Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 100


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A hundred kilometers away, there was a dim and gloomy palace in a gloomy valley. At the moment, the palace was filled with warblers and dancers.

The ruler of the area, King Shula, was sitting on a chair covered in animal skins. One of his arms wrapped around a barely dressed female demon, the other tilted towards a wine glass as he watched the dancers in the center of the palace.

Offstage, the dancers were dressed in beautiful costumes and danced gracefully, while countless subordinates on either side drank freely and laughed non-stop.

These subordinates, just like King Shula, they had wandered to Earth Lesser Demon Realm because they couldn’t make it in the Greater Demon Realm.

Compared to the Greater Demon Realm, the Earth Demon Realm was even more remote. A truly bitter and cold place.

Because of this, there were no real strong demons who would come here. There were no tigers on the mountain, and monkeys were called kings, so King Shula, as the ruler of this place, usually had a pretty comfortable life.

“Your majesty, recently King Gurumes’ group hasn’t been very settled. They won’t be hitting us here, right?”

A pig-headed demon tore off a piece of meat and said as he chewed, “But they are really useless. I heard that a beast ran out of nowhere in their territory some time ago. The loss is not small.”

King Shula, who had purple hair, took a sip of wine and said contemptuously, “Don’t bother with those jumping clowns. If they dare to mess with us, we will definitely make them pay for it.”

“Hehe, as the king said if they dare to provoke us… let them pay the price.”

“Who dares to provoke us in the Demon Realm? Even the Yaksha King of Northern Part, wouldn’t dare to provoke us casually.”


The countless demons underneath laughed loudly and gorged on meat. They seemed to be very comfortable.

“…The gate over on earth seemed to have opened some time ago, how is it now?” King Shula swept the crowd of subordinates present with grace and dignity and asked about the earth gate.

One of his subordinates sighed, “We didn’t find out early enough. That gate has been sealed.”

“I don’t know who did it. Damn it. I was hoping to take a stroll on earth!”

“They say the sky is blue there, and the water is sweet, unlike here!”

“It would be nice to rule the earth.”

Some of the demons had regrets and shook their heads as if they had missed a golden opportunity.

Looking at his subordinates, one by one, secretly chagrined and regretting that they hadn’t discovered the gate earlier. King Shula shook the wine cup in his hand and sighed.

O Earth! Would their lives have been this difficult if they had been able to enter earth through that gate?

But then, King Shula shook his head.

Well, there were many masters on earth, too!

“Everyone is staying safe and sound here. Have you forgotten what happened to the Great Demon King Piccolo and Demon King Melukojo from over two hundred years ago?” King Shula said grudgingly, suddenly setting his glass on the case.

“They didn’t come back!”


Hearing the Great Demon King Piccolo and Demon King Melukojo, these demons subordinates all shuddered. Their faces were suddenly turning a bit pale.

They had forgotten that the masters on earth were also very powerful. The Great Demon King Piccolo and Demon King Melukojo, who were considered powerful in the Greater Demon Realm, also wanted to rule the earth. But they never returned in the end.

It was feared that they had all perished on earth.

Looking at the reactions of his subordinates, King Shula shook his head helplessly. Forget about it.

Don’t think about the supremacy. The Earth Demon Realm environment was a little harsher, but at least it was still safe.

King Shula drained the wine in his cup in one gulp.

In the end, they were still too weak.

Suddenly, King Shula felt a slight chill for some reason and raised his head to see two silhouettes appearing in the palace at some point.

A penetrating gaze swept over. A strong sense of oppression made his body feel uncomfortable.

King Shula’s face changed suddenly, as his heart trembled wildly, “This master is an earthling. How did a master from earth come to the Demon Realm… Did he come to annihilate this place?”

King Shula instinctively felt a thrill of horror as he remembered the gate to earth from before.


Many demons lost their voices, and then chaotic arguments echoed in the main hall.

There were still big differences in the looks of humans and demons. The demons present instantly recognized Muyang and Son Gohan’s identity!

“I come to ask you, which of you knows the gate to the Great Demon Realm?” Muyang was condescendingly floating in the air. A shining ball of ki condensing in his hand.

The ball of ki was azure in color and incredibly splendid. However, once it exploded, it was enough to wipe out all the demons present.

King Shula stared straight at the ki ball. His liver and guts cracked, his sweat shed rainwater, as he quickly came to a decision.

“Master, the gate to the Demon Realm you are looking for is near the Blood River in Southwest.” King Shula lowered his stance and spoke carefully. He was afraid that the ki ball in his opponent’s hand might accidentally fall.

The subordinate demons were all taken aback at the King Shula’s reception of such a low stance.

At that moment, after carefully examining the two earthlings who appeared in front of them, they suddenly felt an unexpected threat of death.

These demons immediately, as frightened as their king, sweating like rain.

Taking a faint glance at King Shula, Muyang’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. This guy was probably the Demon King that Son Goku had encountered when he entered the Demon Realm.

Tsk, listen to the names, King Shula and King Gurumes, each one of them was incredibly weak. It was only their names that were very impressive.

He was looking at the surrounding palaces. It was quite impressive that such a magnificent building had been built in a bitterly cold place like Earth Demon Realm. So, of course, he would enjoy it.

Soon, Muyang hid his astonishment and said, “Tell me the detail. If you dare to deceive anything, you and these subordinates of yours will all be killed.”

“Yes, yes…” King Shula responded in succession and told Muyang about the gate to the Great Demon Realm in detail.

After hearing this, Muyang exchanged glances with Son Gohan. He then withdrew the ki ball in his hand and was about to leave, “No one should reveal the news that the two of us are here, or you know the consequences.” He said as an incomparably strong pressure crushed over. King Shula and his subordinates turned pale in fear and nodded their heads in response.

“No, it won’t, please don’t worry, masters.”


Muyang glanced at them; he didn’t want to cause any complications here. Then he no longer paid attention to these wimps and signaled Son Gohan that they would leave as soon as possible. So, in the blink of an eye, they became a shadow and disappeared.

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