Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 34 Ah. Hmm. Yes.


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Tokyo’s weather in January was about 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. Dry, with little precipitation. After Sora had breakfast and had a cup of warm water, she stood in the hallway and waited.

She has a double ponytail today and a light-colored down jacket on the winter school uniform’s outer skin. She was wearing opaque black tights under the uniform group.

“You, hurry up. We’re going to be late.”

Seeing Ye You coming, the plain white handheld the porch shoe rack and elegantly put the beautiful legs wrapped in silk stockings into the leather student shoes.

Ye You picked up the single-room schoolbag and hurriedly prepared. After locking the door of the house, Ye You suddenly felt a line of sight.

Now his five senses are strong and very keen. Ye You looked fiercely in the direction of his sight, but there was only a bare telephone pole.

“What’s wrong? You?” Sora asked when Ye You suddenly turned around.

“Nothing. Speaking of which, how did you prepare for the mock exam today? Its difficulty is very close to the national unified exam.”

“Well, no problem, because there was a study meeting last time.”

Ye You paused and continued, “Sorry, can you wait for a while? I still have something I forgot to take.”

“Okay.” Sora obediently waited at the gate of Sakura Village’s estate.

After that, Ye You opened the door again. He secretly pondered his sight just now. Although it may be an illusion, there was Nothing wrong with being careful. Take out his phone and send a message to Nagato.

Blue Sky asked, “Nagato, can I ask you for a favor?”

Humanoid Interface replied, “Huh?”

Ye You spend a bit of dimensional point to connect to the Nagato network. In this way, Nagato can also be connected to this side in reverse.

Blue Sky said, “Investigate the records of all the cameras in this area to see if any suspicious figures are wandering around Sakura Village.”

Humanoid Interface nodded, “Okay.”

Soon Nagato sent a message, “There is no suspicious person.”

Ye You frowned, “I am anxious…”

However, for the sake of safety, Ye You returned to the bedroom. He turned on the computer, pointed to the screen of the chat room outside the window, and then opened the video communication with Nagato.

There appeared a white face lacking expression, dark eyes, thin lips, and short cut hair. She was an adorable yaoi girl.

She was more real and more mysterious than the animation. But now Ye You is not in the mood to look at the beautiful girl.

Blue Sky asked again, “Can you monitor this area for me?”

This was an area that cannot be captured by the camera. Ye You connected via video to let Nagato Yuk directly observe this area. Then after thinking about it, he walked to the other side of the house,

Blue Sky continued, “Sorry for the trouble and this side too.”

Humanoid Interface nodded, “Okay.”

Blue Sky said, “Thank you very much.”

Humanoid Interface replied, “No need.”

Ye You adjusted the angle, aimed at the outside, placed the phone outside the window, and also opened the video connection. After doing all this, Ye You finally felt relieved.

The line of sight just now was definitely not an illusion. For Sora’s safety, Ye You would naturally be 100% cautious.

After Ye You and Sora walked away, a small green snake slowly poked its head out of the concealment, looking in the direction of Ye You, unexpectedly speaking,

“This guy has such a keen sense of spirit; he almost found me…No, why should I hide.”

A very humane annoyance appeared in the eyes of the little green snake, and it vomited a letter, “I was here to find them.” And all this was captured by Ye You’s mobile phone was placed outside the window.

In the classroom, Ye You sat in the middle position. To be honest, Ye You yearned for the position of the protagonist in the legend: the second-to-last row by the window. But the seat was decided by drawing lots, and Ye You has no choice.

If it was now, he could use Rune to do some tricks. He remembers that NIED Rune has the effect of achieving the desired level.

Although it was impossible to realize the power of the wish of ‘Let this city be destroyed,’ but only a few small wishes can have a high probability of success, and they were often applied to love.

This Rune was related to his own internal strength. Intuition, creativity, technical ability, and wisdom were all included.

Use these abilities to escape to a better state. It can also help the linear development of willpower.

If he just wants to “draw the lottery you want to draw” to a small degree, there was no problem at all.

“Ye You.”

A head poked out from behind, and it was Katou Megumi who was sitting behind Ye You.

“Katou, what’s the matter?”

“Do you have time for spring break?”

“Spring break? It’s still a month away. To be honest, I don’t know.”

“If nothing else, let’s go to the Hot spring street with Sora.” Katou Megumi sent an invitation.

Obviously, a girl invited a guy to the hot springs, but it came from Katou Megumi in a very blunt way. It was as ordinary as saying ‘the weather is perfect today’, without any ambiguity.

“Hot spring Street? It’s quite expensive there, right.”

Hot springs like the ones on TV were costly and can only be described as extravagant consumption. But if it was just an ordinary hot spring, there was no value in going there.

“Yes, it’s expensive. But I have a free voucher.”

“Free voucher?”

“At the Grand Prize in the shopping street, I won four of them at once.” Katou tilted her head and said, taking out the free voucher with the words “Seven Days and Seven Nights Tour” written on it.

“Four? You shouldn’t use all your sense of existence for good luck… Katou.”

This is equivalent to a consumption of hundreds of thousands of yen. Ye You touched his chin and looked at Megumi Katou seriously: “If there is a chance to draw a lottery in the future, please stay by my side.”

“If you say that, even if I were, I would be angry.” Katou puffed out her face.

“Don’t be angry. How are you preparing for the mock exam today?” Ye You tried to divert the topic.

“Ah.” Kato nodded blankly.

Ye You said, “Uh… Sora will definitely be pleased too, to be able to go with Katou.”


“Well, sorry, I was wrong.”

“Yes, it is.” Katou sat down, and Ye You turned around. As if Nothing happened just now, Kato continued: “There are four free coupons, and we are only three. It feels a bit wasteful.”

“It’s really wasteful. By the way, in which hot spring town?” He asked.

“Yukemuri Hot Spring Township.”

Ye You doubt, “That’s a bit far from Tokyo. It will take about two hours to take the Shinkansen, and then you need to transfer to a bus.”

“Yeah.” Katou took out the notebook from the desk and opened it.

“So, will your parents approve?”

“It should be no problem to go out with classmates.”

At this time, Sora also approached from the last position in the last row. The three discussed the plans for spring break in March.

This was also the last semester of the last junior high school. In April next year, they will enter high school. Everyone will have a good time in this short spring break.

Before long, the teacher came in with a stack of test papers and knocked on the table.

Mock test, start.

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