Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 24 I Don’t Remember You Are a Black Cat


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On December 29th in the Western calendar, the day after tomorrow was the New Year. The lights of the city started on the 24th and continued throughout the night.

The cold air flowing from Siberia cannot freeze people’s fiery hearts. However, Ye You was sorting out learning materials.

This was not to prepare for himself, but Sora and Megumi were going to hold a home study meeting. Ye You, as a laborer, was drawn to guide them in their studies, and by the way, they had to prepare drinks and snacks.

It was a good thing to be relied on, and it was even more a blessing to be trusted 100% and relied upon by one’s own sister.

However, to spend an afternoon for several days, just sitting next to them, no games, no anime, and noisy sounds (because it would affect the learning state) were really painful.

As for studying, what else did we need to study for the existence of all-subject domination, top-grade, and a deviation of 75 in the national examination?

It was just that we could study magic, but that requires a wholehearted dedication. It was inconvenient for the state where we might be asked questions during the study session.

Therefore, Ye You could only prepare the review materials for the study meeting in advance and circle all the key points, which would be a lot easier when the time comes.

“Tomorrow will be the New Year…”

Ye You stopped writing, feeling a little sad. The New Year here was held according to the Western calendar, about two months apart from the original Chinese New Year on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Nevertheless, there was still the tradition of ‘New Year’s Eve.’

Spoke of the error in the holiday time. There was the Tanabata Festival. It comes from China, and it had precisely the same meaning as the Chinese Qixi Festival.

But the calendar has changed, and the Cow Shepard and the Weaver Girl have not yet met on the Magpie bridge that day. This made Ye You a little bit dumbfounded.

Blue Sky asked, “Speaking of which, @Kuroneko, it’s the New Year also coming up on your side, right?”

Ye You can find out the time in the world she was in through the “different dimension network.” However, no one was answering him.

【】(Sora) was curious, “Huh, is it already this time?”

【】(Shiro) responded,”…not yet, because…heating…not on…”

【】(Sora) “Yes, I bought ‘Heartbeat Heartbeat? Summer Wars’ online a few days ago. This game was specially chosen to be released before the summer.”

【】(Shiro) “…Brother, H…forbidden.”

Blue Sky “The way you guys judge time is really unique.”

A drop of cold sweat came out of Ye You’s forehead.

【】(Sora) “Then the New Year you’re referring to is the ‘Different World, right.”

Shouldn’t it be said that the blank is a useless otaku gamer? They quickly accepted the setting of ‘dimensional chat room.’ I do not know if they really believed it or if they thought it would be more fun that way.

Kuroneko “Ah, the new year.”

Kuroneko sat in front of the computer with a sneer, covered half of her cheek with her white palm, and showed her eyes through her fingers. The other hand was tapping on the keyboard.

Kuroneko “It’s a year of innovation. I feel my magic power is continuously being filled, and my right hand is burning like fire as if I’m not under my control.

Blue Sky “Uh…Are you a dark flame master?”

Kuroneko “No, I am the Queen of the Nightmare.”

Kuroneko “the primary stage.” Kuroneko added.

Speaking of which, Neet Hime gave Kuroneko the meditation method. But it’s only a few days now, how can she achieve something so soon?

According to Neet Hime and Seventeen, they were surprised by him three months of opening second sight, and meditation should be a complicated thing.

Blue Sky “How do you feel now?”

A small achievement in meditation will bring an immeasurable improvement in memory and understanding. This was Ye You’s intuitive feeling, but what other people will do, Ye You still does not know. He then asked with a communicative mentality.

However, only a few days ago… Is it possible that Kuroneko was a talented type?

Kuroneko “I now feel magic power fills the whole body, and the blood is rushing endlessly.”


Blue Sky asked, “Can meditation directly open the magic circuit?”

Neet Hime rolled her eyes, “It’s just that she has suffered a chuunibyou again.” Princess Kaguya pointed out the truth.

Neet Hime continued, “According to the description of Kuroneko, it’s just a simple mood.”

Ye You typed, “……”

Kuroneko muttered, “Hmph, the wisdom of ants also tried to estimate the height of giants.” Then she continued, “Ah! It turned out to be Princess-sama.”

Blue Sky responded, “Hey, this face change is too fast. I don’t remember that you are such a black cat, and your character is broken!”

Blue Sky was suspicious, “Where is tsundere? Where is your sullen and poisonous tongue? What about your inconspicuousness? I feel like you are a fake cat.”

Kuroneko responded, “in front of our magic avenue, this is all foam.” Then threaten Blue Sky, “Also, Blue Sky, don’t you think what you just said was rude? I’ll draw a circle and curse you. The scarecrow inserted a thousand needles.”

Blue Sky replied, “Compared to this, it’s better to unify the title of oneself first. It’s very uncharacteristic to call yourself one thing after another.”

Until now, Ye You felt that Kuroneko was here to let go of her heart completely. Although Kuroneko was bare-mouthed before, she was always close to something. Now, Ye You could probably use the word ‘partner’ to describe it.

Kuroneko “Huh, humans who construct a magical circuit in a small way, dare to point fingers at the nightmare queen.”

Seventeen tried to change the topic and asked, “But when you talk about the New Year, you have to think of your New Year’s wishes. What are your New Year’s wishes?”

【】(Sora) replied, “Speaking of wishes, there should be only one.”

【】(Shiro) typed, “…um.”

【】 answered, “That is to life game-based.”

Life game-based ah. Ye You pondered. Speaking of which, these brothers and sisters might later be summoned by a god from another world to a world where the game decides victory or defeat. In other words…that god also possesses the ability to dimension traverse? No, maybe not so.

Ye You shook his head. It should be the ‘degree’ of the shuttle capability was different. That god should only be able to traverse under his ‘worldview.’ But that god should not be able to jump from the world of “Game of Life” to the world of “Haruhi Suzumiya” or other dimensions.

Ye You guessed so. Just like the type moon world and Nanoha’s worldview, there are countless parallel worlds.

The dimensional traverse they know and the dimensional traverse of chat rooms were not concepts.

Useless responded, “I just want to be able to get a free top-up.”

Kuroneko mumbled, “This is really brand new rhetoric that makes people’s eyes shine. The so-called top-up means to charge money?” Then she answered, “I have only one wish underneath: to become the queen of the nightmare.”

Blue Sky responden to Kuroneko, “Wow? Do you like being a queen so much? Sadistic?”

Kuroneko did not say anything.

But Seventeen asked instead, “What about you, Blue Sky?”

Of course, I hope to be with Sora forever. However, he certainly would not say it.

Blue Sky answered, “Me? Now, I hope the chat room can be more lively.”

Well, if only referring to the mood of the moment, Ye You did not lie.

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