Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 40 Pain is The Best Medicine For Carbon-Based Organisms


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The Battle of New Orleans was a significant turning point in the Hundred Years’ War between Britain and France. Its victory directly determines France’s fate and even affects the overall trend of Europe in the future.

No one thought that a girl from the country would end this cruel war.

As long as the girl prays with great concentration, she could hear mysterious voices and be granted infinite wisdom. “God’s revelation,” which allowed us to get the upper hand in the war everywhere.

The victory of the Battle of New Orléans swept away the years of decline in France and made the people’s enthusiasm soaring, glimmering in despair, full of hope for victory. And to achieve this great cause, but a girl who was only 18 years old.

A Maiden named Jeanne.

Its outstanding achievements were enough to be sung in history, and the infinite power of faith was perfused. The original girl has become a faith.

If there were a legendary great magician like Merlin, who was visited with a technique such as [Insight], you would definitely find that the girl’s body was radiant, like a pillar of golden light poured into the heavenly spirit cover-with a mortal body, great ‘karma’ was achieved.

When Jeanne d’Arc continued to march northward to regain lost ground, the people shouted their desires and turned into a flood of excitement.

The girl herself believed in this decision because angels conveyed this will.

One day when Jeanne was sixteen, she met the archangel Gabriel under the tree behind the village. So she got “God’s revelation” and asked her to lead her troops to regain lost ground.

After two years of tossing and turning, she has obtained military power.

The girl wears white armor and puts her hands together. Even on the battlefield where the soldiers are slaughtered, it looks very holy.

Jeanne d’Arc asked, “My lord. Where shall we go next?”

As long as she devotes herself to praying, Joan can listen to “God’s revelation. “

In the past, she could only feel the fuzzy words, and although she could not understand the words, she could understand the meaning, which was really incredible. Perhaps it was called a miracle. Now she could hear a clear voice.

Useless asked, “what year are you now?”

Jeanne d’Arc answered, “December 1429.”

“Tsk, why is it so fast? It has been two years.”

There was no proportion between the passage of time in the game and the passage of Gabriel time. Sometimes it was fast, and sometimes it was slow.

For example, in a conversation, the elapsed ratio was 1:1. If left alone, the time in the game would pass very fast.

The useless angel smashed her mouth and opened the “History of War” in the “Heaven Teaching,” which recorded in detail all the wars experienced by the great men with the title of “saint.”

Gabriel was lying prone on the tatami, palms supporting the upper body in sportswear.

In front of her was a notebook, where the scene was included on the screen from someone’s first perspective.

Useless said, “You will go to Compiègne next.”

Jeanne d’Arc nodded, “Yes.”

It was recorded in the book that the Dukes of Burgundy in Compiègne would capture Jeanne and then be transferred to England to be executed.

However, Gabriel, who already knew the result, could avoid the risk and not let Jeanne lose the war.

This was just a game anyway. It can start again if it fails.

It was just that Gabriel has not understood why the characters in the game could talk to her. She was just a new way of playing in the chat room.

The most important thing about games was fun. Interestingly, that was all that matters.


Ye You has been constructing the magic circuit for more than two months, and he has not constructed the second one.

After condensing the ‘sixth sense, it also seems to have reached a bottleneck in terms of mental power meditation.

The sixth sense was to unify the human body’s five senses with mighty mental power to form a mental, sensory organ.

‘Second Sight’ was the manifestation of the sixth sense condensed, and it can also be said to be a sign. Unable to move forward, it made him feel unusually bitter.

Standing in place was what he hated most.

A word was said by Neet Hime, “Then go for a walk. The mood is also imperative.”

Ye You strolled aimlessly on the street, and unknowingly came to Akihabara in interchange station.

There were anime posters everywhere and teenage girls in maid uniforms handing out flyers on the streets.

Even the dead otaku carried large backpacks with posters that looked like scrolls stuck on them made Ye You felt close to them.

“Sure enough, the holy place is still waiting for me.”

Winter Comiket has just passed, and there was still a scent left now. Ye You still regret not catching up, but summer Comiket was definitely not to be missed.

Ye You came to Akihabara, but there was still some distance from the exhibition hall so that he could not see two landmark buildings like inverted pyramids.

“I’m really sorry, please don’t shoot. It will make me very embarrassed.” A very embarrassing voice came from the cafe opposite.

Ye You were looking for the sound. She was wearing a traditional black and white maid uniform while covering her face with her hands.

Half a meter in front of her, a thin uncle was holding a DSLR. Because the maid was holding her face, the camera is also constantly adjusting the position.

“Mira-chan~~ You are so cute, let me take a picture.”

“Please do not do this.”

The maid sternly refused, but it sounded like acting like a baby.

“Don’t be shy.”

“Hey.” A voice inserted, and Ye You squeezed his uncle’s wrist. “Didn’t they say don’t even want it? It’s not a good habit to force someone to do something.”

Ye You narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“What’s the matter with you. Get out of here!” Saw that the person who prevented his good deeds was actually just a young guy who did not do anything well.

The man glared at him in anger.

If the man gave up now, maybe he would never be confronted with such pain like a nightmare.

Ye You narrowed his eyes narrowed and seemed to smile more kindly. He gradually added gravity to his fingers, and his five fingers were almost embedded in his wrist.

“Ah~~ It hurts! Let it go! Let go of me. You—” The uncle twisted his body like a seven-inch snake but couldn’t break it away.

Seeing his sad face flushed, Ye You remained indifferent but kept adding gravity until he knelt on the ground and then lay on the ground rolling and twisting.

“Ah…yes, sorry…I was wrong. Please let me go. Please let me go.”

For such people, severe pain was the best way to persuade. Ye You has always convinced people with reason, and he must say that the other party was convinced.

Ignored his begging for mercy, Ye You squatted down with a smile. His palm became red and swollen because of blood clogging.

Until the pain made him blur, Ye You said kindly, “Please don’t do this kind of thing in the future, please?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I dare not, I’m really sorry, I won’t be doing this kind of thing in the future.”

Ye You stared into his eyes and saw no resentment in the person’s eyes, only deep fear, and then let go of him.

Ye You smiled and helped him up, and said kindly, “Ah, sorry, the force seems to be too strong. Please don’t mind.”

“No, no…” Saw Ye You’s smile, the man shook his head tremblingly, like a mouse saw a cat.

It was not until Ye You’s permission that he shrank and ran away.

Ye You shook his head. Since he intended to make a move, he must be thorough and not give the opponent the slightest idea of struggling. Furthermore, pain was the best medicine for carbon-based creatures.

This would let people know what could and could not be done.

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