Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 57 Sword Art Online


GUNDAM Seed. L1 satellite orbit. Yggdrasil (World Tree) base.

Its name comes from the famous “world tree” in Norse mythology, where it is said that Mir, the god of wisdom and knowledge, lives here.

It was once a fourth-generation international space station located on L1. Construction began at the end of the AD (Eastern Calendar) era, and CE (Universal Calendar) began construction again in 2009, which was interrupted by the war, and was completed two years later.

CE70.2.22 was destroyed by artillery fire during the battle between the company and the ZAFT army. Because of its strategic importance, this vicissitude of life base is now planning its reconstruction.

The new human nation leader, Lacus, looked across the glass at the base under construction against the backdrop of the dark universe.

When there was no one, she, who has always appeared in front of everyone with calm and grace, is beautiful and slightly curled up.

Ten days have passed since the invasion of the military terminal from the dimension chat room. In addition to busy government affairs these days, Lacus would observe the chat room in front of the terminal every day.

At the same time, through various intelligence networks, there was no abnormal behaviour.

“Dimensional chat room… what is it…”

The slightly etched frown quickly returned to normal.  Being a leader carries too much to be able to reveal the emotions out capriciously.

The people who have gone through two wars know that disputes will only bring unnecessary tragedies. The overall trend of the world is to yearn for peace.

However, the relationship with the earth was still very delicate. Although there was the Orb side as a buffer, the economic and trade friction has never stopped.

Simultaneously, due to ethnic differences, the social contradiction between genetic modifiers (new humans) and natural persons has never faded.

If this so-called ‘dimensional chat room’ leaks top-secret files on the terminal, no one dares to predict the extent of the turbulence.

Nevertheless, this chat room, no matter what it means, could not find its kernel code. It was like popping out of thin air, so even the most sophisticated technicians could not start.

“Lacus. Can’t you sleep again?” Kira opened the cabin door, standing in front of the cabin window with the starry sky as his beautiful back with pink soft long hair.

“Kira.” A gentle smile appeared on Lacus’s face when her lover came out.

“Still thinking about the chat room?” Kira held Lacus’s round shoulders, and the two looked at the stars in the distance.

“Soldiers buy peace with blood, and we have the duty and responsibility to protect it.” Lacus’s eyes were deep and firm.

“Then why not change it?” Kira laughed.

“Change another way?”

“If the developer of the Dimensional chat room wants to steal something, we have no defence based on his technology. Even if we keep vigilant, nothing will change. So, you can try to contact the object in the chat room.”


Kira understood Lacus’ concerns and supported her shoulders with both hands.

“We have been observing for a week, and if there is still nothing abnormal, we will try to contact you, okay?”


“Reassure, everything has me. No matter what happens, I will guard you and protect the peace we all share.”

Kira embraced the soft body in front of him, and the starry sky was shining outside the window. It was night-time, eight thirty-two.


The anger of Kuroneko finally passed through without risk. Ye You secretly sighed for luck.

“From now on… Be nice to Kuroneko…”

Ye You understand Kuroneko’s anger very well, “Kuroneko, I have another “Introduction to the Basics of Magic Circuit” here. After you gather the sixth sense, maybe you can use it. Would you like me to transmit it to you? Of course, the dimensional value is from me.”

Yakumo Yukari borrowed the basic introduction from the Patchouli Library. Although it was borrowed, the return date is determined by this side.

Kuroneko responded, “old thief, do you want to buy me?”

Blue Sky asked, “Do you want it, then?”

Kuroneko was so excited, “Of course!”

Seeing that she was willing to accept her compensation, Ye You finally felt relieved.

【】(Sora) typed, “Ahaha, congrats, congrats, things finally went through perfectly.”

Kuroneko asked sarcastically, “【】(Sora), what do you mean by the phrase ‘Fushimi Tsukasa thief loses his mind, I live and die with Kuroneko’? Think I will like the pyramid head with a dull look?”

【】(Sora) calmly explained, “You’ve misunderstood. A mere mortal, how could it be worthy of the majesty of the Queen. The meaning below is that the old thief Fushimi can’t write novels at all, so the pyramid head should be hit by the pop, and Kuroneko is on top.”

Kuroneko grunted, “Humph.”

Blue Sky typed, “Kuroneko, if you open the dimensional transfer in the chat room in the future, I will sincerely invite you to come to my coffee shop as a guest, and you can refill unlimited drinks.”

Neet Hime said, “I want it too.”

Kuroneko rejected, “I don’t like coffee.”

Blue Sky offered, “How about cola?”

Kuroneko declined, “too cheap.”

Neet Hime said, “I want that too…”

Blue Sky offered another drink, “How about Longjing tea?”

Kuroneko rejected again, “I’m not used to it.”

Neet Hime is still being ignored by those two, “Blue Sky…I think about it too.”

Blue Sky tried to persue her, “emmmm…what do you want? As long as I can do it, I can satisfy you.”

Kuroneko “I want you to drink computer accessories!”

Blue Sky responded, “Wow, you are too vicious.”

Neet Hime sent, “weak, pitiful, and non-existent. JPG”

Seventeen laughed, “Ahaha, poor neet hime.”

At this time, finally, another newcomer joined. [Asuna joins the dimension chat room]

【】(Shiro) responded, “Huh…this name.”

【】(Sora) asked, “Are you Asuna?”

Blue Sky welcomed her, “welcome newcomers, welcome newcomers.”

Blue Sky typed, “Finally, another newcomer has joined.”

Blue Sky sent “(Fireworks)”

Neet Hime welcomed, “Welcome newcomers, let’s get along happily.”

Seventeen copied, “welcome newcomers.”

Kuroneko sarcastically welcomed, “welcome newcomers, please be careful. This room is hentai. Of course, I am a good person.”

Useless welcomed, “Hey, another new person has joined, welcome.”

Asuna confused, “That…is this an extra-domain network?”

Blue Sky asked, “What extra-domain network?”

Asuna replied, “It is the network outside the domain name of Sword Art Online. Although it’s incredible, please listen to me. I am really stuck in the game and cannot come out. There is no logout button, no, the logout button suddenly disappeared, and there is no response to contacting GM. Everyone on the street. This is also true, but there was such a big bug on the first day of the game. I can’t believe it. Please help me go to the operator and ask what is going on. And what happened to the dying declaration of that giant Reaper? It’s a prank. It’s definitely a prank! No! You are the game official at all.”

“Please stop such bad jokes.” She exhaled as if to vent her uneasiness.

Neet Hime said, “It turns out that Sword Art Online has just started serving. She really is Asuna.”

【】(Sora) responded, “Wow, I dive into the game completely! I want to play too. Peace of mind, you will be fine.”

Blue Sky said, “Well, please rest assured.”

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