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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 45 Gaia


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The sun was setting in the west, and the remaining sun in the sky was burning the scarlet clouds, spreading a bloody orange light all over the earth, covering the trees and jungle with a layer of glory.

The crow fell on the branch with its black eyes, flapping its wings and flying away, the air was quiet and solemn——Something is coming.

The Orleans girl suddenly raised her head and looked at the low blood-colored sky, feeling an unusual dignity and a too depressing feeling compressed in her chest.

There was about to be a mighty force that was not recognized by the world on the hills of a small town on the border of Europe.

Blue Sky asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jeanne stood there, blankly, and her head held high.

This abnormal state was clearly transmitted to the chatroom through video communication.

Jeanne d’Arc replied, “Yes…something is coming.”

Jeanne wailed her lips. Ye You’s expression was solemn, and his eyes narrowed.

“Is it really here.”

Guarding human history was the mission of the human side Alaya. Also, there was a more critical factor-the Hall of Valor.

Alaya summoned all the great men in history to enter this supreme palace to escort human development’s nautical chart.

Gather the power of human faith to guard the present with the passing existence. But because of this, Ye You dared to let Jeanne escape.

Because Alaya needed Jeanne to go to the Hall of Valor, in the worst case, she would only be re-arrested and sent to prison by the established ‘procedure.’

The worst-case scenario would just be to stay put, and then it could be attempted. Silently, a red figure appeared in front of Jeanne. Short white hair, red and black tights, firm, and smooth muscles.

[] (Sora) said, “This is the partner of justice! I met a real person.”

Kuroneko confused, “What?”

Useless asked, “Can I fight it?”

Blue Sky said, “Impossible to be an opponent. Alaya interferes with humans and never does it on his own. It just sends the heroes of the Hall of Valor, and the heroes will also be given the ability to ‘always exceed the abnormal object by a certain degree’ unless the object’s strength. It transcends all human beings and the aggregate of all history. Otherwise, it would be impossible to resist.”

Ye You also had a spell card that broke the space, but that did not make any sense. Since Alaya has intervened, even if she teleports to the other side of the earth, she will be found instantly.

Ye You heaved out a heavy breath.

Blue Sky said, “Jeanne, do as he says. We are discussing in the long term.”

Jeanne stared at the vicissitudes of a man ten meters in front of her and then nodded.

“Oh? You seem to be communicating with someone? Is it true that Jeanne d’Arc can listen to God’s revelation?” Red A sounded like asking with great interest, but there was no slightest fluctuation in his eyes.

Jeanne was just silent.

“Don’t you want to say it? It doesn’t matter. It’s just a task anyway. If you can take the initiative to return to the established track, I will save a lot of things.”

The man smiled, and suddenly remembered something and said, “Sorry, you must not understand this kind of statement. My task is to get you back to the cell, then stand trial and go to the stake.”

The white-haired man looked at the girl like a dry well, “It’s cruel, but it’s also for humans. From a personal point of view, I am not willing to sacrifice a girl in exchange for the elimination of a possible crisis. But your time The line is not ‘now’ after all.”

The heroic spirit walked in towards Jeanne, with a self-deprecating expression on his face, “It seems to be a bit too much.”

“Thank you for your consideration,” Jeanne said so with a gentle smile when facing the man who said he would be sent to the stake.


Hearing the incredible speech, Red A looked at Jeanne d’Arc. Her eyes were as clear as a mirror.

“Although there are many things I don’t understand, I would be delighted if most people can be saved by sacrificing me alone.”

“Oh~~” The hero made a mocking voice, “Then why did you escape?”

Jeanne said with her head up high, “Because the master told me to do this.”


Some standard pronunciation. Red A turned around, blocking the setting sun in Jeanne’s sight, looking like a very lonely back. He said as if sighing.

“Forget it, let’s go, go to prison.”

The voice just fell——bbzzzzttttttttttt

There was a sudden strong vibration, the air was crying, and the earth was shaking.


Red A’s pupils contracted and jumped up, and in the next instant, after he had just leaped, a colossal shadow flashed past where he had just been, before being blown up by the dirt that could not keep up with the shadow’s speed before flipping up.

Jeanne flew upside down, and the intense wind pressure brought her just now, causing Jeanne to fall like feathers in a storm.

Without the slightest gap, the black afterimage continued to shoot towards the high-altitude red A, like a holy spear that would pierce the world.

Useless “What happened?”

[] (Sora) “Look at the lower-left corner of the screen!”

Everyone saw a whip drilled out of the ground, a whip made entirely of rocks, the drilled part was as thick as a pond, and new soil was continually being dugout, and it was still expanding.

The black afterimage just now was the front end swept by the stone whip. It seemed to extend indefinitely, moving towards the Red A that dodges left and right in the sky, and drew away at speed several times faster than the sound barrier.

A whip made of rocks? What is this? In Ye You’s impression, the Type-Moon World had absolutely no one who used this skill.

What was more, it can display such vast power. The sound of the sonic boom breaking through the air was endless, and the aftermath brought by it uproots the big tree and plows the ground.

It could be imagined how terrifying kinetic energy was contained in the vast stone whip. Even just a light would shatter bones.

Nine of these whips came out of the ground to form an encirclement, trapping the red A in the center, and then a thunderous explosion sounded, and ten consecutive stone whips from the sky were drawn at the same time, just like divine punishment.

Boom, boom, boom.

Between the sky and the earth, there was smoke and dust, yellow smoke billowing. In the previous blow, ten large stone whips embedded into the ground, raising dust all over the sky.

Red A had disappeared. There was no time to observe the battle. At this time, Jeanne felt a stronger sense of depression than before. No, it was not a matter of strength, but not at the same level at all.

The heavens and earth were silent, and time and space were frozen. It was like the shock of the world being penetrated.

Jeanne looked up at the sky, where there was nothing, but it felt riddled with holes; there was nothing in the sky, but she felt a giant covering the sky.

Then Jeanne finally understood that it seemed to be will power. At the same time, a similar willpower came.

Jeanne could not see or hear anything, and only the five human senses could not capture even the slightest information.

However, it could be felt that the two wills were facing each other and like they were negotiating.

In the end, the volition that came later faded.

The remaining would came towards Jeanne and slowly condensed into a head-sized blue light group, which emits a language that humans can understand, and said to the people in the chat room,

“I am Gaia.”

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