Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 42 Jeanne and the Useless Angel


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It was February 14th, Valentine’s Day. The cold current blowing from Siberia turned into a pale, thick cloud in the sky.

White snowflakes fell from the sky and sprinkled. Between heaven and earth, it turned into a vast expanse of whiteness.

“Such kind of scenes always remind people of woodchoppers which galloping through the hell, it is the end to a tragic death, and the bright red flame is roaring sadly.”

Looking at the white at the door, Ye You felt it.


The pure white girl slid the high-bang brown shoes into the calf wrapped in a velvet jumpsuit. The black cotton coat buttons were fastened to the neck, making her look like a little bird.

Sora looked at his brother strangely.

Sometimes he always said strange things, “Nothing, let’s go.”

A purple umbrella snapped open, like a hydrangea blooming in the vast snow. As soon as he went to the school building to change his size indoor shoes, Ye You heard something that could make others feel sexually excited.

“White Day!”

“Ah, I must have been blessed by God. The white season is most suitable for confession.”

What a fuss, what’s so good about the white day? This was also natural. The word ‘atmosphere’ was a very subtle booster that can make people do things they would not normally do.

However, for Katou Megumi, this seemed to be just an optional breeze. But it was still breeze, after all, so she prepared two small gifts, packed in exquisite square boxes.

“Ye You, Sora.”

“Thank you.” Ye You and Sora also sent out their own thoughts separately, although they were just reasoning.

The school’s central theme was always learning, and it would not be shaken by this degree of festivals.

When the teacher walked into the classroom with a thick pile of materials, the class returned to its familiar atmosphere.

Ye You logged into the chat room and saw Blank in.

Blue Sky typed, “Have you finished watching No Game No Life?”

[] (Sora) replied, “I watched a part of it.”

Blue Sky said, “I see.”

Ye You probably understand his feelings. In the first episode of “No Game No Life,” Blank was summoned to another world. It was a world where games alone determine everything.

If this was true, then the world was no different from a name-No Game No Life. The game needed to be fresh, so knowing in advance was not impressive. So Blank has only watched a part of it.

Useless said, “[] Playing games is really awesome.”

The Useless angel appeared. Useless Angel, Neet Hime, Blank, they have much time.

[] (Sora) responded, “Because the game is straightforward. It has a clear purpose and rules that must be followed. As long as there is a probability, there is a way to win.”

[] (Sora) typed, “The reality is terrible. As many as seven billion players walk in their footsteps. Winning too much will be punished.”

[] (Sora) continued, “I don’t understand the purpose of the game, there is no data, and even the category is unknown. Even if you follow the established rules, you will be punished, and what’s even more infuriating is that the people who ignore the rules are so proud of themselves—compared to a life that is as bad as this game, any game—is too simple.”

Blue Sky said, “Uh… calm down, Sora.”

[] (Sora) laughed, “It’s just a bit too exciting.”

Knowing that he might be called to a world where games decided everything, every cell in Blank’s body makes a pleasant sound.

What needs to be done now was to maintain a high-spirited mentality and wait for God to come.

Useless said, “Although I don’t understand what you are talking about, the game is indeed a good thing.”

Useless continued typing, “I continue to play my strategy development. I just kept hanging up and forgot to give instructions. Now comes the most crucial turning point. “

Hmm, was she still playing this game?

She has been playing for almost two months. Ye You could not help feeling puzzled when he saw the speech of the useless angel. Was there such a fascinating existence among the games uploaded in the chat room?

Then he could not help but ask, “Useless Angel, what game do you play?”

Useless answered, “Do not call me with that name, wait, it seems pretty vivid. The game name is Sainthood.”

“Sainthood?” … How did it smell like hentai anime?.

Ye You tapped into the upload interface. Both the upload of real matter and the upload of network data were universal. It was just that the item panel and the data panel are separate.

Ye You clicked and opened the data panel. Usually, he almost did not come in. Then, Ye You was surprised to find out——”Jeanne d’Arc?”

These two words appeared in the interface, the same font as the chat room member’s ID, and when Ye You clicked on it, he could see the same screen as the video communication.

In the picture, there were only dark and damp walls. This was a cell without windows.

“What’s going on here?”

Ye You keenly discovered that this was not a game at all, but was in a state of communication video. At this time, the Useless angel made a terrible sound.

Useless sadly said, “it’s over. My protagonist has been captured.”

Hey, wait. This was terrible. Even though he did not know why Jeanne appeared on the uploaded screen, Ye You understood that this was definitely Jeanne who was in that world, and it was happening.

Ye You, who dared to make such a guarantee, had another proof-that suddenly increased 50-point dimension point.

Ye You also asked Neet Hime at that time, and she also added 20 points. Did Jeanne join in at that time? Just why was it like this?

Ye You frowned and thought. When he saw the ‘upload’ interface, he suddenly thought of something——What if the consciousness was uploaded to the chat room?

Since items and data could be uploaded, could consciousness also be uploaded? Considering Jeanne’s immensely devout heart of faith, this possibility was too high.

However, now was not the time to think about this. Jeanne was facing the scourge of fire.

Blue Sky said, “Hey, Useless Angel. You are in trouble.”

Useless confused, “Huh?”

Blue Sky explained, “That is not a game, but what is happening in that world.”

Useless screamed, “Ahhh!!!”

“…No wonder the protagonist can still communicate with me.” Then an intense shame and self-blame filled the chest of the useless angel. “In other words, did I lead her to the stake?”

She panicked, “No, it’s not like this.”

The blonde angel gritted her teeth and typed like a vent, “it’s all your fault! Blue sky!”

Blue Sky replied, “Meow Meow Meow?”

“Where did the conclusion come from?” He talked to himself.

Useless said, “If it wasn’t for you to hold me to chat, how could I not have time to give instructions to Jeanne.”

It was that short one-minute delay. One day has passed over there. During a conversation, the time-lapse ratio was 1:1, but the lapse ratio would be significantly increased when on-hook.

Useless typed, “So, you have to take responsibility for me.”

Useless sent, “Humph!”

Blue Sky responded, “Useless angel, you can always lose morale at critical moments…”

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