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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 35 Kiyohime


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School ends at three in the afternoon, and the so-called youth sweat was swayed here during the following club activities.

However, whether it was Ye You, Sora, or Katou, they were all homecoming departments. They bid farewell at the station.

When Ye You got home, he picked up his phone from the window and asked Nagato, “Did you find anything?”

Humanoid Interface answered, “There is no suspicious person, but there is a little snake.”

Little Snake? Ye You thought of the shrine on New Year’s Eve. He rescued a small snake by the worship box under shimenawa.

Blue Sky guessed, “Green?”

Humanoid Interface replied, “Yes.”

Blue Sky asked again, “Where is it now?”

Humanoid Interface answered, “Behind the telephone pole.”

Telephone pole? Ye You remembered that the line of sight was felt from that direction. But since it was it, there should not be any malice.

But if he did not know the intentions of the guy staring at him, Ye You always nagged at it, he felt it necessary to make contact.

After I thanked Nagato, Ye You waited quietly. The small roads in the residential area were tranquil at night, and the scattered street lamps cast white light to disperse the dense darkness.

A vague dark shadow appeared beside the black pillar.

“Come out.”

The person here was Ye You, he said in the direction of the telephone pole. After the words, a black shadow snaked out.

Amber’s pupils radiated golden light in the darkness, and the small horns of her forehead became more evident than before.

The little Snake hovered up the pole, its line of sight just flush with Ye You.

“Worthy of being a lord, have you sensed my presence long ago?”

How could he tell? Moreover, it was also a very soft female voice.

Hearing an animal speak for the first time, Ye You’s face was still expressionless, just saying coldly, “Why are you following me?”

“Ah, if you want to ask why, because my natural skill is [Tracking].” The little Snake said, shaking her head.

Ye You explained the meaning of what he said, “I am asking for your purpose.”

“I want to follow the lord. Repay the lord for their kindness.” The little Snake has sincere eyes.

Ye You still have doubts. Were all demons so simple? Nevertheless, Eirin medicine seemed to be really good. The little Snake not only asked for a weak state but even has a vital breath.

Kaguya also said that Eirin’s medicine has side effects on humans because her medicine was initially been taken by demons, although demons have side effects after taking them.

The little green Snake in front of him, probably… was it a demon?

“Follow me?” Ye You hesitated.

He did not know the habits of demons in this world but hearsay that monsters need to suck human “fear.” If it was carried around, it was unknown whether there will be any hidden dangers. On this point, Ye You could consult Yakumo Yukari, who was an expert on demons.

Seeing Ye You’s silence, the little Snake’s eyes became flustered. It said, “I’m mighty. I can help lords fight.”

The little Snake said anxiously, really wanting to express herself. In an instant, it fluoresces on its surface, and electricity shoots out, piercing the concrete wall behind the pole.

Ye You’s pupils shrank, and the wall was about 20 centimeters thick, so it was penetrated, leaving an egg-sized hole.

Ye You approached the wall and touched the opening of the hole with his hand and found that the opening was as brilliant as a mirror, without the roughness of cement at all, and at the same time, there was a slight feeling of heat. It was not penetrated, but melted?

The fluorescence on the body just now was actually a flame? Ye You stared at the tip of his hand blankly.

This seemed a bit fierce. What was the melting point of the cement? 1400 degrees Celsius. If it was there, it could be a free bodyguard for Sora.

The little Snake twisted around leisurely, looking hopeful, “May I? My lord. “

“Huh? Not bad.” Ye You calmly said. “Then you come with me.”

Ye You returned home with the little Snake, and the hole left on the wall was discovered the next day.

Because of its regular round and smooth drill hole, astronomers suspected an alien last night. He fought around here with a laser gun, but the men in black erased everyone’s memory, and soon became one of the many urban legends like stars.

Sakura Village, in the living room, Sora looked at the green Snake with interest.

She has initially been afraid of snakes and insects the most, but this little Snake has a delicate curve, with small bony horns on both sides of her forehead, and her eyes were also charming.

She was very curious about small animals that could talk. She squatted down in front of the coffee table and asked, “My name is Kasugano Sora. How about you?”

“Kiyohime.” The little Snake said her name, which made Ye You, who had just come out of the refrigerator with a drink, almost staggered to the ground. This is a disease!


Ye You’s such a big reaction made Sora and Kiyohime twist their necks to look over.

“Uh…it’s nothing. You said your name is Kiyohime?” Ye You put the drink in front of Sora and Kiyohime. Although he did not know if the Snake was drinking, he prepared three cups.

Kiyohime nodded.

“Kiyohime from ‘The Hundred Ghosts of the Past and Present: Cloud Scroll’?”

Little Snake nodded again, then shook her head again.

“Kiyohime of ‘The Hundred Ghosts of the Past and Present: Cloud Scroll’ is my mother,” Kiyohime explained.

“Then who is your father? Anchin?”

“I have no father.”

The little Snake’s answer made Ye You even more confused.

Kiyohime has a specific obsession, and she saw the person she loved more importantly than herself, but because of this obsession, she could not tolerate lies.

In “The Hundred Ghosts of the Past and Present: Cloud Scroll,” there was a very handsome man named Anchin.

Kiyohime fell in love with him at first sight, with a strong love for him. But Anchin was terrified of her twisted obsession and lied to avoid her.

He was found by Kiyohime and burned to death in the bell with the fire of anger.

“Although there are some discrepancies in the details, the things recorded in the books are roughly like this.”

Little Snake said, “I was born from my mother’s pure ‘love.’ It’s not the love for someone or something, but the thought itself. It’s an existence born for love.”

” A little hard to understand? But it feels so romantic.” Sora tilted her head and said.

“It’s the crystallization of thought.” Kiyohime seems to have limited language organization ability and can only explain this level.

Ye You remembered that Kiyohime herself possessed the blood of the dragon species, and was purely out of infinite attachment to the person she was in love with, and she transformed into a dragon by relying solely on ‘obsession thoughts.

In other words, Kiyohime was the manifestation of attachments.

Although born from Kiyohime, but not the former Kiyohime, so the original Kiyohime is called mother. However, this was not important.

Kiyohime was a mythical figure in Japanese folklore, and many works have references. FGO, Onmyoji. But the green Snake, dragon attribute, flame, and [tracking] skill were obviously the Kiyohime attribute of the Type-Moon World.

Ye You knew that he was in the world of the second dimension. But he always thought it was daily life, and then a demon appeared, at most a fantasy daily life. However, now Kiyohime appears…

“It should be just a coincidence. It’s normal for the same set of people and different world views.”

This was definitely not a Type-moon world’s parallel. Because there was no Fuyuki City here, and there have been almost no gas leaks or gas explosions.

Furthermore, more importantly, now Ye You also stepped into the inner world. He could affirm that there was no ‘great source’ here, the root of the magician’s existence of the Type-Moon World.

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