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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 47 True Name Revelation


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It was cold, grumpy, and brutal. The dark air was filled with viciousness. As soon as Jeanne landed to the ground, she heard a hissing sound.

It was piled up with soft crawling objects, rubbing and squeezing each other, making an oozing sound.

As far as the eye could see, the will-o’-the-wisp basement was crowded with soft-bodied crawling objects.

Those crawling objects were climbing on the wall beam and falling, layer after layer in the gully, twisting along the floor pattern, crawling on the ground, flying in the air. Like ocean waves, wave after wave rushed toward the center of the room.

I just looked at it and felt a chill, like a disgusting pest crawling all over her body. This was a sea of ​​ arthropod flying insects and soft-bodied reptiles.

The place where Jeanne descended was in the center of the room, and next to her, there was a stone bed on which was lying a little girl with desperate eyes.

She could not make a sound because of excessive fear, and she was rigid in place.

It was only when Jeanne appeared that she regained consciousness, and her shrill screams echoed in the worm room.

“Makiri Zolgen’s atelier!

Ye You stood up fiercely.

“This is joking, right?”

It was essential to know that Jeanne was not a heroic spirit and had not been endowed with powerful magic and power.

Otherwise, she would not be captured in Compiègne. At this moment, Jeanne was caught in the evil magician’s deepest atelier.

It was like sending a child into the arena to sign a life and death contract with the giant. However, what happened the next moment made Ye You’s eyes wide open.

The blazing gold turned into a spotlight and condensed into a flag in Jeanne’s hand. The flag was thrust into the ground with a buzz, and the ripples visible to the naked eye spread away. Wherever the ripples pass, all the bugs burst into a bloody mist.

So strong?

What was the situation?

It was too late to think about it. Ye You did not have time to type and communicate between the flashes. He instead shouted at Jeanne, “Take that little girl away and leave here immediately.

Although he did not understand why Jeanne became so strong, she must leave now. The enemy strength and ours were unknown, let alone knowing the enemy, and even our combat strength was unknown.

Moreover, the magicians themselves have great combat power. If given a certain amount of time, let them arrange enchantments, formations, and use magic materials to launch unique spells.

Their combat power will be superimposed to a terrifying level.

What was more, this was a magician who has been working hard for at least a hundred years in an atelier. Rather than a fortress armed to the teeth, it was more like a confined space like an inherent barrier.

Ye You did not know precisely the extent to which the old bug’s magic atelier could be used, but he knew the [The 64 Layers of the Hounou Temple] in the contradictory spiral.

Using the ten-story Tai Chi-like apartment with a complex structure, to a certain extent, it showed the mind-like scenery and the deserted Araya Souren that was integrated with Ogawa apartment. It could even do things close to magic, such as space blocking and space transfer.

Therefore, without absolute certainty, Ye You did not dare to let Jeanne risk her life. The analysis was very long, but the time has passed just a moment.

The bloody mist of the insect burst has not been pushed back by the trembling ripples, and Jeanne has picked up the little girl on the stone bed.

She had an instant insight into the entire space, and at the only entrance stood a thin figure, an old man whose shape was withered, his hands and feet shrinking like a mummy.

The eyeballs swam like the writhing of a corpse worm, and the whole body exudes a rancid smell.

Joan pursed her lips, held the little girl in one hand, and pointed the pole forward in the other. Bending her knees, she bowed, her flesh was tense, and bang like a cannonball into a stream of light.

The withered old man was holding the wooden staff with both hands. His eyes were cold; this was his atelier.

No matter who the opponent was, being an enemy of the atelier’s magician could only be said to be stupid.

Jeanne saw the old man gently lifting his wooden staff, and it crashed. In front of him, it was like an overturned reservoir full of water.

Numerous insects formed a wall to block Jeanne’s path. Jeanne’s lasing shot, who initially pointed to the flagpole directly ahead, opened the insect curtain with one shot, and countless insects poured in again, forming an insect wall.

Jeanne’s pupils contracted. She originally wanted to use the worm wall gaps to get in, but the thick and endless worms were filled as soon as they opened.

Furthermore, she was still holding the girl in her hands. She did not dare to increase her speed to the extreme.

With a sullen face, Joan took the strength of the pick-up and inserted the flagpole to the ceiling, slowly rushing forward, and then using inertia to make an eccentric motion, the body drew a half arc in the air in a very incredible way.

The silver boots stepped on the ceiling, and Jeanne briefly stuck to the wall with the help of inertia.

At the very moment, Jeanne heard the ‘revelation from God’.

“Makiri Zolgen!

Someone said this to herself. Although not very clear, Jeanne naturally followed these six words.

【True Name Revelation


Golden light bloomed, overflowing the basement like flowing water, and all the moving objects around seemed to stagnate.

The withered old man discovered in amazement that not only did his movements slow down, but the magic in his body also slugged.

However, he has no time to be surprised, and Jeanne slams on the ceiling with her back foot and dives away as the wall cracks.

The long pole broke the insect wall quickly, and Jeanne followed and flew past the old man, smashing the wooden door with a shot and disappearing into the darkness.

【】(Sora) amazed, “Wow, that’s cool.”

【】(Shiro) said, “Clouds and flowing water… in one go.”

It took less than ten seconds from Jeanne’s arrival to the rescue of the girl.

Black Cat asked, “Jeanne, why don’t you beat that old mummy? That is obviously chaotic and evil.

Blue Sky answered Black Cat, “It’s good that it ran out. The old bug didn’t dare to come after it.

In the video, Jeanne held a girl who is too frightened, and behind her was an old-fashioned mansion drifting away.

Seventeen was curious, “Blue Sky, why did you say “Makiri Zolgen” just now?

Blue Sky responded, “It’s nothing, just playing too much FGO.

Neet Hime explained, “Jeanne’s second skill is [True Name Revelation], and the effect is that the power of the enemy’s single treasure is greatly reduced.

Blue Sky impressed, “I didn’t expect it to be effective.

Seventeen sent “……”

【】(Sora) sent, “……”

【】(Shiro) sent, “……

Blue Sky curiously asked, “But why did Jeanne suddenly become so powerful?

Useless guessed, “Is it faith?

Blue Sky agreed, “It is possible.

Heroic spirits were the existences of heroes whose outstanding accomplishments remain as legends after death and who have become faith objects. Their abilities were infinitely elevated as a mythical existence.

Today’s Jeanne was no different from the heroic spirit except for being dead. From the time of Jeanne to the present, there were nearly 600 years.

There has been sung in Europe for six hundred years of legends, gathered six hundred years of faith, all blessed in Jeanne, and become a saint.

She has been upgraded to an existence that surpasses human beings but was not a heroic spirit. Jeanne, at this moment, can be said to be a myth of walking on the ground.

This miracle was brilliant.

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