Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 32 Thank You


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Nakamura’s heart was very complicated, with bitterness, memories, and more pain and self-blame. She took a deep breath and exhaled it heavily.

This place was her eternal pain, but the young girl no longer wanted to run away from it.

Why did that person call himself here? Was it a coincidence or another purpose? These were not important anymore.

Nakamura had left bangs on the front of his forehead since she did not know when, because as long as that was the case when she gently lowered her head when she was sad, no one would notice—picking up the pieces of memory, bits, and pieces of prickly hands.

The closer she got, the fainter, the soles of Nakamura’s feet became. She closed her eyes again, took a deep breath, and straightened her chest.

Some scenes overlap with memory in her sight, but only the most familiar building has changed, and it has become a Japanese-style confectionery shop.

Moreover, the man this morning was sitting at the door. This caused Nakamura’s pupils to stagnate slightly and then walked over calmly.

“You are here.” Ye You said hello with a smile.

“Well, I just separated from my classmates from the dojo. I told them that I have to thank him properly for coming here to meet the person who rescued me this morning.” Nakamura said, very politely.

Ye You’s eyebrows trembled slightly. This kid was okay. Informing a third party of her whereabouts and the information of the person she met, and saying it in such a tactful way, so that even if he had any bad intentions, he would not dare to act rashly, right?

Moreover, Ye You placed his sight on the strip wrapped in cloth behind her back. That thing, it could not be the real thing. The vigilance was high enough. Ye You felt that this was the right move.

Then he took out a spell card from the chat room. From Nakamura’s field of vision, it was as incredible as something conjured out of thin air. Ye You smiled and said, “Do you believe there are ghosts in this world?”

Nakamura frowned. This person said something stupid abruptly. Did you think you could win people’s attention by playing tricks? In regular times, Nakamura would not have these rude thoughts.

However, where Ye You called her to come, it brought back Nakamura’s most painful memory.

Moreover, her original home has become completely unrecognizable, which makes her feel unspeakable depression.

Then she seemed to think of something, her eyes widened, her mouth opened, but she could not speak.

“It’s Ryoko.”

Nakamura covered her mouth and took a step back.

“And Eri.”

Every time Ye You said a name, Nakamura took a step back.

“And Takeda.”

At this moment, Nakamura’s eyes were full of tears, but she stubbornly refused to let her tears burst.

“They have always had something to say to you.” Ye You saw her look, and did not say any useless words of comfort.

Instead, he took out the spell card of 【Explore False Vision】to her.

“Squeeze it, and then read the word ‘Explore the False Vision,’ and you will see it.”

Spell cards could be activated just by making a declaration. Hearing the three names recited by Ye You, Nakamura’s mind had become a mess.

She took the spell card tremblingly and then recited the name. The spell card instantly turned into a blue streamer, covering the young girl’s pupils.

At this moment, three figures suddenly appeared in the room that initially looked empty, looking at her eagerly. Nakamura’s eyes flowed out uncontrollably.

Ryoko and the others were floating. There were many things to say but choked in their throat and finally just smiled like Nakamura and said, “Thank you, big sister.”


Ye You left Yuri Nakamura there. When they meet with their big sisters, they would definitely have a lot to say.

So he, an outsider, should not get in people’s way. The spell card was useful for six hours and just picked her up at that time. Ye You went back to Sakura Village alone.

Seeing that the kitchen has the same furnishings as yesterday, he knew that Sora did not have lunch. He rubbed his head with some headache and gently knocked Sora’s room.

Then he pushed the door in, and sure enough, there were potato chips and biscuits on her table.

“Didn’t you eat lunch again?”

“Because You is not at home.” While Sora bent her knees on the chair, flipping the browser. The snow-white straight hair poured down the body. There was a different kind of ethereal.

“This is bad for your health.”

“Really, I am not a child anymore. I will take care of myself.”

“Well, what do you want for dinner?”

“You decide.”

“How about natto rice?” Ye You asked maliciously.

Sora bulged her cheeks and rolled over, “Um…You are really wicked.”

“It’s still sandwiches and saury-fish.”

“Also, add a hamburger.” Sora continued.

“Okay. Also, Sora, eat fewer snacks.”

“I know, I know! How come you are like an old woman.”

In this way, Ye You was driven out of the room by Sora.

He returned to his bedroom and took out the notebook uploaded by Kuroneko from the chat room. The words “Apocalypse” were written in bloody red strange fonts on it.

“It’s still Chinese characters…”

Ye You knew that there was generally some kind of ritual records in the field of “chuunibyou,” written in English or Chinese characters. For example, some people will imitate “Death Note.”

Ye You opened Kuroneko’s apocalypse. The densely packed text and patterns, like black distorted gas, made Ye You feel the intense breath of chuunibyou. Ye You snapped and closed the notebook.

“It feels like my sanity is declining. Okay, I didn’t see anything. Yes, yes.”

He checked the time. It was three o’clock in the afternoon.

“It will be almost after eight o’clock.”

After the spell card expires, Yuri Nakamura would definitely be at a loss even if she learned from Ye You only 6 hours.

Ye You opened the writer’s assistant and looked at the web post published at a certain point, and no one was actually talking about the number of words in his mouth.

If you wanted to know the humanoid terminal interface of information integration minds to organic creatures, there are 19 characters here. After another chapter, Useless Angel sent a message.

Useless typed, “@Blue Sky, you come out.”

Blue Sky replied, “What’s wrong?”

Useless said, “The “Oreimo” you gave me was preempted by an old thief named Fushimi.”

Uh…Why are you talking about this until now…

Blue Sky responded, “Didn’t I ask you to Baidu before publishing?”

Blue Sky corrected, “No, is it Google?”

Useless said, “I saw Kuroneko has passed…”

Useless continued, “the old thief Fushimi is really desolate. She grabbed my job.”

Blue Sky typed, “…”

Blue Sky sighed, “Forget it, I’ll pass you a few more novels. Remember to Google before submitting.” Then Ye You transmitted the original novel of his own world.

Kuroneko said, “Ah, I just passed the review, and my mood at this moment is really mixed.”

Kuroneko herself had created novels, but without exception, she was rejected.

Kuroneko mumbled, “But speaking of it, that Genmu Riru is super cute.”

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