Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 54 Customized Maid


“Today is really a worse day than Judgment Day,” Kuroneko started to complain as soon as she logged into the chat room.

Blue Sky asked, “What happened?”

Kuroneko grumbled, “It’s all because of you, damn Blue Sky! It made me so ugly at school.”

Blue Sky confused, “What?” Then he taunted Kuroneko, “Meow Meow Meow?”

Kuroneko grunted irritably, “Humph. Get it yourself.”

Blue Sky said, “Uh… Uh …… I’m not talented, but I’d like to ask Lord Kuroneko to explain. “

【】(Sora) responded, “A woman‘s thoughts are impossible to grasp. I dare to assert that Kuroneko is in love with you.”

Kuroneko got angrier, “Do you want to die once? The last game, your merciless hatred, I still remember.”

【】(Sora) said, “Sorry, I really tried my best. I only used one hand.”

Kuroneko annoyed, “Ahhhhhhh! Go away, stop talking.”

Neet Hime showed up, “@【】(Sora) come out, don’t run, I’m going to take revenge. This time I change Chess.”

Chess-two people have zero-sum, little certainty, and complete intelligence competition. It means that there was no accidental factor.

It was a game where there is no ‘luck,’ where there was theoretically a sure win. But that was only theoretical unless one can fully master up to ten of the one hundred and twenty variations of the game. In other words, there was no such thing.

But 【】(Shiro) was able to assert that the method of victory exists. Chess against such a monster.

Ye You has already seen the ending. As for why Neet Hime said that she challenged was 【】(Sora), of course【】(Shiro) also know. 【】brother sister always together.

The next day, early morning. The sky was not yet apparent, Ye You received a short message from Yuri Nakamura and asked about the maid cafe. Ye You answered that it would take a long time to prepare.

Store decoration, related procedures, business structure, personnel recruitment, etc., cannot be completed in a day or two.

But he learned a lot from Minaliskey a few days ago, and some things can be prepared in advance. For example, the style of clothing.

Ye You want to discuss with Yuri, but she still has competition. Hearing from her, if she got a place in this competition, it would significantly help her education.

Maybe talk to Minaliskey? She worked in a maid shop and should have considerable experience. Moreover, she said that she would tell her name.

Ye You faintly felt that she was a bit familiar. If he knew the name, he might remember who it was. But when he went to Akihabara, he was completely empty. So he could only search for the styles of maid costumes on the Internet.

Ye You finally selected a few sets and put them in the chat room.

Blue Sky started typing, “I am going to open a maid cafe. Look, which outfit is better?”

【】(Sora) responded, “You are too conservative. How come this kind of medieval British traditional style is included in the candidates? This kind of maid outfit that wraps all hands and feet in the clothes is simply an evil devil.”

Blue Sky said, “Uh, can you just watch it?”

【】(Sora) replied, “To say something good. I think this little devil style is good. If the skirt is shorter, it will be better if it is closer to the base of the thigh. It’s the kind of half-concealed style of ‘you can only see it, but you can’t see it,’ that’s the ideal homeland we pursue.”

Blue Sky protested, “Hey, it’s not that kind of shop I want to open.”

【】(Sora) made a suggestion, “What about the maid with animal ears? No matter what kind of maid, as long as you wear a collar and animal ears, the point value will be doubled immediately.”

Blue Sky thought about it and wondered, “Wait, why do you wear a collar?”

【】(Sora) replied, “Only in this way can the master’s desire to conquer be satisfied.”

Blue Sky sent, “…”

Ye You was speechless, looking for free material. It really was the wrong choice. No, why are there so few people today? Neet Hime and Useless Angel must always be there.

Blue Sky asked, “Why is it so deserted today?”

Seventeen answered, “I think they’re crying in a corner because they’re so exhausted from playing backgammon and wondering about their lives.

Blue Sky wondered, “Is @【】(Sora) so strong?”

If it was not counted as 【】(Shiro), the level of 【】(Sora ) chess was at most the master level.

Seventeen replied, “They’re just too weak.”

“Humph,” Neet Hime appeared and said, “Chess is a mere Western barbarian. How can it be on the table.”

Blue Sky said, “Wow. This is no longer a retro level, right?”

Neet Hime irritated, “@Blue Sky, do you want to laugh at me too?”

Blue Sky tried to calm her down, “No. Everyone is good at different directions. Speaking of which, Neet Hime you… um… you, you are perfect in other aspects.”

Neet Hime asked, “Which aspect of me is better? Huh?”

Blue Sky quickly answered, “Intellectual, Elegant.”

No, Ye You feels aching conscience, “Let’s take a look at which of these maid costumes is better.”

Neet Hime responded, “These are these Western barbarians again. Sorry, I’m not interested at all. They are all vulgar.”

Seventeen sent, “Fooled over.”

【】(Sora) agreed, “Yeah, the fool passed.”

Blue Sky said, “I’m serious. Maid cafe. If I can Dimension Traverse in the future, I will treat you well.”

Seventeen replied, “Is that so? Then let’s take a look.”

“This set is good.” The demon sage chose a kawaii style with a massive bow on the back. Unexpectedly, Yakumo Yukari, who was old, has a pink girlish heart.

Blue Sky asked, “Isn’t it too, cartoonish?”

Seventeen answered, “Is it? I think it’s pretty cute. The maid is cute.”

Blue Sky said, “Huh, you seem to understand?”

Seventeen responded, “I have occasionally visited outside. The so-called maid is a profession that can bring laughter and happiness to people.”

Blue Sky replied, “No… That’s an idol.”

“Well, it’s almost the same.” But this demon sage was right, and it was okay as long as it’s cute.

Neet Hime expressed her opinion, “It’s really superficial. If you want to choose clothes, you need to integrate emotional factors. I believe that the charm of this childhood sweetheart style is unmatched by other styles.”

Neet Hime chosed a set of more traditional improved models, sleeveless, short skirts, ruffles, and then matched with knee socks to form an absolute field that could kill people.

Seventeen started sneer Neet Hime, “Huh. Isn’t the princess not interested?”

Neet Hime responded, “This is called stopping by the mind, moving by the heart. You will not understand.”

Seventeen made an annoying sound, “ah ah ah, just treat it like this.”

Neet Hime tried to calm. “It’s not comparable to you. That kind of excessively depraved clothes will only bring shame.”

Seventeen said, “But childhood sweethearts have always been defeated by the heavenly descendants.”

Then the two entered into another tongue-and-gun battle.

Ye You took a few styles and asked Sora’s opinion. “Ah, maid outfit? I prefer this natural style.”

So Ye You returned to the chat room.

Blue Sky: “I have decided, just this natural set.”

“【】(Sora): Huh?”

The set that no one mentioned just now.

Blue Sky said, “I can’t help it. My sister likes it better.”

Neet Hime annoyed, “Then, why do you ask us?”

Blue Sky replied, “To ask for advice. (Touch the back of the head.jpg)”

Neet Hime sent, “(hatchet.jpg)”

Seventeen copied, “(hatchet.jpg)”

【】(Sora) copied, “(hatchet.jpg)”

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