Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 30 Nakamura Yuri


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“——The so-called human beings cannot even wait for just ten minutes!”

“How can one forgive such a life…”

“If there are any gods in the world, they must be evil gods who like to tease humans.”

“I will resist, I will be angry. I will definitely-overthrow this absurd existence!”

Since the age of ten, the girl named Yuri Nakamura has been in pain and self-blame. Yuri originally lived in a delighted family, with two lovely younger sisters and a younger brother.

She thought the happy time would continue in this way, until that afternoon, the sudden disaster broke her life to pieces.

The four robbers broke into the house, pointed their cold guns at their younger siblings, and said with a smile, “Please find out the most valuable items in the house within ten minutes. Otherwise, I will kill one of them.”

Nakamura’s trembling body, desperately rummaging at home, one drawer after another was opened, and one cabinet after another was opened.

When she trembled with hope and handed her most valuable item to the culprit, she only heard a bang, and her sister fell in a blood pool.

Her brain went blank for an instant, a hole appeared in her heart, and her thinking was frozen. Until the robber made a harsh voice, “One minute has passed. If you don’t hurry up, someone will die because of you. Hehe.”

Nakamura Yuri dragged her strength as if her body was drained, resisting crying, but tears desperately fell.

She rummaged crazy at home, crazy, crazy…

At least……

Even if only the ones who are still alive are saved…


However, two cold shots greeted her. Just when the last sister was shot and killed, the police arrived. The robbers got the sanctions they deserved.

However, there was a hole in the girl’s heart that could not be filled. ——The so-called human beings could not even wait for just ten minutes!


“Kanazawa Municipal Middle School, Nakamura Yuri…”

Ye You looked at the message transmitted by the chat room from Nagato. After connecting to a different-dimensional network, information about Ryoko and the other’s sister appeared in the chat room within three seconds.

Looking at the photos and names on the profile, Ye You faintly felt familiar. This was the same as when he saw Kasumigaoka and Katou Megumi.

Nevertheless, Ye You has long known that this was the second dimension’s world, so it was nothing strange.

Kanazawa Junior High is an affiliated high school of National Kanazawa University, located in Chiyoda Ward in the 15th ward of old Tokyo. From Ye You’s residence, he has to transfer two subway stops.

Ye You took a leave of absence from the school. When Sora saw that Ye You was not going to school, she planned to stay at home and read by herself.

At this moment, following the directions of the map, Ye You came to the bus station of Kanazawa Middle School.

Because it was a bit rash to go to her house, Ye You decided to wait for her on the way to school. So he waited early in the morning on the way to school for the students of Kanazawa.

Furthermore, the bus station here was such a transportation hub point, whether it was walking or taking a car would pass through here.

Although it was still early in the morning, some students have begun to enter the academy one after another.

Ye You’s five senses nowadays are much stronger than ordinary people. If he concentrates, he was confident that he would not miss her.

It was just that if Yuri Nakamura had entered the school before Ye You arrived, then Ye You could only go to the gatekeeper to apply. If he was rejected again, he had to wait until the end of school in the afternoon.

Ye You’s gaze kept sweeping over the arriving Kanazawa students. Sometimes there would even be a meeting of the eyes.

“Ah, there may be rumors in this school today, ‘There is a weird guy on the way to the school, everyone should be careful.'” Ye You sighed secretly.

But he will not give up easily. Since he has promised others, he will naturally do his best. Finally, at about 8:30, three girls in youthful and beautiful uniforms got off the platform.

One of them was wearing a headband decorated with a green bow. She was wearing black knee socks on her eye-catching slender thighs.

She also had a badge on her shoulder, which seemed to have something faintly engraved on it.

She was the person Ye You is looking for, Yuri Nakamura. But after getting off the bus, they did not walk to the school but waited at the platform. Ye You glanced at the photo of the profile again and walked over to the girl.


Suddenly a strong, harsh metal rubbing sound came from the side of the road.

——What is it?!

A colossal monster broke into everyone’s field of vision. It was a runaway car. Before the pedestrians on the roadside had time to scream, the steel car chassis ignited sparks, tilting down like a platform.

The colossal steel that suddenly got out of control made everyone dumbfounded and stood there blankly. However, at this critical moment, Yuri Nakamura pushed her classmates away.

The shadow of the car covered the enlarged pupils of Yuri Nakamura. It could be foreseen that the next moment, the delicate girl would be like a flower crushed into the mud.

–not good.

Ye You screamed in his heart. He almost subconsciously unfolding the technique, ISA rune stealthily condenses on the cuff.

At this moment of panic, when everyone focused on the girl who was about to be crushed, no one noticed that the car seemed to pause.

Moreover, it was during this pause that Ye You had jumped his way in, violently bringing up the young girl to jump away towards the side, as the car just happened to pass behind them.

The two fell to the ground with a bang, and there was a harsh rubbing sound behind them.

At this time, Ye You felt a sweet throat, and a fishy smell was about to come out of his chest. The imprisonment spell just now was forcibly broken away by the enormous kinetic energy, and Ye You seemed to feel that the magic power in his body was almost counter-current, running everywhere.

He could not help but pale. He suppressed the fishy sweetness in his throat. His head was dizzy.

Tsk…… was this the magic backlash in the legend?

At this time, Ye You did not forget to record his magic experience. He closed his eyes and felt the feeling. After all, this was also a kind of knowledge and experience.

“You, are you okay…”

After a while, Ye You heard a worried voice, but it seemed shy at the same time.

Ye You slowly opened his eyes, which he realized that only ten centimeters away from the tip of his nose, there was a delicate and beautiful face, and he was pressing the young girl underneath him in a flopping position, with his palms by her ears.

As the girl breathed, it seemed that he could still feel a warm breath. At this moment, she was already staring at herself.


Ye You resisted the severe pain coming from his whole body and stood up slowly.

“No, it’s not. I should thank you for saving me.”

Nakamura Yuri seemed to be aware of Ye You’s state, and after greeted her companions who came with her, she took him to a cafe not far in front of the school. On the side of the car accident, there seemed to be only one injured driver.

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