Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 37 Freedom


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Kyosuke Kosaka was stunned. After reading the novel, no, he has not finished reading it yet, but after turning over a dozen pages, he held his breath.

“Do you have anything you want to say? Before it’s too late.” Kirino sat on the bed with her arms folded and looked quietly.

“Someone installed a camera in our house?”

“Huh?” Kirino made a mocking voice.

“Is there a stalking voyeur?” Kyosuke’s face became paler.

The first chapter of this novel was exactly what he experienced just a few days ago. Was it actually written as a novel? How was this going?

 It was not very pleasant.

“Now I want to pretend to be stupid? If it wasn’t for you, who else could write such detailed content? Or use the first person. Disgusting! Pervert!.”

“Oh, do you think I wrote it?”

Kirino looked at his elder brother contemptuously and said condescendingly, “That’s right, with your ability, you really can’t write such words.”


Kyosuke turned his head to the side, and now it was time to entangle his sister’s ominous words.

He suddenly thought of a more shocking fact.

“Um… Although I am not too clear, how long will it take to publish a light novel from the moment of submission?”

With this mention, Kirino also realized the problem, and she could not help but widen her eyes: “At least one month, no, it is possible for 20 days under special circumstances, but it will never be less than 15 days… “

In other words, this novel was written at least fifteen days ago. The incident in which the novel mentions them happened three days ago…


The air was frozen, and the siblings looked at each other silently…

It has been three weeks since Ye You started school, and the club activities in the third grade have almost stalled.

 Although there were also go to the activity room, most of them were just sitting. Of course, except for those who wanted to rely on their expertise to be promoted.

Everyone chose their targeted colleges a long time ago, some were full of enthusiasm, and some were worried.

In addition to the unified national test, most colleges and universities have their own separate tests. Therefore, the focus of the review was also different.

Ye You let Nagato invade the education system of SumiSora Academy, copying all the test questions from previous examinations.

After thinking about it, he continued to talk about the entrance exam questions and copied them down.

Although Ye You could not use it himself, he could give it to Sora and Katou Megumi. It was not that he did not believe in their abilities, but just in case.

Ye You sorted out all the essential points and then inserted the real question. This way, it could be foolproof. Even if Ye You catched a cold on the exam day, he did not have to worry about it.

Looking at the notebook full of handwriting and graphics with satisfaction, Ye You turned on the computer.

He looked at his web novel first, and it seemed that there was still no improvement. But he was not in a hurry.

He just copied and pasted the chat room content anyway. Then open the chat room, there was one more member, and the ID was [Freedom]. The dimensional point has also increased by fifty accordingly.

“Freedom, who is this?” Ye You could hardly judge his identity based on his name.

The entries on Google were also useless.

Kuroneko asked, “So, are you now fighting for the peace of all mankind?”

Freedom answered, “Just doing my best.”

Seventeen said, “newcomer. The only thing humans can learn from history is that they cannot learn any lessons from history.”

Neet Hime typed, “They only keep repeating the same mistakes and hurt each other. Even if they can understand each other, it does not mean that they can forgive each other.”

Kuroneko said, “Boy, you still have a long way to go.”

“Why does it feel like that’s everything coming out from Kuroneko’s mouth becoming chuunibyou……” Ye You helped his forehead, why these three guys bullied the newcomer.

Blue Sky typed, “Freedom, ignore them; they just like nagging when they are older. Dreaming is a good thing.”

Neet Hime replied, “Haha.”

Seventeen copied, “Haha.”

Kuroneko copied, “Haha.”

This was not good. Ye You felt a chill in his back, he committed public anger, but why did Kuroneko follow. “Uh, no. I mean, you guys are mature, steady, and connotative girls.”

Ye You touched his conscience and said. But they just mentioned war, Freedom, meaning Freedom, wings of Freedom? Attacking giant? Was he Eren Jaeger?

Inside Attack on Titans, the outside world was full of cannibalism, human beings linger in the towering walls that obscure the sky, and Eren has been yearning for the world outside the walls. However, this kind of tone and humble attitude does not fit Eren’s character.

Moreover, it was denied, and there was no refutation, but it was not afraid of argument, more of a calmness that had gone through vicissitudes of life.

At this moment, his words can make people smile and make the determination.

“It’s still hard to judge. More information is needed.”

Freedom said, “Well, there’s no way you can’t blind the past. No matter how beautiful flowers grow, people will trample them again.”

Freedom typed, “But.”

Freedom continued, “No matter how many times we are destroyed, we will plant flowers. Certainly.”

Freedom said, “This is our battle.”

Useless impressed, “Wow, that’s great. I will pray for you.”

Kuroneko suddenly remembered something. “Ah, yes, the editor in charge told me yesterday that some enthusiastic fans wanted my home address and phone number.

Kuroneko said, “Wow, fortunately, private information is hidden.”

Kuroneko typed again, “Hey, as a light novelist, it is excruciating.”

At this time, Kuroneko has already let go of the psychological burden of copying the public. This was the narrative epic of other worlds.

Useless grumbled, “I am so envious… I have to lie at home and collect money.”



This was a human-made colonizing satellite floating in the universe, approximately the same orbit as the moon.

Human beings have initially achieved cosmic migration, and at the same time, due to a significant breakthrough in genetic engineering, a new human being was born in humans: COORDINATOR. Here was the settlement of new humans.

A boy with brown hair, his face was handsome as if he had been carved out. At this moment, he was sitting on the rocking chair in the bedroom.

Outside the window, he can see a blue sky and golden sunlight was shining down.

“Kira, get up.”

A clear and beautiful voice came from outside the door, soft and melodious, like water like a song. Someone pushing opened the door, and it was a beautiful girl with long pink hair.

With long hair hanging down around her waist, her eyes were as clear as a lake. She wore an elegant dress on a tall and straight curve. The girl walked behind Kira and gently wrapped his neck.

“The vacation is over soon, and I will return to the base tomorrow. When I spend time with Kira, I always feel that it passes quickly.”

Kira put his palm on the back of the girl’s hand, “Lacus, the world is finally restored to peace. We still have a lot to do.”

“I know, just let me be spoiled for a little while.” Lacus buried her head tightly on Kira’s back. The room fell into a sweet pink all at once.

“Lacus, show you something.”

In the silence, Kira placed her gaze on the chat room on the interface, and Lacus blinked her long eyelashes and looked over, “What is this?”

“A message from an unknown source.”

“Unknown signal source? Directly sent to the private military terminal of the top commander of ZAFT?”

Lacus’s eyes became serious in an instant, and the gentleness of water just now seemed like an illusion.

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