playing…Lunati U.F.O.”

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