Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 25 A Young Girl’s Heart


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Blue Sky asked, “Ah, yes, do you know what ghosts like?”

After a few small talks, Ye You remembered Ryoko and the others in the house in front of the park. New Year’s Day will be two days later, and Ye You want to bring them some gifts.

Seventeen realized, “you mean those little guys.” Seventeen has a smile on her lips, “Although they are ghosts, they have only slightly changed their existence form, and their hobbies are not much different from what they had in life.”

Blue Sky nodded, “In other words, their hobbies are not much different from ordinary children. Thank you, Seventeen.”

Although Ye You felt that it should be the case, he still asked for verification.

Useless responded, “So, as expected, it’s still games and animation.”

【】 also responded, “Well, what upstairs said is right. There is nothing in this world that can match the joy of games.”

Although they recommended it according to their own interests, it seems like it was not bad as far as the results are concerned, and it was true that for kids, games and anime are more attractive than anything else.

Neet Hime said, “But since it’s almost the New Year, I still we should have rice cakes.”

Well, there was a moon-style proposal. But,

Blue Sky asked, “Can ghosts eat?”

Neet Hime answered, “Yes, as long as the food is tributed as an offering.”

Blue Sky was sure, “That’s it.”

To eat delicious food, it must be a pleasing thing for Ryoko and the others as well. However, Ye You did not expect that the tribute ceremony could actually be significant.

As expected, the custom passed down from ancient times was not without reason.

In a dark house with tightly closed curtains, the floor was sprinkled with DVDs and game packaging boxes, and the lines connected to eight computers cover the floor, which was as intricate as modern art.

The only light that shone in the room was the glow from the highly responsive LED monitors preferred by gamers and the cold light from the screens.

“Brother… they said… ghost?” This was sister-Shiro. A petite girl with long, untidy white hair covering her face, wearing a primary school sailor uniform that she has not worn outside of the home since transferring school.

“Sister, don’t worry about the details.” This was brother-Sora. The decadent face, dressed in jeans and T-shirts, was very reminiscent of squatting at home. In fact, it was an eternity otaku man, a black-haired youth with disheveled hair.

“…The ghost… really exists?” Shiro tilted her head and made a faint voice. It sounds sick, but in fact, her tone has always been like this.

“I don’t know.” Sora returned.

The blank siblings were the urban legends of this world. They have stood unshakably at the world’s top rankings of more than 280 games and continues to create unbreakable records. The legendary gamers “[ ]”-this was their other side of identity.

Shiro has computing power beyond supercomputers. In the Chess game, with a program that could calculate 200 million moves in one second as the opponent, the first attack and then the attack turns alternately to achieve 20 consecutive victories, which proves that the computer program was still flawed.

She was a genius who can indeed win in the field of ‘necessity.’

In terms of psychological warfare, mutual guessing, hooking up, etc., Sora was superior to ordinary people in seeing through uncertain factors such as “the other party’s emotions.” Nevertheless, even now, when Sora faces his sister’s problem.


“So, I don’t know, sister.”

Sora faltered. In the past, even though the screen, he could smell the lies and truth of his opponent. But now into the chat room.

Sora, having already watched no less than a thousand of their messages, still did not dare to assert the truth or falsity of what they were saying.

No, it should be said that Sora has already made a judgment. It was just that he instinctively refused before seeing the incredible with his own eyes.

“Magic, ghosts, the outlook on life that I have so hard to shape over the past eighteen years is collapsing.”

“Brother…obviously…you are laughing…”

Yes, he was laughing. Sora was obviously speaking about wrong values, but the corners of his empty mouth could not help but rise. He has unparalleled penetrating power in seeing through people’s hearts.

Even though the screen, and even if he could not go to catch the micro-expressions that remained for only a twentieth of a second. So, Sora laughed out loud.

December 31. There was a hazy white mist in the air, and the asphalt road was as hard as frozen, making people suspect that if they knock an ice cone down, the ground will crack. This year’s winter was freezing.

Ye You just came back from Ryoko, he brought rice cakes and some snacks and game CDs and animation CDs.

The small face of Ryoko and the other spirits was flushed with excitement. They have not eaten for a long time.

Although Ye You also wanted to take Sora with him, Sora did not turn on her second sight and could not see Ryoko and the others.

At this moment, Ye You was walking on the way home, his eyes continually falling in front of the house number plate. The names of the residents are written there.

Ye You agreed to help Ryoko and the others fulfill their wish, and he will do it. There are many surnames in Japan.

There are occasionally people with the same name in the same school, but it was infrequent to see people with the same surname.

If Ye You start with the surname, he can find the surname ‘Nakamura.’ Maybe there was a trace of the person Ye You need to find.

This was the only way now. Ryoko and the others only remembered their own names and obsessions.

And their parents and sister also moved here for several years, without any news. Asked the people around the house, but they didn’t know exactly where they have moved.

So Ye You can only start from the surname ‘Nakamura,’ this was the only clue.

“It would be great if the Humanoid Interface was there.” Ye You remembered her in the chat room again. If it were her, it would be easy to invade the household registration data in the archives.

In the past few days, the frequency of Ye You’s sending of messages has doubled compared with the past, but it was still falling apart, and the other party still has no response. Ye You returned home slowly like this.

Today’s Sora has changed into a black kimono and was decorated with white flowers and plants on the pure black cloth, which was beautiful and elegant.

The kimono clings to the delicate body of Sora, which was not too big or too small. It perfectly outlines the curves of women and the youthfulness of girls.

Being able to wear the unmanageable kimono so close to her body, it was not easy to imagine how exquisite the delicate body wrapped in this fabric was.

“You, am I look good?”

Sora dragged the cuff with one hand, lifted it slightly, and put the other hand in front of the belt. Ye You looked up and down earnestly until Sora’s white and delicate face was dyed reddishly, and the bottom of her head was slightly red, then he smiled and said, “Very beautiful.”

“Then, I will wear this one tomorrow Hatsumode‘s.”

Hatsumode meant the first visit to the shrine in the new year, and it was also a day for girls to pray for blessings. Sora would take Ye You to a shrine that was said to be very useful. Although it was a bit remote, it was better to be precise.

The young girl’s little heart leaped like a forest firefly on the last day of the year.

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