Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 101


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“…Has he gone already?”

The moment Muyang and Son Gohan left, King Shula gasped for breath. He felt exhausted as if he was about to collapse.

“These two earthlings are too powerful. Why on earth are they entering the Demon Realm for? Hopefully, they won’t attract the Dark Demon Realm’s attention… Otherwise, there will be no peace here.”

The pressure Muyang gave him was too great. With Muyang merely standing still, it was as if he was facing a superior demon. It made him break out in cold sweat, unaware that his back was already wet.

Compared to the Dark Demon Realm, the Earth Demon Realm’s strength was not great enough. The “iron cavalry” of the remote Greater Demon Realm alone could easily trample on this place.

Obviously, King Shula didn’t want his stable life to be broken. Therefore, he hoped even more than Muyang and Son Gohan to keep this matter from becoming a big issue.

Thus, he prayed that these two people wouldn’t go to the Greater Demon Realm… to stir up trouble before him.


After they received the gate’s location to the Greater Demon Realm from King Shula, Muyang and Son Gohan rushed towards the Blood River in the Southwest as described by King Shula.

After all, Muyang and Son Gohan were earthlings, and their looks were very different from the demons of the Demon Realm, so they had to hurry up and find out what was going on in the Greater Demon Realm.

It would be best if there were no demons on the Demon Realm who knew that the gate had been opened.

However, if the news had already spread, then they would have to inform Mr. Popo to close the gate as soon as possible.

Closing the gate to the Demon Realm wouldn’t be that easy. It would inevitably require a battle.


On the other side, as Muyang and Son Gohan rushed to the Greater Demon Realm Gate, Mr. Popo was sitting crouched at the Demon Realm Gate, repairing the gate with clay.

Right at this time, a figure arrived near the hole in the gate. When he saw the pitch-black Mr. Popo repairing the hole in the gate with clay, the figure sneered and walked out.

“Hey, where’s this idiot come from? Do you want to mend the gate of the Demon Realm with just some clay?”

The person who came from the hole was none other than Kanglu. He was the one who had discovered the gate leading from the Demon Realm to earth.

He and his companion, Buddy, had discovered the gateway together. Buddy had returned to the Demon Realm to inform their superiors, while Kanglu stayed near the gate and waited.

He wasn’t expecting that someone would be patching up the gate when he had only been away for a short while.

If someone patched the hole, how could he get credit for it? Maybe even be charged with the cardinal sin of lying about military intelligence!

How could this be tolerated?

Mr. Popo looked up. He saw Kanglu with rippling eyes, glanced lightly at it, and turned back to his work.

“Hey, fat black man, are you defying Master Kanglu?”

Mr. Popo’s disregard caused Conlu to jump violently.

“Demons, you are not welcome on Earth, so do not disturb Popo’s work.” The flat tone of the voice was so fiery that veins appeared on Kanglu’s forehead.

Damn it, the fat black man in front of him who looked brain-dead dared to speak to Master Kanglu in such a tone.

Kanglu’s face was ugly. Although he wasn’t the top master in the Demon Realm, he was still considered a “Demon King” level.

Today, he actually got ignored by the weak earthlings. If he were to go back, wouldn’t he be mocked by other demon masters?

After he smirked, he walked up to Mr. Popo’s side and raised his palm contained demonic ki to slash out.

“Foolish earthling. You will pay the price for being ignorant.”

However, at that moment, Mr. Popo, who had just been working with the clay, suddenly disappeared. It made Kanglu’s attack pounced. Before he realized what was going on, Mr. Popo’s faint voice sounded in his ears.

“Popo has a very important job right now and doesn’t like to be disturbed.”

After saying that, an attack casually hit Kanglu in the stomach with a thud. His eyeballs popped out as he bowed up. His mouth spitting out sour water, he knelt and almost sprawling on the ground.

“How is this possible… I’m actually isn’t a match for him.” Kanglu’s eyes were bloodshot, and he was holding his stomach in disbelief.

Against Mr. Popo’s emotionless eyes, cold air rushed from the soles of his feet through his spine straight to his brain as he could faintly hear the pounding of his heart.

In the next second, Kanglu lost consciousness as he saw Mr. Popo slash his neck with a hand blade, cutting his head off.

Looking at the head that rolled on the ground with a grunt, Mr. Popo was stunned, as if he hadn’t expected the opponent to be so expressive.

“…Well.” Regardless of what just happened, he turned around and looked at the pitch-black demonic ki emanating from the Demon Realm Gate. Mr. Popo calmly said, “I need to speed up. The demons inside may have already discovered the gate. If the news spreads, it will be too late.”

With that in mind, Mr. Popo crouched down on the ground again, combining several formulas and stirring his clay.

Truthfully, Kanglu’s strength was actually not inferior to Great Demon King Piccolo. Even when he was considered a master in the Greater Demon Realm, he, unfortunately, ran into Mr. Popo. It should be known that even Son Goku, who had defeated Great Demon King Piccolo, couldn’t make a single move in Mr. Popo’s hands, so he decided to kneel down.


The Greater Demon Realm, which belongs to the Dark Demon Realm.

Although it was called the “Greater Demon Realm,” it was actually just the edge of the real Demon Realm.

There was an extremely high tower-shaped building on the fertile earth. The tower was built from pale white bones.

The white bones of Senbai radiated a demonic aura that sent shivers down the spine.

Now in the great hall, a blue figure opened his cloak and rose from his seat.

“Your name is Buddy, right?”

“Yes, Lord Garlic!” Buddy half-kneeled in the great hall, and humbly answered.

The old voice sounded again in the great hall, “You just said that you and your companions found a gate to earth at the Demon Realm’s edge.”

Buddy said respectfully, “Indeed. It was a doorway to the outside world. The front door broke open naturally, and a hole appeared, which my companion and I happened to discover.”

“It was definitely the gate to earth that my lord had been looking for.”

“Hmm.” Garlic’s pale face showed a smile. His attitude changed as he said, his eyes flashed cold and stern, “You didn’t reveal this information to anyone, did you?”

Buddy immediately replied, “Absolutely not. This subordinate knows how much the earth matters in Lord Garlic’s heart. So without telling anyone, I rushed over to inform you.”

Garlic nodded his head in satisfaction, “Good. Earth can only belong to me; no one can change that. You did a good job, just confirm the truth of your information, and I will reward you heavily.”

At that, Garlic thought for a moment, “My son is now training in the Demon Realm with Lord Dabura. If I rule the earth in the future, I can recommend you to my son.”

Buddy’s face now showed surprise when he heard that. He knew that Lord Garlic was a great figure in the Demon Realm.

However, he never thought that Lord Garlic’s son would follow the great Demon King, Lord Dabura!

If he could join Lord Garlic’s son’s command, he could also leave this Lesser Demon Realm’s edge and enter the even wider stage of the Demon Realm.

“Thank you, Lord Garlic, for considering me. I will do my best to assist you in controlling the earth.”


Garlic waved his hand and told Buddy to go down.

Buddy bowed respectfully and then retreated with his buttocks. He was ready to return and tell Kanglu the good news.

After Buddy left, Garlics tense face finally loosened. He laid back on his throne, half-lidded. His cloudy eyes were suddenly revealing a brilliant light that didn’t belong to his age.

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