Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 50 Plans


The window was condensed with mist, and the seal of the warm bed was strengthened. Ye You curled up, already awake, but did not want to get up.

“Going to school…ah, that kind of thing is fine.”

Ye You understood that if he did not go to school, Sora would definitely not go. She did not like going out. Only in the last semester of third grade it did not matter whether you go to school or not.

At this time, most students have already participated in the independent enrollment of the applied school. It was just that the entrance examination time for SumiSora Academy was a bit late.

“Jeanne should also be up at this time.”

Ye You touched the phone, connected to Jeanne, opened FGO, “Wish you luck.”

There was a video of the saber in front of King Arthur’s tomb on the Bilibili website. Wasn’t Jeanne d’Arc stronger?

Ten glowing circles flashed.

“After ten consecutive draws, Green went bankrupt again.”

Ye You wondered if Lancer had cursed him. Since the call sign came out of Scáthach, let alone the color circle, he has never seen the gold circle.

” I haven’t used Scáthach instant death to another player, and this drawing card is not metaphysics at all.”

According to the legend, when Scáthach was activated, he would suffer from bad luck, either a lion or a temple.

Jeanne typed, “Master?”

Ye You’s sad expression came into the eyes of the saint, she yelled worriedly.

Blue Sky replied, “Don’t care. Good morning, Jeanne.”

Jeanne greeted, “Good morning, Master.”

Blue Sky asked, “Is Tohsaka Sakura awake?”

Jeanne responded, “Not yet.”

Blue Sky said, “Let her sleep more.”

From despair to hope, the little girl was overwhelmed with great sadness and joy.

Blue Sky asked, “Do you have any plans?”

From the past to the future, everything around has become strange. Even if Jeanne was a strong person, confusion and hesitation would breed in her heart. Jeanne was silent, “My plan?”

There has never been such a thing. When she saw her country being ravaged by invaders, her wish was to protect it.

When she stepped onto the battlefield and saw the blood of many soldiers shed, her prayer was only peace.

A pure and persistent girl, just thinking about others. Witnessed many injustices but still believes in eternal light. Even when the disaster happened to her, Jeanne never feared.

Jeanne replied, “I want to go home and have a look.” There were confusion and hope in her tone. The girl actually left France for only one night, but she was already in trouble.

Jeanne felt isolated from the world, and all those connected with her were gone. Even seeing the enemy was a relief. This was a sense of loneliness that is countless times deeper than leaving home.

Before she knew it, she had already regarded Ye You and the chat room as her support and sustenance.

Blue Sky said, “If you go back and take a look, there may be unexpected gains. Now in France, you – the legend of the Red Lotus saint is circulating in the streets and alleys.”

Ye You initially hoped that Jeanne would participate in the Holy Grail War and win the Holy Grail. Nevertheless, now that Jeanne’s mental state was obviously not right, she did not speak. However, time will heal all the wounds, and all we have to do is to let it flow quietly.

Moreover, it was still too early to start the Holy Grail War, so it was not in a hurry. At the same time, it was necessary to confirm how strong Jeanne is. It was not enough to be comparable to the heroic spirits. It must be surpassed.

After all, there is a wall in the Fourth World War.  But Ye You has a huge advantage here—controlling the amount of information.

This was incomparable to other masters. Moreover, Ye You’s desire for the Holy Grail was not very strong.

The Holy Grail was only at the level of ‘Take away someone else’s things while you can’. Even so, some preparations still need to be done.

The Holy Grail had been contaminated in World War Three, and it was only a defective product.

Put down future matters for now. What needs to be done now was to negotiate with Tohsaka Tokiomi. Regarding Sakura’s adoption to the Edelfelt family, Tokiomi must come forward.

Blue Sky typed, “Take this, and put it at the hair root of Tohsaka Sakura.”

A micro-radiation device, which emits electromagnetic waves outwards at all times and connects with satellites. It has strong adhesion and can only be washed off with a specific liquid.

This was a technological product that Ye You asked Nagato Yuki to send over. Ye You does not understand it very well, but he can use it.

In this era, the US GPS positioning system has become more and more perfect. With it, you can always grasp the geographic location of Tohsaka Sakura.

At the same time, Ye You also asked Nagato to add a function, which may be used at critical moments.

If Tohsaka Tokiomi was deceitful with his false words, he would not be expected to do anything at that time.

Blue Sky asked, “The information about the mansion of the Tohsaka family has been sent to you. Can you understand the map?”

Jeanne answered, “Well, during the marching and fighting, I learned.”

At eleven in the morning, Tohsaka Sakura woke up.

The soft beige sunlight from the window was very dazzling, but there was something brighter than that, that is, the smile of the blonde woman in front of her.

“You are awake, Sakura.”

Tohsaka Sakura stared at Jeanne, then looked around. There were a strange house and a stranger in front of her, but there was unprecedented peace of mind for some reason.

“Grandpa… is there anymore…?”

The horror of throwing herself into a big house like a mummy… was it gone? Was she rescued? Wouldn’t I go back to the dark and damp basement again? The black-haired girl asked timidly in a soft voice that could not believe it.

“Yes. Not anymore.” Jeanne smiled at her.

It was like the sound of heaven. Very eagerness was so simple that it could be affirmed. Tears could not help but gush out from the frame of the eyes, and after the tension of the heart was relaxed, it became weaker than ever.

“May I take you back to Tohsaka’s house?”

“Tohsaka’s…” Sakura could not help lowering her head, squeezing the sheet tightly.

She was still too young to understand. Sakura could not understand the magician’s long-cherished wish, and she will not recognize it.

She could not understand why she was sent away by her father because he was superfluous?

She could not understand why she was pushed to a place of despair and horror. Sakura could not understand it at all. So, the girl shook her head.

With a plea still in her voice, “Don’t … I don’t want to go back.”

Jeanne looked at Tohsaka Sakura, who was about to cry again, Jeanne held her in her arms. It was unprecedented warmth and unprecedented peace of mind, which made Sakura could not help but indulge.

“I understand,” Jeanne said softly, stroking the girl’s black hair. “It’s safe here. Stay here first. I’ll be back when I go out.”

Tohsaka Sakura wanted to say not to go, but she choked on her throat and nodded gently.

“Don’t open the door casually.”

Jeanne smiled and ordered. Squeak — slap.

After the door was closed, only the girl was left in the empty house.

Sakura did not know how long it has passed, but she could not seem to feel the passage of time, only knowing that this was a long and arduous wait. In the desperate darkness, the man came with the light. It was she who had saved herself.

That light is an unprecedented warmth, and people could not help but want to get close, wanted to touch, and wanted to grasp.

Only one person was missing, and the room will become empty and cold.

Until this moment, Sakura did not notice “——Don’t leave me, sister. I want to be with you.”

Sakura cried out of bed and chased her out. Just mentioned the Tohsaka family, which made the girl feel uneasy. She had to talk to her sister to do it, wanted to, and be with her.

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