Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 29 Data Integration Thought Entity Humanoid Terminal Interface For Living Creatures


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Humanoid Interface typed, “Hello.”

The information body sent a message, and Ye You keenly discovered that her ID had changed from the ‘Data Integration Thought Entity Humanoid terminal interface’ to the ‘Data Integration Thought Entity Humanoid terminal interface for living creatures’.

The two attributive words ‘for living creatures’ and ‘humanoid’ have been added. Moreover, the so-called Data Integration Thought Entity was-in the Milky Way, and even in the vast information sea of the entire universe, there were many super-intelligent information life forms without physical bodies.

They were firstborn in the information form, and then all kinds of information were combined to produce consciousness, and finally, they evolved by extracting other information. They were born almost at the same time as the universe. As the universe expands and expands, the relative information network has gradually become broader and more considerable.

As early as the earth, no, it should be said that they were familiar with the entire universe before the solar system formation—BUG-like existence. Ye You suppressed the excitement in his heart.

Blue Sky replied, “Hello.”

The other party took the initiative to send a message. There must be an intention, Ye You quietly waited for the other party.

Humanoid Interface typed, “Because language is incomplete in information transmission, there may be errors in the next words, but please listen to it.”

She used these words as a start and then opened the chatroom to make up for the silence before.

Humanoid Interface continued, “Recently, the self-discipline evolution of the information body has fallen into a blocked bottleneck.”

“This recently, I do not know how many billion years it means.” Ye You complained silently.

Humanoid Interface quickly explained, “15 years ago, a hole suddenly appeared on the second cantilever of the Milky Way galaxy, and an abnormal ‘unknown information’ of the information body was flowing into the universe.

The information body discovered the possibility of loosening the evolutionary bottleneck from the ‘unknown information’. So, I am here. As an observer, upload the observed data to the information terminal.”

“Unknown information refers to communication information in different dimensions,” Ye You guessed in his mind.

Humanoid Interface continued typing, “I, who was originally only given the mission of observation, due to an unexpected event, out of the possibility of promoting future progress, I judge to contact you.”

She did not seem to understand language modification at all, so she said directly.

Blue Sky asked, “What is the unexpected event?”

Humanoid Interface replied, “Haruhi Suzumiya. You’ve mentioned that name before, right.”

Ye You looked through the chat history with her, and he did mention Haruhi Suzumiya. That was 15 years ago when Ye You just learned that this was a chat room connected to the dimension. If Ye You had not looked through the chat history, he would have forgotten about it.

Humanoid Interface continued, “Just now, we found an unusual bright spot on the surface of a blue planet in the solar system that was different from other information. The information spark ejected from a certain area of the arch-shaped islands instantly covers the entire planet and spreads to the outer space. The center point is Haruhi Suzumiya.”

Humanoid Interface typed again, “We judge that Haruhi Suzumiya also hides the possibility of self-regulating evolution. You mentioned this name 15 years ago.”

Blue Sky responded, “So, is it advantageous for you to contact me?”

Humanoid Interface quickly replied, “Yes.”

Blue Sky asked, “Do you want to get more information about Haruhi Suzumiya?”

Humanoid Interface typed, “Yes, if possible.”

Blue Sky said, “Before that, can I ask a question?”

Humanoid Interface straightly responded, “please ask.”

Blue Sky curiously asked, “Do you have your own name?”

Humanoid Interface quick answered, “Nagato Yuki.”

Wow, it was really her! Because she just mentioned that her world, Haruhi Suzumiya, broke out in the ‘Information Explosion’, and she already had a chat room 15 years ago.

Nagato Yuki was a humanoid terminal for organic creatures made three years ago in Haruhi Suzumiya’s novels or animations. Ye You also worried that she was not Nagato Yuki. It seems that the information recorded in the light novel or anime can be inaccurate as well.

Blue Sky typed, “You might as well just use Humanoid Interface. This ID is nice. Also, if you use the ‘Data Integration Thought Entity Humanoid terminal interface for living creatures’, the reader will say that I write a meaningless word.”

Nagato certainly did not know what Ye You said was the “write the meaningless word”, but she obediently complied.

Humanoid Interface responded, “Hmm, okay.”

Then, Ye You found the light novel “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and uploaded it to the chat room.

Blue Sky said, “Take a look at this first. It may be useful to you.”

Humanoid Interface replied, “thank you.” And not take long time to typed again, “I’ve finished reading it, it’s a good reference.”

Almost the next moment after receiving the light novel, Nagato sent a message. Ye You was not surprised at the speed of her information acquisition and interpretation. After all, it was the information body, the information itself.

Humanoid Interface said, “Retrieving information on this planet, there is indeed information on Kyon, Asahina Mikuru, Koizumi Itsuki, and others. But the information in that book is still too crude, it just describes some ‘possible events’ quite simply, and there is also very deviated information that can even be called wrong.”

Indeed. Compared to the information body familiar with the universe, the information recorded in “Haruhi Suzumiya” was not even a drop in the ocean. However, some ‘important information’ was recorded on it, which Nagato called reference value.

Blue Sky asked, “What are you going to do?”

After watching “Haruhi Suzumiya”, Nagato showed a very rational attitude, as if he were an observer.

Humanoid Interface replied, “Continue to observe.”

Blue Sky guessed, “Haruhi Suzumiya and this chat room together?”

Humanoid Interface said, “Well, this is my task.”

In fact, Ye You was also quite interested. From Nagato’s words, it can be judged that at this time, Haruhi Suzumiya was still in junior high school. If she does not do anything and does not interfere with anything, will she still go to Beijing High School and create an SOS group after three years?

In other words, without outside interference, will the individual’s progress follow the trajectory recorded in the novel?

If this was the case, it also slightly confirms Ye You’s suspicions-the most likely world line was recorded in work. Then can it be deduced that in any dimension, there may be a ‘record’ that records the past, present, and possible future of this world, similar to the ‘root’?

These illusory speculations will not be mentioned for the time being. Now that the Humanoid Interface has appeared, Ye You can completely solve the current problems.

Blue Sky carefully asked, “Nagato, can you help me find someone in this world?”

As long as Ye You connected to the network there, Nagato could connect back to invade the household registration files without trace and find the current residence, school, and other information of Ryoko’s sister.

Humanoid Interface replied, “Sure.”

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