Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 38 Little Part of Everyday


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“You don’t need to remember at all. What do you remember about learning?”

Ye You leisurely drank the ice broadly and waved to Katou Megumi and Sora. They both have a natural trust in Ye You’s words.

They stopped writing at this moment and looked at Ye You in confusion.

It could not be helped. The real questions for this year’s SumiSora Academy entrance exam were all here.

One more physical record, the more possibility of discovery. It was only best if it was placed in the brain. Ye You kept in mind the principle of keeping secrets in his heart and practiced.

Ye You discovered more and more that Nagato was invincible in modern society even if she did not need to come into her own world.

The higher the level of information intelligence, the more significant the role Nagato can play.

Different world network, information body, the combination of the two was merely ruthless.

These days, they have all held study meetings in a family restaurant on SumiSora Street. This restaurant has reasonable prices and free unlimited refills of drinks, which was very popular among nearby students.

Now at eight o’clock in the evening, it was also a scene of crowds.

The purpose of the study session was to repeat the topics in Ye You’s notebook. Sora and Katou read cross-reading. While one was reading the book, the other was recording the experience.

“What is the point? What I wrote is the point. The teachers have drawn up all the knowledge points together, and they can’t appreciate the hard work of our students.”

Ye You utterly uttered, “So, it took all my physical and mental energy to make this masterpiece of the world. You must cherish it, and don’t let my pains go.”

“But we have done it no less than ten times…” Katou slumped on the table.

Sora was also resting her palms on her chin, and her eyes are tired: “Ah, we don’t have to wander around in nearly fifty textbooks.”

“You don’t have to spend much money to make up a private school.” Katou continued.

“You don’t have to be afraid of being ridiculed by your classmates when you encounter a problem…” Sora leaned back and put her shoulder on the sofa.

“Don’t be afraid to worry about your parents, and you can go out as a matter of course…” Katou lay on the table, her face pressed against the table.

The two began to think about sweetness. But the more they talked, the more tired their hearts became.

“I have tried three solutions to this geometric problem.”

“It is clearly a quadratic function. Why can I mentally calculate the answer now?”

Ye You put down his cola and looked at the two with high spirits: “Come on! SumiSora Academy is right in front of you.”


They just complained about the “infinite loop system,” but of course, they unconditionally trust Ye You, who was the perennial leader in general practice, in terms of learning. The study session was over, and the front desk paid the bill.

“Welcome to visit next time. The total is 436 yuan for the two.”

“…It’s three.” Ye You pointed to Katou Megumi next to him. Her invisibility was still as strong as ever, Ye You marveled.

Back home, Kiyohime stretched her body, turning her bracelet-form into her original body.

She had been hiding on Sora’s wrist just now, but cuffs covered it. If it was summer, it should be very eye-catching.

There were not many bracelets in Japan, especially the small snakes are all crystal clear and light green, just like beautiful jade without the slightest magazine.

“Ye You, is there any medicine you had the last time?-Yeah!” Kiyohime asked with her head raised. She was knocked on her forehead by Ye You’s index finger and looked at him aggrievedly.

“I told you to call me MASTER.”

Ye You originally wanted to continue to discipline Kiyohime, but seeing Sora’s unkind look, he could only slowly take out a black medicine from the chat room.

“There are many more.” Ye You said.

This Kiyohime has always behaved as meek as a kitten, utterly irrelevant to the words “Yandere.” This made Ye You suspect that she was a fake Kiyohime, who was still very cute.

He looked at the little green snake. Anyway, it was good that Kiyohime could get along with Sora. Speaking of which, at the shrine, Sora asked to save her.

It was just that this guy was okay with this medicine?

At first, Neet Hime uploaded many medicines but only got more than 10-dimensional points in the end.

That was to say, the value of these medicines was really not high. And… there must be strong side effects. But if she wanted, Ye You would give it to her.

Then Kiyohime rolled her body and continued to sleep on Sora’s wrist.


The sound of mail coming from the phone. Ye You just wanted to ask about Sora’s meditation’s progress, but his expression was slightly stiff. Not many people exchanged their cell phone email addresses with him, only six in total.


It rang again. Okay, only one text message will be sent at this frequency at this time. Ye You knew it was Kasumigaoka without even looking, but Sora did not seem to like her very much.

“Don’t you take a look?” In the quiet air came Sora’s cold voice.

“Haha, don’t use it. It must be a harassing text message.”

“Since it is a harassment text message, please black out that number,” Sora said with a smile, gentle and pleasant.

Wow, so murderous. If Ye You were using the big method of changing the subject, he was seeking a dead end. Ye You can only use the most primitive crappy means, urinating.

“Eh! Eh! My stomach hurts. I’m sorry, Sora, I’m going to lie down in the bathroom.”

He finally passed through. Sora was not a chasing person. Ye You sat on the toilet seat and pretended to press the flush switch. Kasumigaoka sent a text message asking if Ye You applied for SumiSora Academy.

Ye You replied, “Yes, how do you know?

Kasumigaoka explained, “Because it is close to your home. (v^_^)v

Ye You typed, “…”

Kasumigaoka said, “Actually, it is like this. My five-volume “The Metronome in Love” has sold more than 500,000 copies, and a single volume has exceeded 100,000 copies!”

Ye You sent “Spurting blood.jpg”

Ye You offended, “Are you sending a message at this time to hit me?”

Ye You sometimes sold less than half of hers, which was really warm.

Kasumigaoka said, “Hey, so your heart is too dark. But this is also my fault for not caring about you and making You-kun too lonely.”

Kasumigaoka offered, “Do you want to come to my house? Sister will take care and comfort you.”

Ye You responded, “When did you become my senior sister?”

Kasumigaoka said, “Let’s not mention this for the time being. To celebrate the sales of 100,000 single-volume pictures, do you have time this spring break?”

Ye You rejected her invitation, “I made an appointment with my classmates to go to the hot spring, but there was no arrangement after that.”

Kasumigaoka was sarcastic, “Hey, I can’t think that the disgusting otaku siscon can live a full life. I’m really moved, sobbing.”

Kasumigaoka asked, “What is your classmate’s name?”

Ye You answered, “Katou Megumi.”

Kasumigaoka said, “A name I haven’t heard of. Let’s get here first. I want to prepare a draft of the novel.”

Ye You asked, “Where’s your celebration party?”

Kasumigaoka answered, “Let’s talk about it then. There is still some time before the spring break.”

Ye You nodded, “Yes.”

Putting away the phone, Ye You secretly opened the door, glanced left and right, found that Sora was not there, and quickly slipped to his bedroom.

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