Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 55 The Offline Party


On this day, Ye You finished editing all the light novels of “Oreimo.” Goko Ruri’s name has been replaced. Ye You just thought it was funny at first, but he really could not break later on. The hot light novel that has already started serialization could not let Kuroneko cut in the middle.

Blue Sky said, “This is all “Oreimo.” Let me say it first, and I also did it to help you.”

Kuroneko replied, “Ah, I understand, thank you.”

Now Goyo Ruri was considered to have a small asset.

When she put half of the money in the bag and handed it to her parents, they said in amazement, “Ah, our daughter is so promising.” The joy in her heart was still unforgettable.

Kuroneko thanked again, “Thank you very much.”

Blue Sky smiled, “Ahaha, as long as you are happy.”

The next day.

Kuroneko asked, “This script is wrong. Why would the protagonist abandon the cute Liliu Genmu, and date his sister?”

Ye You remembered her cute character.

Blue Sky answered, “Ah…who knows?”

Kuroneko said, “This is unreasonable, extremely unreasonable. What’s even more unreasonable is that what is good about that pyramid head? Why do so many people like him?”

Blue Sky explained, “Japan’s light novels are like this. There is nothing but gentleness, which can capture the hearts of all beautiful girls.”

Kuroneko said, “Ah, really, I won’t look at the daily series anymore. It’s still a type like ‘Maschera: Lament of a Fallen Beast ~’ to suit my taste. “

Blue Sky asked, “Um… have you finished watching “Oreimo”?”

Kuroneko answered, “Almost. After seeing Genmu Liliu tearing the ‘Destiny Record’ to pieces, I didn’t watch it.”

“How about the senses?”【】(Sora) appeared.

Kuroneko said, “The person who wrote this novel probably had a brain drain. What is that pyramid head? Genmu Liliu is so cute, isn’t it the protagonist’s reservation? The plot should be: the pop kills the pyramid head from the sky, and Genmu Liliu inherits the protagonist and steps on the throne of the Queen of Nightmare.”

“Hahaha!” 【】(Sora) laughed loudly in front of the computer.

“…Brother, it’s been a long time…I haven’t seen you smiling…so happy…”

【】(Sora) said, “Fushimi Tsukasa thief loses his mind, I live and die with Kuroneko!”

Neet Hime copied, “Fushimi Tsukasa thief loses his mind, I live and die with Kuroneko!”

Seventeen copied, “Fushimi Tsukasa thief loses his mind, I live and die with Kuroneko!”

Blue Sky said, “Repetition is the essence of human beings, so don’t follow the repetition, heyy!” Ye You wanted to cover his face.

Neet Hime said, “I think it makes sense.”

Seventeen agreed, “We also find it very interesting.”

Kuroneko just assumed that their opinions were consistent with their own and then said, “It turns out that the original author of this novel is Fushimi. Sure enough, you know that you are not a good guy by looking at the name. Draw a circle and curse him.”

“Forget it. I’m going down. I’m going to an offline party later.” Kuroneko remembers about the party.

【】(Sora) asked, “wait, party?”

Blue Sky repeated, “Uh…party?” This makes Ye You feel bad.

But Ruri Gokou shut down the computer very merely and did not see the subsequent dialogue.

【】(Sora) “Yeah, there seems to be a bad feeling. Could it be that party?”

Ruri Gokou dressed up carefully. Since it was a party, then wearing this kind of clothes was the proper attitude.

She decorated with two rose hairpins on both ends of the head, a dark and rich Lolita dress, covering the white and delicate skin, and three white crosses attached to the skirt’s front.


She pinched the skirt left and right. Ruri smiled, satisfied at herself in the mirror.

“Gathering of otaku girls!!” The online community manager kindly replied, making Kuroneko indulge in magic and virtuality, and cannot help but eager to try people with similar interests.

Of course, the chat room was perfect, but currently, it is limited to the Internet. That was a different thing from offline.

Moreover, from the wording of her reply, she can feel everyone’s ladylike atmosphere, and the nickname “Saori” was also elegant and gentle.

Furthermore, it was the same as the name in Ruri’s novel. Maybe she was also a beautiful girl of the eldest daughter type.

“Huh, let’s just go for it.”

She took the tram and get off at Akihabara, cross the iron bridge, and she could see a slender building on her right.

“Shosen BOOK TOWER. This is it.”

The appearance of the cafe’s beautiful courtyard was like a very free and easy white wooden house. Walking up the very short stairs, opened the wooden door, a pleasant wind bell sounded.

“Welcome back, Master.”

The neatly dressed maids greeted them in unison. Kuroneko looked for a predetermined location without squinting.

“Is master alone?”

“No, I have an appointment.”

She found the predetermined location. Kuroneko closed her eyes and rested. This was just a cover-up that she simply did not get used to contacting strangers.

By one o’clock in the afternoon, everyone was there.

After the prominent lady administrator made a speech, the otaku who gathered together began to get acquainted and looked for partners. But this tall lady with thick rim glasses…what was the sense of sight? But Kuroneko, at the moment, has no time to look after her.

The icy glazed ‘I’m dangerous, do not come near me’ exuded all over her body, making people next to her stay away. After a few ill-formed conversations, she seemed to be isolated, looking around in secret.

When everyone was talking hot, Kuroneko was playing with her cell phone alone. Most of the girls attending the party were ordinary otakus. The words were not exaggerated, and the dresses are not beyond the rules.

Lolita, who was like this dark vampire, looks too different from the crowd. It could not say the same. There was also a girl who exudes the breath of ‘a lowly person, did not come near me’ on the opposite side of Kuroneko.

She was like a princess, looking down under King’s Landing. Wow, what was the matter with that glamorous woman? It was too glaring.

Kuroneko could not help but think so. That was a very fashionable girl with dyed blond hair, exuding a thorny light. She was so out of place among these otaku girls.

From a “different level,” both of them are amazing. As a result, Kuroneko and the glamorous girl did not say a few words at the party from beginning to end.

“Ah, sure enough, three-dimensional or something is really disgusting.”

Kuroneko stood up dignified and was about to leave here.

“Please wait.”

Huh? Called back?

“What’s the matter?” Kuroneko said with the indifference of rejection.

“Actually, I want to invite you to a second party.”


The venue was converted to the second floor of the nearest McDonald’s.

Second-party. How it feels a bit wrong. Kuroneko’s sense of sight was getting stronger. Ruri held her chin, picked up the drink, and looked out the window bored.

The administrator said that she would invite another girl, and the three had a party again. The boring waiting came to an end, and a familiar figure appeared on the stairs upstairs.


How are two people? Brought a guy here? Kuroneko panicked a bit, and her body became more straight.

“Well, let’s introduce ourselves again.”

The administrator clapped her hands and smiled kindly. The girl who came did not speak, but the boy spoke first.

“That, my name is Kyousuke Kosaka.”


There was a heavy muffled noise suddenly, and Kuroneko’s head slammed on the table.

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