Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 51 Uryu Ryunosuke


Humanoid Interface typed, “Tohsaka Sakura is on the move.”

“What?” Ye You startled.

After leaving Jeanne, Ye You has been using the ‘Alternative Dimension Network’ to connect Jeanne and Nagato’s two worlds, keeping the network connected. Was she taken away by the Matou family?

No, they are not good at tracking magic. Or Einzbern? Kiritsugu Emiya?

If it were him, it would indeed be possible to take the Tohsaka family’s daughter, one of the three royal families, as a hostage to win the Holy Grail. For an instant, Ye You skipped countless guesses.

Humanoid Interface said, “Tohsaka Sakura acts on her own consciousness.”

Oh, that was good. Although it was not good news for the little girl to go out alone, it was also a blessing in misfortune.

Blue Sky responded, “Sorry for the trouble. Please keep watching.”

Ye You thought about it, “Can you pass the image of Tohsaka Sakura here?”

Soon a fixed image appeared on Ye You’s phone, and Tohsaka Sakura’s barefoot figure flashed past. And then continue to cut to the next screen.

But there were not many cameras in the 90s in Fuyuki City, so Tohsaka Sakura was barely captured.

The geographic information of Tohsaka Sakura was not available, and the status was always confirmed via GPS, connected to Jeanne, “Have you arrived at Tohsaka’s house?”

Jeanne replied, “Well, I was received by Tohsaka Tokiomi, waiting in the living room.”

Neet Hime said, “Leave the negotiation to m.” Neet Hime actually took the initiative to ask. As long as through the chat room, Neet Hime could communicate with Tokiomi indirectly.

Blue Sky hoped, “Please as soon as possible.”

Ye You did not say that Tohsaka Sakura ran out. It was not convenient to distract Jeanne, and Tohsaka Sakura was in a state of safety confirmation.

The girl ran hard, without direction. She only looks forward to seeing the figure in her mind. Sakura persistently thinks that was her only support.

The bare feet, blood spurted out in the running, but the panic heart covered the physical pain.

“——kyaa.” Sakura, who was exhausted, fell ahead and ran into a man who was not healthy.

Sakura raised her head in a panic, took two steps back, and lowered her head, “Yes, I’m sorry.”

“Ah, it’s okay.” The gentle voice made the girl’s heart relieved.

When she looked up, it was a man with short orange-gold hair, wearing a purple jacket, and his smile on his face looked very cheerful and optimistic.

The man squatted over his body, leveled his eyes with Sakura, and said lovingly, “Little sister is so flustered, what can I do? Maybe brother can help you.”

The infectious sunny smile made the little girl blurt out, “I’m looking for my sister.”

“Is she a gorgeous and outstanding woman?” The man looked at Tohsaka Sakura’s cute face and asked in confusion.

Tohsaka Sakura’s eyes lit up, and she nodded vigorously, “Yes!”

“Your sister is at my house, she has something to do, so she can only apologize for waiting.” The man touched his chin and said.

“Can you take me there?” Sakura grabbed his purple coat and asked eagerly.

“This…” The man frowned, very embarrassed.

“I will thank you very much.” Sakura bowed and stared at the ground.

“Since you’re so strongly requested, I’ll take you there. I’m sure your sister won’t blame me either.”

“Yes, yes, thank you very much.” Sakura followed the man towards a specific apartment, her back gradually disappearing into the busy street.

Seventeen shouted, “Hey, she following others.”

All of this was captured by public cameras and posted to the chat room. Seventeen was still light and airy. Although 24 hours have not yet arrived, it has already been unblocked by Ye You.

This was the silent understanding between Neet Hime, Seventeen, and Blue Sky. It has been done many times, very skilled.

Seventeen asked, “Do you want to contact Jeanne?”

Ye You looked at the man in the video silently, narrowing his eyes, “Uryu Ryunosuke…”

A real psychopathic murderer whose deeds are inhumane and too numerous to list. His hobbies are torture, killing, and abandoning corpses. Pursuing death, torturing people to death, and experiencing ‘near-death’ through others.

He was completely intoxicated in the kind of happiness that would draw out the vitality of the object he killed, the nostalgia for life, anger, and persistence.

Those who seem to be ordinary people will show different postures and expressions when they die, which was his supreme pleasure.

Blue Sky said, “No, let me deal with it.” Ye You understand that the more worlds you will connect, the more things you will cherish, and the more things you want to protect.

Therefore, specific psychological barriers are obstacles that must be overcome.

Seventeen responded, “Oh? We’ll see what you can do about it.”

She sits in the cracked gap, and the corners of her mouth are curved. Irrespective of the rationality of the demon, it does not follow the worldly rules.

The sage who stands at the Land of Fantasy’s apex understands that being kind was not a good habit.

“We have confirmed your kindness and character. Let us see if you have the aura and the means to achieve great things.”


“Hey, have you played sand in the park?” Ryunosuke asked Sakura next to him when he stepped up the stairs of the apartment.

No, not a question.

It’s more like a speech, his face twisted into joy in the dark, like a fanatic’s miracle when he saw God, “When I was a kid, I used to pile gravel in the park, so I started counting when I counted ten thousand. Moreover, there is countless gravel-so far that frustration makes me unforgettable. However, human life is half a million times that, oh, there will be tens of thousands of life and death changes every day. Ah, Don’t you think this number is abnormally high?”

Saying what the little girl could not understand, Ryunosuke took out the key, turned it, and opened the security door, “Please come in.”

She was looking at the dark room, like a vast mouth lying in the dark, choosing people to eat. For no reason, Sakura felt that her back was cold. But the feeling of wanting to see Jeanne again but suppressed this fear.

“Sit down for a while. There are cola and orange juice in the refrigerator.” Ryunosuke was behind the girl, the corners of his mouth bend to the degree of distortion, he closed the door with a light bang, and the room instantly became dark.

“Kyaaa!” Sakura made a startled sound. This kind of darkness seems to have been seen somewhere. Yes, that dark basement.

“What happened?”

“No, nothing…Where is my sister?”

With the spotlight turned on, Sakura looked around and did not see the figure in her mind.

“I will see you soon.”

Ryunosuke put on his indoor shoes and walked to the side room, “Be calm and not irritable. I will go and prepare first.”

Sakura’s anxiety was getting stronger and stronger, but now, she can only sit on the sofa in the living room obediently.

Ryunosuke entered the innermost room, opened the hidden compartment, and took out the tools one by one-vise, rope, scalpel, small chainsaw, tranquilizer, electric shock…There were dozens of them in total.

Ryunosuke’s expression became more and more intoxicated, “Ah! Ah! I really want to hear the moving voice of howling before she died! I really want to see the beautiful expression of misery in despair.”

This would be the 36th person he would torture.

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