Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 27 Katou Megumi’s Study Session


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“Gone?” Sora’s wide and clear eyes obviously did not expect such a bizarre situation to occur.

“Is the little snake just now the god here?”

Everything has an aura. This was the basic doctrine of Shintoism, Japan’s largest native religion, and it was also widely spread among the people.

Ye You shook his head. He didn’t know. However, the so-called ‘god’ in this country was actually not much different from ‘demon.

The basis for judgment depends on whether the attribute was good or evil. After all, here where the term ‘eight million gods.’

Now that Ye You has stepped into the realm of extraordinary, naturally, there was no sense of awe. He stepped forward and turned over the box he was serving, and then searched for the wooden feet of the dilapidated attic, but he did not see the snake.

If possible, Ye You wanted to study it carefully. But now, he could only tell Neet Hime and seventeen about the situation to see if he could get any information from them.

The small episode in the middle didn’t bother the two of them. Sora had already seen magic and was accustomed to these strange events.

Soon the little snake thing was forgotten by her. After all, the object of her prayers was only her own mind, not a specific existence.

A quiet shrine with no one and the cold air made the mind clear. Looked down from the steps under the torii gate, through the layers of tree-like black shadows, one could see the bright streamer embedded in the black surface, which was the city lights that were endless all night.

The countdown to the new year has entered, and the cheers of the city could be heard even here. The sound of celebration turned into a torrent, rushing in all directions on this sticky cold night.

Ye You and Sora were sitting on the stairs of the shrine. They were shoulder to shoulder, just quietly looking at the direction of the brightly lit city.

Dong, dong, dong…

Ten chimes of the New Year’s bell sounded backward, and the magnificent fireworks rushed up into the night, turning into gorgeous colored flowers.

Seeing the fireworks blooming in the sky, Sora’s small hands unknowingly held Ye You, his palms intertwined, and his fingers interlocked, like two hearts constantly approaching each other.

When he went back, Sora couldn’t walk anymore, so Ye You carried his younger sister all the way down the mountain.

At the same time, in the dilapidated eaves of the shrine, a small snake glowing with a pale green glow was faintly visible.

The green little snake’s eyes have been staring in the direction where Ye You and Sora were leaving as if wanting to reflect their postures into its minds.


After the New Year, there was also the habit of visiting relatives here. Long-lost relatives would get together on this day. But the brother and sister who depend on each other did not have to be like this.

Both of their parents were only children. Although they did have relatives, they were not known to have a few generations of blood relationship, and they did not have much contact with each other.

But there was another elder named “Auntie.” Although the relationship was very long, she was also the guardians of Ye You and Sora.

Under the strong request of that person, Ye You and Sora called her as a sister.

But she also has her worries. When relatives gather together during the New Year, it was inevitable to talk about lifelong events. The current person might be sitting in front of the quilt with a frowning face, listening to the elders talking annoyingly, or hiding in the room alone drinking alcohol.

So Ye You made a called, “Happy new year, sister Jing.”

“Ah… uh… it’s little You, happy new year.” There was a buzzing sound over there, probably not awake yet.

Ye You looked at the clock, “It’s already ten o’clock. Sister Jing drank too much last night.”

“Ah~~ You don’t know how annoying those old guys are. You have to take me on a blind date. Is it so difficult to find a good man now?” She raved.

Ye You gave an advice, “Sister Jing’s request is too high, right? Sister Jing came to Tokyo to relax? Maybe you will get moldy if you stay in Chiba.”

“You want to talk about the procedure of house transfer. The real estate hasn’t gone to work in the past few days during the New Year. I will go there later.”

Ye You was not embarrassed to be broken, “It’s okay to do anything like that. I just don’t think I have seen Sister Jing for a long time. Suddenly, I miss you very much, and Sora also cares about you very much.”

She sneered, “You brat, you know how to play tricks. There are already quite a few girls who’ve fallen for it.”


Judging from the age of Sister Jing, she was indeed a brat. But Ye You never dared to say such things. One of the taboo criteria for chatting with Sister Jing: Never to mention age-related topics.

In terms of the total age he has lived, Ye You seems to be older than the sister Jing in her mouth.

“It’s not like that.”

She sounds kinda worried, “But you’re a really generous guy. Eight million is not a small sum. Is the money enough now? It doesn’t matter if you starve to death, don’t suffer with Sora.”

“Don’t worry, and there is no problem with the budget. Anyway, I am also a popular light novelist who has already made his debut with the first newcomer award. With the original savings, Sister Jing doesn’t have to worry at all.”

“Huh? Worry. I’m not worried. First of all, I’m hanging up.” She hung up the phone very simply. It should be to make up for the sleep.

Ding ding.

Just put down the phone, the doorbell rang. Ye You went to open the door. What appeared in front of Ye You was a pretty girl.

She was wearing a white jumpsuit and a beautiful red coat outside. She looked very clean and pure.

The girl wore a sailor hat on her shoulder-length hair. Seeing Ye You open the door, she walked into the room naturally, taking off her outdoor shoes, and said, “Excuse me.”

Ye You was also accustomed to her movements. This was a girl who gave the impression of ‘that’s probably it’ no matter what she did. “Katou? Are you here today? Aren’t you at home with your relatives?”

“Because I feel boring, so I’m here. Sora still awake?” The visitor was Megumi Kato, who had arranged a study meeting with Sora in the last few days of this holiday.

“Sora is in the room.”

Katou was already sitting on the sofa, and when she saw Ye You preparing to make tea, she said, “I want mustard barley tea.”

“Did you go to Aoba Shrine on New Year’s Day night?” Katou asked, holding a teacup.

It turned out that the shrine was called Aoba. She probably heard the news from Sora. Ye You nodded, then went to the room and called Sora out.

After a while, the three of them gathered around the heater. Sora and Katou were all buried themselves in their books.

Ye You was bored, holding his hand and looking at it for a while, no one online in the chat room, so he logged on to the world’s website and flipped it casually.

He saw a post on a national student exchange website. The profile picture of the person who posted the post was a glittering snowflake, and no ID was displayed.

The man asked:

[Anonymous: What will you do when there is a mountain that cannot be crossed in your life? 】

There were already a few answers below, all to the effect, of course, they are things like turning them over.

Ye You thought for a while, maybe the person who posted the post has encountered some huge difficulties, or maybe there were too good people around who are constantly being compared.

So he replied:

【Blue Sky Demon King: That is to climb another mountain higher than this. 】

At that time, the so-called high mountains before became the flat ground.

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