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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 52 Loli Development


Artificial intelligence, human beings have never taken half a step in the field of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, all artificial intelligence was ‘programmed actions’ and has nothing to do with ‘wisdom,’ that is, ‘self-consciousness takes action.’

Humans were still shallow when it comes to crossing the barrier of “intellectual.” However, the pseudo artificial intelligence shines. As long as the established program was set, relevant reactions can occur. The electrical circuits all over the room became active like blood vessels.

The computer behind Ryunosuke quietly turned on itself, and the camera recorded all his actions without fail. Ye You looked at the tools he kept taking out and said nothing.

Humanoid Interface reported, “After the positioning is ready, you can switch the EMP mode at any time.”

Blue Sky responded, “Let me come with that button.”

Micro-radiation devices continuously emit electromagnetic waves, which could be connected to satellites to confirm geographic locations. Different bands and frequencies of electromagnetic waves have different effects.

The radiation device has been switched to high-frequency gamma rays, also known as gamma particle streams, which were rays released during the transition and transformation of atomic nuclei. As early as the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union conducted experiments. Electromagnetic waves with enough power were enough to kill people.

This was the case with the radiation device in Sakura’s hair.

The current human science and technology could not reduce the lethal high-power radiation device to such a miniature level. Nevertheless, these were not too significant technical barriers to the information body. As long as humans have the technology, Nagato could improve it. At this moment, the radiation device has been locked to Ryunosuke.

Nagato hacked the satellite in orbit, and the device has been changed to a receiving mode. As long as the command was confirmed, it can emit ultra-high-frequency concentrated electromagnetic waves in one direction.

Ye You hasn’t done anything before because he was afraid that Ryunosuke, who fell suddenly, would irritate Sakura. Furthermore, in the invisible side room, he could do it.

Ye You took a breath and pressed the Enter key. The stream of gamma particles converged into a line, rushing towards the hypothalamus of the murderer.

Ryunosuke, who was humming a small song, suddenly stopped and fell. Everything was silent. Ye You didn’t have much mood swings. This kind of remote operation has no real feeling at all.

More importantly, the subject was a demon who takes pleasure in killing and killing, making people unable to feel guilt at all.

Ye You suddenly remembered that he did not know where he saw it: The invention of firearms had the most significant impact not to lead the war from the cold weapon era to the hot weapon. Instead, the process of killing was infinitely simplified, and life could be ended by pulling the trigger. It infinitely lower people’s guilt.

It’s probably the same here. But, For good people, you could be tolerant. To the wicked, rebuke all force. Sometimes, there was no reason in the world. Only Nagato and Ye You know all this.

When Sakura followed Ryunosuke to the apartment, Ye You cut off the video on the public channel. After everything was over, Ye You sent Tohsaka Sakura’s location to Jeanne.

Then he patted his face, got up from the bed, put on some clothing and get a good mood. Next door was his sister’s room. So, just smile.

When Jeanne arrived in a hurry, Sakura was sitting perfectly still on the sofa. Seeing the appearance of Jeanne, the girl jumped up excitedly and slipped into her arms. “Sister, sister, I want to be with you. Can I follow you?”

“Ok.” Jeanne looked deep inside the house, and with the five senses strengthened by magic, she could feel a person lying there. But Jeanne was only silence, and the fighting and bloody she had seen on the battlefield were far better than this.

Jeanne took Sakura’s hand, and the two left the magic cave.

Blue Sky asked, “How about negotiations?”

Neet Hime answered, “Of course, it was a break. They were said that ‘It is ridiculous, the glory of the Tohsaka family does not allow you to be tarnished’, and there was almost a war.” Then she said, “Oh, this is really a pity.”

Blue Sky responded, “If they want to break, let’s break it up, anyway, Sakura wants to follow Jeanne. That’s it for now.”

Blue Sky wondered, “But, how do I think you are so happy?”

Neet Hime denied, “Do i? I’m messed up my work, and I am heartbroken.”

Heh, neet hime, your wolf ambition has already been clearly revealed, and she was the first to say that Loli should be developed. She also uncharacteristically said that he would help to negotiate with Tohsaka Tokiomi. But letting Sakura follow Jeanne was indeed the right choice.

If combined with the little holy grail, Sakura’s imaginary elements could be close to the third method-soul materialization? It was still far to talk about this.

At present, Jeanne has no common sense of modern society and being with a little loli… Ye You afraid she would be very hard.

Useless said, “don’t worry about this, let us teach her common sense.” The Useless angel probably still feels guilty about Jeanne.

Blue Sky asked, “You?” Ye You expressed extreme suspicion. “What to teach her? Do you teach her to play games?”

Useless “Hey, what you said is really sad. But I let my precious time to help you.”

Blue Sky was suspicious, “Wait. Why suddenly become helping me?”

Useless replied, “aren’t you her master?”

Jeanne called, “master?” Jeanne, did not be cute at this time.

Blue Sky said, “But we seem to have become abductors…”

Jeanne shook, “Huh? Huh? Is that true?”

Neet Hime disagreed, “Why did you become an abductor? That’s how the road sees the injustice and draws the sword to help, is kind and charitable, helpful to others, chivalrous and courageous, and rescues the suffering.”

Blue Sky rolled his eyes, “Please, stop showing off. I know you have a rich vocabulary.” Then he continued, “And without parental consent, taking away other people’s children without authorization is called abduction in society.”

Neet Hime asked, “What are you going to do? Send it back?”

Blue Sky replied, “Let’s respect my wishes. Jeanne and Sakura think this is all right. That’s fine.”

Neet Hime said, “In the end, we still have to develop loli. It speaks very well, but the heart isn’t thinking that way.”


“Interrupted in a piece of news, a man was found lying in the bedroom in the XX apartment today. Simultaneously, a large number of equipment and knives were searched from the man’s room. It is suspected to be related to the serial homicide case before the interruption. The police have been involved in the investigation.

At the same time, the man has been sent to the hospital for treatment, his brain has been severely damaged, and he is very likely to become a PVS. “

The night before going to France, Jeanne reported the news to Ye You.


Uryu Ryunosuke completely withdrew from the stage before the Holy Grail began.

Ye You meditation, although the radiation device has a miraculous effect on ordinary people. But for a magician with a variety of methods, it definitely has little effect.

There were also other weird and mysterious things in the Type-Moon World.

Sakura’s blood contained magical nature, and magical nature would invoke magical nature and fall into various weirdness. Although this statement was only circulated among magicians, it still needed to be taken seriously.

“Sakura still needs to master sorcery as soon as possible. No, her world should be called magic.”

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