Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 53 Don’t Disturb My Meditation


Uryu Ryunosuke has initially been the last master, and he accidentally summoned the caster without knowing the Holy Grail War.

In the best state now, Uryu would probably lie in the hospital for a lifetime. Even if he wakes up, he would be taken away by the police and spent the rest of his life in prison.

That was to say, one of the seven masters in the original Holy Grail War had left the field before they even started.

Therefore, Ye You could not control the Fourth Holy Grail War, the master, and all the information from it. This was not a good move for Ye You.

【】(Sora) said, “Therefore, the vacant master becomes a variable. We also don’t know who it is.”

Blue Sky replied, “But variables are also opportunities. If Jeanne becomes the master, summoning the caster, and using the caster to summon the false followers again, it will be the most advantageous situation. At the same time, it also made up for the shortcoming of ‘information’ unknown.”

【】(Sora) responded, “In the worst case, the unknown master summons unknown heroes.”

Blue Sky doubt, “But it is too early to say this. The Holy Grail War is expected to start in two years.”

【】(Sora) agreed, “Yes, let’s lying lazily now.” Then he said, “Ah, I really want to go to the game world. When will Tet come here?”

Blue Sky asked, “How old are you now?”

【】(Sora) answered, “It’s almost seventeen. Why do you ask this?”

Blue Sky said, “It seems that you really only watched anime, not novels.”

【】(Sora) admitted, “I have only watched one or two episodes of the animation. After all, we must keep the game fresh.”

Blue Sky said, “Let me repeat it – eighteen years old, unemployed, virgin, Otaku, suffering from communication problems and playing games. That’s how you were introduced at the beginning of the novel.”

【】(Sora) shook, “Wow, that’s too much. A virgin is too much! I didn’t become a virgin just because I wanted to be a virgin. In other words, there is still more than a year.”

At this moment, with the help of Nagato, Jeanne and Sakura have legally boarded the international luxury cruise ship to France.

Golden sun and blue sea, the warm wind blows, and the two of them are blowing their beautiful hair.

Useless signed, “Ah, I have no money. You say it’s good to be rich, but when I rich, I play like that too. Mainly because I don’t have money.”

Blue Sky responded, “Abandoned angel this kid, how do you tend to evolve into a red and white witch.”

Useless grumbled, “Blue Sky, you are so unkind. It’s so easy to get money, why should I be a copycat?  No, I can’t stand this grievance.”

Blue Sky said, “If you want money, you can earn it yourself. What’s the point of getting it for nothing?”

Useless asked, “What about Jeanne?”

Blue Sky answered, “That is a special situation. How do you want an ancient person to live in modern times? And with a child.”

Useless sent, “Hmm… (unconcerned.JPG).” Then she said, “I think Blue Sky must be rich. Lend me some money, the kind that doesn’t return it.”

Blue Sky responded, “I don’t have it. At most, I can barely maintain my life by writing articles. You have no money for top-up again?”

Useless desperated, “Ah, do you know my despair? five orders! Five orders! My Osakabehime hasn’t come out yet!”

(One order is RMB 518)

Blue Sky surprised, “Hey, have you started playing FGO too?”

Casual mobile games are really cancerous. That will change the way you look at consumption.

【】(Sora) joined the conversation, “Well, I can’t understand the waste angel too much. I only use a hundred stones. (shrugging.JPG)”

Useless screamed, “Get out!” Then she sent, “stabbing you seal to death.JPG”


Ruri Goko was very depressed these days. It’s been more than two months since practicing meditation. Why didn’t it show any improvement?

“Watching that guy in Blue Sky can condense the sixth sense in three months. It makes no sense that I am worse as the Queen of Nightmares. Could it be that…three months is the limit of humanity?”

Although Kuroneko muttered this to herself, she understood that from the time of her practice to the present, there was no sensory enhancement at all. It seemed that there was no such thing as a stronger memory and more substantial understanding.

She didn’t doubt the authenticity of the meditation method. Neet Hime also said that human beings could condense the sixth sense in three months, which was a fantastic feat.

Kuroneko was just getting discouraged. Why could others do it but not me? Special existence-she wanted to be such a person. However, reality gave her a head-on blow, letting Ruri understand the fact that she was really just an ordinary person.

She, who was fearful and gloomy, became even less talkative. Of course, this was only for strangers.

“Hey”, Kuroneko got up from the pentagram formation. This was the formation she precisely portrayed for meditation. There will be white candles lit by the side at night.

“You need to work harder and double the effort.”

Kuroneko clenched her fist and nodded to herself. She believes that diligence can make up for the weakness. As long as the stupid bird flies first, it can also surpass its kind.

“Increase the time of one day of meditation from 3 hours to 6 hours. If it doesn’t work, increase it to 9 hours.”

Didn’t underestimate Chuunibyou. Any Chuunibyou would have unimaginable persistence and fanaticism in terms of ‘miracle’. Mostly when the ‘untouchable boundary’ was in front of her eyes, her determination will not be shaken by anything.

Kuroneko was such a persistent and straightforward existence. When Ruri Goko focused on one thing, she couldn’t see the side. Similarly, she also brought this ‘focus’ to school.

She was dressed in a standard school uniform at school and looked just like an ordinary girl who doesn’t like to talk.

Not to mention excellent grades, but with the cute appearance of Yamato Nadeshiko, she was considered a relatively popular girl. But she has no interest in associating with ‘existing people’.

And when she indeed became a sorcerer, the contemptuous name of Chuunibyou can be taken off grandiosely. At this moment, it was an English class she is not good at. The teacher suffocated her feet, buzzing on the platform like chanting.

Kuroneko simply sank her heart, emptied her head, and slowly gathered and condensed her erratic thoughts like mist.


Someone called her, but she could not hear.

“Ruri Goko!”

Someone from behind poked her in the back.

“Goko student, please stand up and recite the next paragraph!”

The voice gradually increased, which can only be called interference for meditation.

Goko frowned subconsciously, without even opening her eyes, and yelled in the direction of the sound: “Don’t disturb my meditation.”

The teacher was stunned, and the classroom was silent. Then there was a burst of laughter.

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