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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 28 Humanoid Interface Finally Gave News


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SumiSora Academy was a school that aims to advance to higher education and, at the same time, integrates students’ independent interests.

If placed in China, it was equivalent to a provincial key university. The difficulty of admission could be imagined.

Katou Megumi’s parents were delighted and surprised to hear that their daughter had such ambitions. They thought that their daughter would apply to Toyonosaki Academy, which was closer to home.

After getting permission from his parents, Katou would come to Ye You’s house on time from 2 to 5 in the afternoon and study with Sora, while Ye You would guide by the side.

Sora did not like to deal with other people very much, and she exuded an aura that no one should enter school, but Katou Megumi could get along well with her for some reason.

The study session was probably because meditation strengthened the five senses, increased comprehension and calculation ability.

Ye You had a newer understanding of the knowledge he had initially been mastered, making it more comprehensive, transparent, and systematic.

He explained from the shallower to the deeper that Katou Megumi and Sora have grasped the ambiguous knowledge points in the classroom more firmly, even by analogy.

This study would continue until January 9. Tomorrow was the day when school starts. It is also their last semester in junior high school.

“Thanks for your hard work, Ye You.” Katou Megumi closed the textbook.

She was very confident now, and the study over this week feels more useful than the hard study in the previous semester. Her deviation was about 60, which was the same as Sora.

“Well, it is tough.” Ye You lay on the warm table.

In the past few days, he has not played games at all. He typing his novel in the morning, studied with them in the afternoon, and studied materials in the evening. He sometimes prepared Katou Megumi’s lunch or dinner during the period, and he checked the chat room in his free time.

“Let me give this to you.” Katou Megumi took out two beautiful small bags from the small white bag. “This is a cookie I tried to make myself.”

Ye You took it, and Katou gave another bag to Sora.

“This kind of thing would be better for Valentine’s Day.” Ye You said, and Sora gave him a stern look. “I’m talking about justice, justice.” Ye You added.

“Well, then I will give it to you too.” Katou nodded to Ye You vigorously.

“Thanks a lot for that.”

“Then see you at school tomorrow. I’ll go back first. Sora. Goodbye.”

“OK Bye Bye.”

After sending off Katou Megumi, Sora glared at Ye You again, “You, isn’t the chocolate I made delicious?”

“…No, there is no such thing.”

“Then why do you always think about other girls’ chocolates and Utaha Kasumigaoka, who was still in the shadows after graduating from junior high school.”

“Ahaha. Unknowingly it’s five o’clock. What would Sora want to eat today?” Ye You changed the subject. Sora did not chase after him.


Uh…whatever, this was the most challenging dish to cook.

The next day ushered in the last semester of junior high school. During this period, the third-year junior high school students were all shrouded in a strangely dull atmosphere, and there was only one word that creates this atmosphere-entering a higher school.

They were still in the junior high school stage. They already have a vague life plan and would work hard for this.

Most students knew what they want and what they want to do. Ye You has experienced two learning atmospheres of Huaxia and Japan, and he still prefers Huaxia.

Although it was said that the club life was colorful, some large clubs, such as football clubs and tennis clubs, were actually more like drills before entering society, and the upper and lower grades have strict seniority.

Although it was a good thing to be strict with himself, Ye You has lost the vitality and innocence that a student should have.

However, apart from this point, the rest was still perfect. Especially the summer sailor suits of middle school students were really dazzling.

Ye You and Sora came to the class. In the classroom where the windows were still misted with water, most people were immersed in reading, but there were also a few people whispering. He still remembered the wishes of Yuri and the others.

The three ghosts, the youngest brother was seven years old, Eri was eight years old, and Ryoko was nine years old.

If nothing else, their sister should be ten years old at that time. Now four or five years have passed, probably in the same grade as Ye You.

With the random thought of ‘maybe you will be hit,’ Ye You asked like the surrounding students if there was a Nakamura in the school. When I asked around, there really was one.

In the next class, there was a girl named Hanaoto Nakamura. After class, Ye You found Hanaoto Nakamura’s classroom and asked the classmates in front to call her out at the door.

Hanaoto Nakamura, who was talking with someone, saw that Ye You was calling herself, and she could not help but bump into her heart.

Ye You was a very famous person in this school. Although he dropped out and repeated grades, he could see his name at the top of the list every time he takes an exam.

At the same time, he also has extraordinary talents in sports, plus a handsome face and calm temperament were viral among girls. He was the best material for all fujoushi even because he has never had a girlfriend.

“Wow, Ye You actually came to see you.”

“Hey, Hanaoto, when did you take down the ‘Black Prince’?”

“No, treat! Treat!”

In the scorching eyes of her friend, Nakamura Hanaoto came out blushing. In order to avoid misunderstandings, Ye You did not want to cause her extra trouble, so he asked at the door, “Sorry, I’m sorry. Excuse me, do you have a younger brother or younger sister?”

Ye You were straight to the point.

“Um…huh? Huh?” Hearing this question, Hanaoto did not respond at once.

In the very short distance from the seat to the door, countless thoughts flowed through her mind, but she never thought she would be asked this question.

This caused her brain to short-circuit all of a sudden, unable to speak at all.

Seeing her reaction, Ye You knew she was not the person he was looking for. If she really saw the death of your siblings at a young age, she would never show such an expression.

Ye You smiled embarrassedly, “Sorry, I met a lost child who was also named Nakamura on the way to school today.

Seeing that she has been walking around the school, I wondered if she was your sister. It was right to be sent to the police station. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

Ye You made an excuse at random. After apologizing, Ye You returned to his classroom. “Sure enough, I knew it wouldn’t be so smooth.”

Ye You looked out the window bored. He was one of the few unstressed third graders in this school.

As early as last semester, he had already received the olive branch from the University of Tokyo’s affiliated high school and some other private key high schools. After repeated selections, he finally chose SumiSora Academy, which was a little closer to home.

Just when he was bored looking at the textbook, a message came from the chat room. Ye You took out the phone, his eyes widened.

“It’s actually Humanoid Interface!?”

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