Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 44 Restraint


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The Orleans girl who brought the blessing of guardianship was naturally incomparable. But Ye You doesn’t need her to believe it completely, shake it for a moment.

A little bit of confusion can interrupt the continuous wholehearted devotion. Moreover, if it were someone else, it would not have had such a significant impact on Ye You.

The miracle created in just two years from her hometown of Donremy to the end of Compiègne was unparalleled in the world.

A girl with no knowledge background, relying on the “God’s Revelation” to bring peace and happiness to the French people.

But at this moment, ‘God’s Revelation’ told herself that God does not exist. This was comparable to the twelve trials of the ancient Greek legend hero Hercules.

“This must be the test the Lord has given me.” Jeanne thinks so persistently because the picture in her brain has changed.

Before, as long as Jeanne prayed with great concentration, she would feel that she had entered a white space and could feel the hearing of the word.

Although most of the time was in a silent state, only a few moments of occasional words will contain infinite wisdom to guide oneself forward, repel invaders, and bring protection.

But at this moment of full prayer, it feels like a wheatfield-like frame in her mind. It was like the old days when she used to look out over a high hill, a whole field of wheat, divided into small pieces.

Jeanne d’Arc “Lord, I understand. I can’t believe you’ve taken so much trouble for this.”

There was still the language transmitted over the video connection. The French girl should speak French, but it will be converted into a “pronunciation that can understand the speaker” through the chat room.

At this moment, Jeanne finally appears on the original panel in the chat room. All members of the room can see her status as long as they turn on the video communication.

This time, it was probably due to the separation of consciousness from the data panel. From a third-person perspective, everyone saw the saint with hands clasped in the dark.

It was a beautiful girl wearing silver armor, bright blonde hair, and exuding gentleness and holiness.

Kuroneko “Wow! This is Jeanne d’Arc. It is much more beautiful than imagined.”

“[] (Sora) “Have you never played FGO?”

Neet Hime “My first five-star is Jeanne.”

Everyone just connected the video of Jeane d’Arc, so they still communicated in words. Although Jeanne d’Arc could not read the text in the chat room, she could ‘feel’ its meaning.

FGO? Five stars?

The poverty of one’s own barren wisdom was merely incomprehensible. What the adults say was really unfathomable, and it was wisdom like an abyss.

Blue Sky said, “Stop making trouble. The problem now is to rescue Jeanne.”

Useless replied, “Well, Blue Sky is right.”

This was my Lord and archangel Gabriel. Jeanne was sincere and fearful. Sure enough, the Lord was looking after her.

Jeanne d’Arc said, “Thank you, my lord.”

Blue Sky rolled his eyes, “I’m really not a god…”

Jeanne d’Arc said, “I understand. This is the test you give me.”

Blue Sky was speechless, “…”

Neet Hime teased him, “@Blue Sky, don’t be humble.”

Useless also teased him, “@Blue Sky, Almighty Lord, please save this poor child.”

Kuroneko said, “@Blue Sky, although angels are my enemy, I recognize you below.”

【】(Sora) laughed, “hahaha.”

【】(Shiro) sent “…God (thumbs up)”

“Hey, I say stop you guys.” Ye You was very speechless, these scams.

Blue Sky said, “Then Jeanne, can you not call me the Lord? You can call me the master.”

Jeanne d’Arc replied, “Hmm. Master!” Jeanne was delighted.

【】(Sora) “Holding the grass, I can’t believe it’s like that! It’s a loss, a loss. This was the perfect opportunity to become an Imperial Lord.”

【】(Sora) was wailing and should not have followed the uproar just now. Seeing the appearance of Jeanne, this world was confirmed-it was the Type-moon world.

“This is a bit difficult.” Ye You lowered his eyes and meditated. If it was Jeanne of other worlds, it would be straightforward to save her.

Just let the fact that ‘Jeanne d’Arc was tortured by fire’ was indeed established, and then she could be replaced. But the Type-Moon World was not good. Because of the existence of ‘Restraint.’

Restraint, the direction correctors!

Gaia, the instinct of the world, corrects all obstacles that hinder the earth’s existence. Alaya-a collection of unconsciousness, fixing all loopholes that hinder the survival of human beings.

As the guardian side of human beings, Alaya would never allow human history to deviate.

What was more, it was such a famous, historical and far-reaching event that “Jeanne d’Arc was executed by fire.”

If this ‘history’ changes, no one could predict what consequences it will bring. This was a fallacy that could rival the ‘singularity.’ Therefore, there was a great possibility that Alaya would come to ‘correct.’

Ye You has never seen Alaya shot, and its combat power was ominous. But the people in the Hall of Valor under its command were the culmination of the entire human history. To save Jeanne, he has to fight such horror and despair.

“How to play this?”

Ye You and the chatroom members continued to discuss feasible solutions. However, the final result was none.

In the face of absolute combat power, any strategy was eclipsed.

Did not say that dimensional traverse was not yet possible, and even if it was possible, Ye You afraid that it was not enough for Alaya.

Land of Fantasy could not start a full-scale war for Jeanne, and Humanoid Interface could not manipulate ‘different dimensional information,’ which was equivalent to ordinary girls in different dimensions.

They did not have to fight. However, Dimensional Traverse was enabled, but Jeanne could be directly transferred to other dimensions. But there was no point in making assumptions about things.

【】(Sora) said, “hit the iron plate.”

Kuroneko responded, “Hmm, I don’t know why I always feel very uncomfortable. It’s like my chest is blocked.”

Indeed, Ye You felt the same way.

There was a chat room in the past, and it was really a happy thing to be able to chat with anime characters, and it was a happy thing to get their help and learn magic. Two happy things overlap each other and bring more happiness.

But what was going on now… This kind of helpless depression.

Blue Sky frustrated, “We can’t just sit and wait like this.”

Yes, it was impossible to do nothing. Despair was one thing, and moving toward despair was another.

Blue Sky said, “Jeanne, with this spell card, you can activate it by chanting its name.”

——【Mesh here and there】

This was a spell card that Ye You wanted to use to escape because he was worried that he could not defeat the ghost from Yakumo Yukari.

Even if others used it, space could be instantly moved to a place 50 kilometers away.

Item transmission.

There was a card in the hand of Jeanne d’Arc with a shining luster. Then she used this miracle and disappeared into the cell with a sudden sound.

Jeanne appeared on an unknown mountain bag, and the dazzling scarlet sunlight made her temporarily blind. At the same time, heart-puzzling coercion descended from the sky.

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