Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 31 Exploring The False Vision


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Hazy orange light shone from the sky, covering the earth like a tulle, enshrouding high-rise buildings.

The car accident side was effectively under control with the traffic police directing and ambulance sirens blaring.

This was just a riot that happens every day in this big city. It might be reported in the evening news, but that was where it stops.

The pedestrians in the city were back in motion, like the gears of a machine.

“I really thank you just now.” Yuri Nakamura bowed deeply like Ye You.

Although she subconsciously pushed her classmate away, the whirling steel beast still made her feel palpitations now.

She saw Ye You’s pale face and thought he was injured. She originally wanted to accompany him to the hospital, but Ye You said that he just had to take a break, and then Nakamura took him to the cafe in front of the school.

As Nakamura lowered her head, the green bow on her purple hair also jumped. Ye You adjusted his breathing right now, and the pain in his body did not seem to be so painful.

“No need to do this, just a little effort.”

“Even if you say that, but you are my savior…a benefactor.” Nakamura trembled slightly when he said the word life-saving. Ye You had a panoramic view of this.

Ye You originally wanted to talk to Yuri Nakamura directly about Ryoko and the others, but thought that when Nakamura got off the bus just now, he did not enter the campus, but waited there, and asked, “What else should you have today?”

“Yeah.” Nakamura raised her head, and her beautiful and immature face felt a little sassy.

She said, “Today, the club has an exchange event.”


“…I’m in the kendo club.” Nakamura glanced to the side and said embarrassedly.

Maybe it was because it was not good for girls to dance with swords and guns, or because she was ashamed that she, who had practiced for many years, was so disoriented in the crisis just now.

Ye You noticed her mood and smiled, “Swordsmanship. Very stunning.”

“Really, really?” Nakamura’s eyes lit up and said happily.

“Of course. By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Ye You.”

“Ah, sorry.” Nakamura knocked her head.

“My name is Nakamura Yuri. This morning I was participating in a city competition, but I encountered something like that.”

 “Competition. Then you go quickly.” Ye You said.


“I have nothing to worry about here.”

“But I haven’t thanked you yet.” Nakamura was stubborn.

“Then, exchange emails.” Ye You smiled and said, “If you really want to thank me, then when you finish the game, I will wait for you before coming to Sakura Park on SumiSora Road.”

Ye You paused and said with a more serious tone than before, “There is a crucial thing to tell you.” In order to prevent her from being distracted during the game, Ye You said so.

Although Nakamura was a bit strange about Ye You’s remarks, she still took out her mobile phone, approached Ye You’s phone, and used infrared to exchange emails. Then, Ye You turned and left.

Yuri Nakamura, who has not yet reacted, stayed in a daze in the cafe.

“In front of Sakura Park…” She was a little lost, and bad memories began to flow into her heart.

“Guest, your coffee.” At this time, the waiter placed the order.


In the afternoon, Ye You was sitting at the door of a Japanese-style dim sum that looked quite ancient, Ryoko and the others floated around in the room.

There was a school road in the middle section of SumiSora Street, and from there, you turn to SumiSora Academy.

At the end of SumiSora Street was Sakura Park, where the store Ye You plans to buy was located.

Although Ye You said this morning that he would be waiting for her here, Yuri Nakamura would not really dare to say that she would not come.

Although she gives people the impression that she must do what she says and was serious about things, Nakamura was also a young and tender girl. How could she just listen to strangers like this?

Although Ye You does not look like a wrong person, Nakamura does not look like a silly girl who judges people by her appearance.

“If she doesn’t come today, he can only tell her about Ryoko and the others.”

This was also the reason why he exchanged emails. Ye You took a sip of coffee. This was the instant coffee he bought.

Ye You plan to set up a maid cafe in this shop. But even if Nakamura came over, not seeing Ryoko and the others was a problem ah.

Ye You opened the chat room and knocked in Nagato’s private chat channel. She did not seem to like to appear on public channels.

Blue Sky asked, “Nagato, is there a way for ordinary people to see ghosts?”

Humanoid Interface replied, “Is plasma visualization? If it is in our world, there are many ways to achieve it. But sorry, I can’t control different-dimensional information.”

Blue Sky was confused, “Plasma?”

Humanoid Interface explained, “That’s what you call a ghost.”

So that was it. Nevertheless, what does she mean by the inability to manipulate different-dimensional information?

To know everything in the world, whether it was an actual matter or illusory concepts, can be simply regarded as ‘information,’ that was data.

To manipulate information was to manipulate the existence of necessary units. You can change the substance’s nature at will.

Maybe even the “law” could be modified. Since the basic unit, similar to the world, could be manipulated, why couldn’t ‘different-dimensional information’ be manipulated?

And Blue Sky asked, “How did you invade the file system of our household registration room?”

Humanoid Interface replied, “Modify the program kernel.”

Uh… Was it just pure hacking technology?

Ye You had no choice but to ask Seventeen. She lived a long time, had much knowledge, talked, and laughed happily with many bigwigs. However, if possible, Ye You did not want to ask her very much.

Seventeen responded, “ordinary people see ghosts. Wait, let’s give you a spell card.”

Well, that was why Ye You did not want to bother her. The demon sage was so talkative that Ye You feels hairy, always feeling a conspiracy waiting for him.

In the past, she granted herself unconditional guidance about magic and gave two talisman cards for escaping.

This time too, without saying anything, she agreed to his request. If Neet Hime has the game’s revolutionary friendship, then there was really no profound intersection with Seventeen.

Such an unrequited payment, if she made any request that embarrasses Ye You in the future, it was tough to refuse.

But considering that the smaller the ability, the smaller the responsibility, so let us talk about that later.

Ye You opened the chatroom file and saw a long spell card: [Explore the False Vision]

At the same time, the dimension points have increased by three points. It could also be judged that the value of this spell card was much lower than the last spell card.

“Huh? What is this?”

Ye You noticed that there was a thin notebook in the corner of the interface. Black leather package with bright red letters on it, which looks very ominous.

“Uploader, Kuroneko?…emm”

Ye You decided to wait for this and take a look at it when he goes back. Now, everything was ready.

When the sun rose to the very center, a beautiful shadow appeared on the oil-parking road in the distance, with a stick tied behind it and wrapped with a white cloth. Nakamura Yuri really came.

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