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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 48 Unit of Measurement


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The crescent moon sits on a frosty sky, black soaking the earth. The human civilization in the city lights up the earth like stars, and the street lights glow with white light.

The saint in silver armor, carrying the immature girl on her back, walked on the road that the lights could not illuminate.

Jeanne asked, “Master, what should I do now?” Jeanne looked sideways at the girl lying on her shoulders.

She had fallen asleep deeply. The saint’s arrival turned reality into an illusory nightmare, and only to be awakened by the sunrise.

Blue Sky doubt, “emmm, I don’t know too much, either.”

Neet Hime responded, “What is there to hesitate about, such a cute loli, of course, she has grown up. I have a bold idea.”

Blue Sky rolled his eyes, “Please put away your thoughts.”

Just now, Ye You exchanged information about this girl in the room. This person is named Tohsaka Sakura. In Type-Moon’s mysterious land, she also has the magical aptitude that could be called an Imaginary element.

Defined by magicians as ‘although impossible, it may be materialized.’ This reminded Ye You of the Millennium Castle’s princess and the third magic.

Seventeen curiously asked, “Was the old man just held a ceremony to seize her qualifications?”

Blue Sky answered, “No. There is no such saying that the Moon World has not seized aptitude, but it is possible to make ‘precious materials’ into specimens. The old man just now, Makiri’s Zolgen, is just to implant the engraving bug to change her magical attributes so that she could perform Makiri Family’s magic.”

Blue Sky continued, “For details, you can check fate/zero. I have uploaded the novel to the group file.” Ye You upload a novel instead of a video because the novel has this more detailed record.

“What shall we do? Return her to the Tohsaka family?” Black Cat has obviously seen the Type-Moon series as well.

Blue Sky disagreed, “That’s not a good option.” Then he explained, “Tohsaka Sakura’s father, Tokiomi Tohsaka, suffers because of his two daughters-Rin Tohsaka, who has five elements, and Sakura Tohsaka, who has Imaginary elements. Of the two, only one could inherit the only magical seal, and he was suffering. At last, the Makiri family was willing to adopt him and inherit his family’s seal. If you send them back now, you will be regarded as an enemy. There is also a possibility that she will be sent back to the Makiri family.”

Useless shook, “No way, father threw his daughter into the worm pile?”

Blue Sky responded, “Tohsaka Tokiomi probably didn’t know the specific magic of Makiri’s house. There is only a record of ‘Makiri’s: magic attribute is water in the clock tower record of the mage association.”

Black Cat said, “Then just tell him clearly? How filthy and evil the Makiri family is.”

【】(Sora) asked, “Why should others believe in a stranger and doubt a family that has been in alliance for more than a hundred years?”

Black Cat confused, “Didn’t he have his daughter? It’s impossible for him not to believe what Sakura Tohsaka said?”

【】(Sora) replied, “It’s not a question of believing it or not. At this point in time, Tohsaka Tokiomi should start preparing everything for the future and prepare for the Holy Grail War two years later. Tokiomi Tohsaka, who is ready to devote himself to the magician’s long-cherished wish, has no time for anything else.”

Ye You agreed more with Sora’s word.

Tokiomi Tohsaka had the kindness of being a father, but in the face of the Holy Grail War, he was first a magician, a ruthless and unrelenting magician to win the victory.

The two overly talented daughters once suffered from the problem of engraving inheritance. If one of the two daughters was an ordinary person, there might be room for maneuver.

However, they, who were rare in talent, contain magical blood in themselves. Magic nature also invited magic nature, and people who stand far from the orderliness will inevitably ‘invite’ the same abnormal experience.

Apart from practicing, there was no other way to refine the magical blood in their bodies. There was only one way to deal with it – to get out of order consciously.

While the Tohsaka family’s care could only be given to one of them, the other person would definitely fall into various weird events.

If the Magic Association found such an ‘ordinary person,’ it would be happy to make a specimen and soak it in formalin.

Therefore, whether from the perspective of the father or the magician, Tohsaka Sakura must embark on the path of spiritual practice.

This was the key to the problem.

Blue Sky said, “But there is another possibility, the Edelfelt family.” Ye You remembered that in the world line of Fate/Apocrypha, Tohsaka Sakura was the feud that has been adopted to the Tohsaka family since the three wars and was also the Edelfelt of distant relatives.

Tohsaka Sakura and a girl with straight, curly hair had become unimaginably Japanese wrestlers.

【】agreed, “This is not bad.”

Useless said, “I agree too.”

Black Cat said, “No objection.”

Neet Hime responded, “This is probably the best ending.”

Seventeen agreed, “Oh, the result so gratifying.”

Blue Sky said, “But before that, let’s ask Tohsaka Sakura for her opinion.”

Tohsaka Sakura’s stay was decided temporarily.

Then there was Jeanne. The cool breeze at night mixed with a little chill. Jeanne found a bench in the park, put the sleeping Sakura on it, then took off the cloak and covered it.

Ye You asked her to upload Gaia’s light ball to the chat room, and the dimension value soared by 200.

Blue Sky shook, “How strongly do you think Jeanne is? Can you tear up the heroic spirit?”

【】(Sora) said, “The old worm puts all his energy on the continuity of life, and it cannot be used as a reference for combat power at all.”

Black Cat agreed, “Yes, the measurement value is not worthy.”

Seventeen asked, “Then who can do the measurement?” She read the novel and asked with interest.

Neet Hime suggested, “How about the Lancer? Since ancient times, the spearman is lucky E, fighting against the Lancer without worrying about being stabbed.”

Blue Sky doubt, “The Lancer are followers… Isn’t the starting point of the measurement value too high? And now it is still two years before the Holy Grail War starts.”

Neet Hime asked, “Who else is there then?”

Blue Sky answered, “It’s better to say that it is difficult to use the term “measurement value” in real battles.”

Neet Hime confused, “Why can’t it be used? If you can hit two warriors, you can definitely hit a small thing.

Blue Sky sent, “…” Then he said, “What you said makes sense. I’m speechless.” He continued, “But before that, Jeanne’s outfit was very problematic.”

The saint wore the silver armor of the ancient style of Ourem, and the silver boots made a clanging and heavy sound. If it is during the day, no matter where you go, it will be an eye-catching presence.

Ye You connected to Nagato Yuki using a different-dimensional network and then connected to Jeanne’s network.

In this way, Nagato Yuki could use Ye You as a transit point to link to the human world network in the Type-Moon world.

Blue Sky sent, “Jeanne’s identity information and money are on your behalf.”

Humanoid Interface responded, “Okay.”

Nagato Yuki’s network technology has broken the limit of human perception of virtual technology.

The firewall of the 1990s, just like the FGO’s first activity, was in vain.

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