Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 56 Blue Sky The Old Thief


“Aiya ya.”

Kuroneko held her forehead and raised her eyes to look at the man who claimed to be Kosaka Kyousuke.

“What did you say? Kosaka Kyousuke? That pyramid head?”

“Compared to this, Kuroneko, are you okay?” The manager walked forward worriedly.

Kyosuke was shocked by Kuroneko’s exaggerated behavior and said with a smile, “Yes, yes…Anyway, please give me your advice.”

“Then you?” Kuroneko turned her head to the girl who was stylishly dressed and at the top of the food chain.

“Huh, what is my name? Does it have anything to do with you?”

Tch, it really was an unpleasant taste. She was a little dissatisfied with Kuroneko, who just called Kosaka Kyousuke a pyramid head, and she subconsciously returned.

“Ahhh. What a passionate encounter.” The tall figure of the manager lady inserted between the two.

“Since everyone is here, the manager who invited me here, what is the purpose of the manager?”

Kirino sat down with her arms folded, ignoring the sight of Kuroneko stabbing.

“Ha ha ha didn’t you just say it? I want to invite everyone to a second party.”

Hearing this, Kuroneko was unhappy. Although she felt the manager’s kindness, on the other hand, didn’t she feel pitiful sympathy? And… Kyousuke Kosaka? That girl, isn’t it Kosaka Kirino?

Then, wore heavy glasses, tall, with tied hair, and a pair of dead house scent, the lady administrator held up her palm and introduced herself enthusiastically, “By the way, please don’t use the polite title of ‘Miss Administrator,’ You can just call me ‘Saori.’ Kirino, Kuroneko, and Kyousuke, please let go.”

And many more. This line? If it were me, seeing her image and daring to call herself Saori, she would definitely say-it would be shameless to have grown up in this virtuous image and dare to call “Saori.”

Also, Kirino. A flash of lightning flashed across Kuroneko’s head, making her freeze in place, and the words in her ears turned into a hum.

Then, Kuroneko abruptly got up, clenched her fists. Her whole body seemed to exude a dark breath.

“Hehe, ah, Blue Sky, I want to kill you!”

She stood up abruptly, and the harsh words brought the eyes of everyone in the hall into focus.

“Kuro…Neko?” Saori pushed down the heavy glasses, and the sudden change made her unable to cope with the sudden change even if she was battle-tested.

“I’m going back.”

After leaving these words, Kuroneko left without looking back.

“Really, what’s wrong with being mad.” Kirino fiddled with her nails.

She was disturbed by the light novel “Oreimo” and went to the publishing house to be driven out as a suspicious character.

She wanted to change her mood through this offline gathering but was repeatedly frustrated.

“Kuroneko… maybe something important. I think she has been looking at her phone just now, and something regrettable must have happened.” Saori smiled awkwardly.

Back home, Kuroneko went straight to the computer aggressively.

Kuroneko typed, “@Blue Sky, the old thief, come out for me!”

Seeing that he was being punished, Ye You wanted to pretend not to see it. Ye You could avoid the first day, but he could not avoid the 15th day. Let’s admit the mistake, honestly.

Blue Sky replied, “Ah, cute Kuroneko, what’s the matter?”

Kuroneko grumbled, “Blue Sky The Old Thief, what happened to the “Oreimo”?”

Ruri Gokou knows that most of the two-dimensional chat rooms are characters from the two-dimensional. But she never thought that she would be too.

She thought she was a chosen existence, and suddenly one day, a miracle happened.

Blue Sky responded, “Ahaha, who knows, or, ask @【】(Sora)?”

【】(Sora) watched Ye You actually drew the fire to himself in front of the computer, and could not help gritting his teeth. He was the second best to tease Kuroneko.

【】(Sora) eyes and nose, nose, and heart, silently logged four accounts and started to brush BOSS.

“Ah, let Blue Sky go to that chaos.”

Blue Sky said, “Ah, he seems to be away.”

Kuroneko got angrier, “Blue Sky The Old Thief, I don’t share the sky with you!”

Blue Sky tried to calm her down, “Please calm down, Lovely Kuroneko.” Then said, “‘ Oreimo’ has brought you income, so you have a more affluent economy, and you can buy things you like. Isn’t it great?”

Kuroneko nagged, “Don’t mention ‘Oreimo’ to me. I want to burn you, old thief!”

At this time, no one else appeared in the room. So all the anger was on Ye You.

Blue Sky typed, “Anyway, sorry.”

Kuroneko, still annoyed, “If an apology is useful, what else do the police do?”

Blue Sky asked innocently, “Then, what do I need to do to be forgiven?”

Kuroneko pissed off, “I don’t know either! Old thief, I just want to kill you now!”

Blue Sky said, “Um… this if you can follow the network cable, I don’t mind.”

Kuroneko screamed, “ahhhhh!!!” Kuroneko pressed hard on the keyboard. The sound of pops made the two sisters outside the door shudder.

“What’s wrong with the eldest sister? She looks furious.”

“Tamaki, you must be good. We have to listen to the eldest sister’s words carefully in the future.” The second girl Gokou Hinata took back her sympathetic and understanding sight.

Blue Sky said, “Well, or else, you first listen to my next passage?”

Kuroneko hung her eyes to see what he had to say. This was sin. This was karma. She would put him to death ten thousand times! Then, Ye You took out the black notebook uploaded by Kuroneko from the chat room.

Ye You coughed his throat and said in an accented voice full of emotion “(Voice Message) Infinite darkness, endless sin, at this moment-erupt! We are invincible ahead.

I am the queen of the nightmare, the purgatory fire swaying in the abyss, the distorted dim flames, the crimson darkness of the chaos, the screaming lights, I use sin to punish the sins, and the black shards are engraved on my body, and I am unruly, Show your fangs towards the laws of the world at this moment! “

Kuroneko froze. This was the second time she froze today. But this time, she brought shame, a sense of shame, “This…this is…” Kuroneko trembled and said, “This is, this is my ‘Revelation’!”

A rush of heat from the inside out steamed her cheeks red, adrenaline surged, and her brain was trembling. She was so scared that she covered her ears, and then she lay down on the computer,

Kuroneko yelled, “Stop reading!”

Blue Sky said casually, “Can you calm down now?”

Kuroneko glared at Ye You’s ID. If her eyes could kill people, Blue Sky would definitely be riddled with holes at the moment. “You, how could you have…this?”

Was it so ashamed to read the black history that was once written? Kuroneko had to ‘calm down’ temporarily.

Blue Sky replied, “I saw it accidentally in the uploaded file box.”

Kuroneko suddenly remembered that in order to verify the mystery of the chat room, she sent an object to it. Blunder, blunder! Damn, damn!

No wonder the Revelation Book was not found. It turned out to be uploaded to the chat room at that time. Kuroneko collapsed weakly on the chair, muttering (@_@), “Blue Sky The Old Thief…”

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