Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 49 Renting a Room to Sleep


Jeanne, who wanted to go shopping for clothes, found a shopping bag on the side of the road, which happened to contain a set of women’s clothes.

Of course, Jeanne herself wanted to return the property to the original owner, but both the master and Gabriel said, “Put it on. Wear armor to buy clothes. I’m terrified you will be caught in the police station. So it should be correct to put it on. If you found the owner in the future, be sure to compensate her.”

The night was dim, and the figure was slim. Beautiful blond hair, white strapless shirt, dark blue hot pants, black knee-high socks, with a curvy figure that was dangerous in all aspects, under the blurred moonlight, it exuded an unusual charm. Jeanne seemed to understand people’s hearts very well.

Blue Sky amazed, “Wow, it’s awesome.”

Hearing the master’s boasting, Jeanne lowered her head.

Neet Hime took off the headphones, “Tsk.”

Gabriel looked down at flat land on her chest, “Tsk.”

What was recorded in the dark notebook by Kuroneko, “Tsk.”

【】(Shiro) rubbed the soft flesh on her chest,”…..”

【】(Sora) said, “Sister, don’t care, “pettanko” is a scarce resource.”

【】(Sora) responded, “There is no shortage of young girl lovers in this world who value them as precious resources.”

Useless “What!? what do you mean?”

Neet Hime “Take him out and kill him.”

Kuroneko, “Hanging him to death!”

Seventeen “Come on, don’t be angry. You still have room to grow, but a certain princess who has lived for a thousand years… ah ah ah, this is really a cry.”

【Seventeen was banned for 24 hours】

Neet Hime “Oh, my hands are shaking.”

Kaguya-sama fully demonstrated the authorization holder. Jeanne’s clothes are changed, and the card has money on it.

Blue Sky said, “Go rent a room and sleep.”

But Jeanne was confused, “Rent a room?”

Ye You patted his head, “I forgot, you just jumped over, not being granted modern-related knowledge.”

It was as tricky as the current situation to describe in words so that primitive people understand what a refrigerator is.

“Jeanne: “Anyway, let’s go down the street first.”

Through the video, Ye You could observe Jeanne’s scenery and just let her in when he sees the hotel.

Jeanne amazed, “Master, the houses here are so big.” She keeps mumbling, “The streets are also wide and clean. And the light like a rainbow.”

Jeanne turned her head and looked around, sighing always. She attracted the attention of the pedestrians. This was not because Jeanne is talking to herself as weird. Although there were factors in this aspect, what is better was her beautiful appearance and foul figure in cool clothes.

Jeanne took it calmly, just carrying Sakura on her back.

Blue Sky commanded, “It’s here. The house next to you has a ‘hotel’ sign, an expansive lobby, and no closed doors.”

Hearing the instructions of the master, Jeanne stepped in.

However, when facing the front desk, she encountered a bigger problem.

Jeanne repeated Ye You’s words, saying, “Open a double room,” but the front desk showed confusion and then smiled and asked in dialect-like English.

Jeanne said, “Master, I don’t understand what she said.”

Oh no. What makes Ye You wonder was why the front desk speaks English. But wait. Jeanne, the saint of France, has not been given corresponding knowledge. How she possible to speak Japanese?

Ye You propped his forehead. He was crooked by the chat room that “can convert any intellectual creature’s language,” and he has always thought that Jeanne speaks Japanese.

But in fact, she was in France an hour ago, speaking French. It was only the chat room with a language translation function so that it can communicate without obstacles.

“This is great; even communication is a problem.”

Ye You watched Jeanne’s cold sweat in the video, and Ye You had to ask the Almighty Demon Sage for help.

After all, she lived a long time and was well informed. It should not be a big problem to make a spell card with a common language.

Wait, Seventeen seemed to be banned… Neet Hime must be unhappy to lift the ban.

Secretly chat on Seventeen? Even worse, how can a member who has just been banned eagerly help another authority holder?

Ah, headache. What about Eirin?

The mind of the moon, an existence that is on a par with, and perhaps even better than, the wise demon in terms of experience.

A beautiful girl whose age was measured in hundreds of millions of years and whose wisdom from the abyss of knowledge has been accumulated for a long time.

It should be okay to ask Neet Hime to ask her, right?

Neet Hime said, “Of course, there is no problem. Take it, thanks to me later.”

Spell Card – Sensory Nerve “Transitional Language”

There was not directly transmitted to Jeanne. It will consume dimensional value. The way was to upload because this could get the dimension value, 5 points.

Ye You’s dimensional value has reached 293 points now.

The communication problem has finally been solved. According to the instructions, Jeanne handed out the bank card, and the front desk would handle it.

These were Humanoid Interface through the Internet, using the status of “superior” to give instructions, then let them process them out, and finally, put them in the designated place. Japanese people did not apply for ID cards, so renting a room was relatively simple.

Kuroneko said, “What a long day. I’m almost going to bed. Good night, everyone.”

Blue Sky “Good night.”

Neet Hime asked, “Are you going to bed so early?”

Useless agreed with Neet Hime, “Yeah, it’s just prime time.”

Kuroneko did not reply. Probably after sending the last message, she turned off.

【】(Blank) said, “I went to play games.”

Neet Hime responded, “Unfortunately, I can’t connect. I really want to ask 【】(Blank) about urban legends.”

【】(Sora) said, “There are fighting games and chess and cards in the room. Would you like to try it?”

Useless joined, “I want to come too.”

Neet Hime asked, “Is Blue Sky coming?”

Blue Sky answered, “No, I still have to write novels.” Then he groaned, “I’m so hungry, I would stop writing novels if I knew it.”


Three-dimensional projection instruments and geometric patterns flicker inside the futuristic metal room, and electronic devices make sounds.

“Did you find it?”

“Still unable to track the signal source, it is just like a text sent from an unknown world.”

Lacus stood beside the console, Kira was beside her, and in front of them was a brown-haired woman, mature, beautiful, and intellectual. Her name was Murrue Ramius, and she once belonged to the Fifth Special Agent Group of the Second Universe of the Earth United Army. The elite of the elite.

The small screen was directly connected to an encrypted military terminal. If data was leaked, it would cause turbulence at the national level.

Moreover, after countless layers of encryption and protection, the system kernel was still so easily hacked, saying some unintelligible words in a dignified manner.

“Jeanne d’Arc, do you know who it is?” Ramius asked suddenly.

“The saint who led her country to repel the invaders in the middle of the 15th century in the old Western calendar.”

Lux gazed at the pattern she had just cut off and remained silent. She seemed to be contemplating something.

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