Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 102


The southwest corner of Earth Lesser Demon Realm was even more desolate and hot compared to where King Shula’s palace was located.

The air was filled with faint smoke, emitting a smell similar to that of a volcanic crater. It was burning hot and intense, already reaching the limit of what life could endure.

At this time, two silhouettes swooshed and quickly swept over the barren mountains. They already clearly felt that the number of demons here was dwindling drastically.

It seemed that the harsh environment here was unbearable to even those demons who had adapted to a hard life.

“Look, that big red river ahead should be the Blood River…” Son Gohan suddenly shouted at the red river that appeared in his vision.

As the surrounding scenery changed instantly, Muyang and Son Gohan finally arrived at the Blood River that King Shula was talking about.

By the way, the Blood River in the Demon Realm was somewhat full of magical colors. It resembled an unfinished severed road. From its unknown origin, the turbulent river took on a deep blood red color.

At the southwest corner of the Earth Demon Realm, the river water gathered into a huge whirlpool, through which endless river water flowed and was swallowed by the whirlpool. This was causing the Earth Demon Realm to be arid and low in the water.

The two of them arrived above the vortex. Muyang looked down at the vortex and said to Son Gohan, “Behind that vortex is the Greater Demon Realm. Be careful.”

Son Gohan nodded. The two leaped into the whirlpool. The turbulent river water carried them around, swaying and colliding as if they were riding a roller coaster.

They could no longer tell which was left and which was right. The two immediately used their ki to stabilize their bodies, and the swaying gradually became steady.

They didn’t know how long had passed, but the tremors around them didn’t seem so strong anymore.

A beam of light shone down from the water’s surface, and the two of them quickly floated up. What they saw was a completely different world.

Compared to the Earth Demon Realm’s barren and arid landscape, this place was much more prosperous.

Mountains and trees surrounded it, the hues were different from earth’s, but the scenery was not far off.

From this, it could be seen that King Shula and the others simply couldn’t hang around in the Greater Demon Realm anymore. That was why they went to a bitterly cold place like the Earth Demon Realm.

“Tick! Tick! Tick!” The scouter in his arms emitted a series of rapid beeps. It was like a system of high-speed calculations finding one flaw after another, as the alarm sounded numbingly loud.

At the same time, Muyang also felt the powerful scent transmitted from the surroundings.

157, 169, 195, 257, 135….

Hundreds and thousands of ki sources. Although most of them weren’t as powerful as the ki on Son Gohan’s body, there were just too many of them.

This was still just the most marginal and unnoticed part of the Dark Demon Realm. The number of masters on this side of the world had far exceeded earth. 

Compared to them, the so-called giants and masters on earth whose power level was just over 100, they were a joke!

“Hiss… there are too many experts here!” Son Gohan sucked in a breath of cold air, and his voice was trembling.

“…there are indeed too many of them.” 

Muyang was also surprised, but he had seen the “world” before. He was fully prepared for the reality that there were so many masters like dogs in the Dragon Ball World.

Nevertheless, he thought of a severe problem – if the Demon Realm Gate could not be closed in time, and the demons surged out, it would be an absolute disaster for the earth.

When that happened, perhaps the sight he saw in the Illusionary World would have to be played out for real.

“Hurry up and converge your ki.”

Muyang reminded, then converged his ki to the minimum. Although it wasn’t certain if there were creatures in the Demon Realm who could sense ki, it was always wise to be cautious.

Son Gohan also converged his ki after hearing that.

“We are traveling directly through Earth Lesser Demon Realm, which means that this space is the closest to earth among the different dimensions. Let’s look around and find out whether or not the gate to the Demon Realm has been discovered, and then we must hurry back and inform Mr. Popo!”

“Hmm.” Nodding curtly, Son Gohan and Muyang chose a direction to fly in.

Everywhere they passed, they saw a demon race in full gear. They began to assemble towards a certain place as if they had already received some orders.

Muyang’s heart gradually sank. From the current situation, it seemed that the demon gate had been discovered.

It was just that these demons’ speed was too fast; it had only been a short time since the army had started to assemble. 

Flying past several demon camps, he found that most of the situation was the same below.

“Why don’t we grab one of the demons and ask them first? Maybe they’re not aiming for the earth?” Son Gohan’s face was a bit ugly.

Muyang looked at him and nodded. They then landed near a small camp. The demons in this camp weren’t very strong, and Muyang was confident in dealing with them.

“Swoosh!” The critical situation was right in front of him. Muyang’s actions were very swift and quickly captured a not so weak demon race with about 100 power levels. 

“Tell me, what are you planning to do with so many demons assembled?” Muyang lowered his voice. His fingers were pinching that demon’s neck. The fierce demon looked as if the opponent had plans to kill him once he disobeyed. 

The demon had a terrified look on his face, squeaking and struggling, “Master, don’t kill me…”

Muyang said in a cold voice, “Answer my question.”

The demon was afraid, “I’m not really sure. We received orders from the Commander; it seems like we’re going to attack somewhere.”

“What about the others?”

“No… I don’t know…” the demon’s face was pale. He was struggling with fear.

“Hmph, what’s the use of keeping you then!” With a flash of killing intent in his dark eyes, Muyang’s palm flew out a ki wave directly from his hand, burning that demon into ash.

Son Gohan gulped, “What do we do now?”

“These small demons don’t know the specifics, but their superiors definitely know. Let’s go grab a higher level demon race and see.” Muyang pondered for a while and decided to capture the leader of the demon race directly. 

Son Gohan said, “Be careful, this isn’t earth.”

“Understood.” Muyang looked at him and gave him an encouraging look. He patted Son Gohan’s shoulder and said, “We have to move fast. We’ll return as soon as we find out what’s going on!”

“I hope so…”

In fact, Son Gohan was already a little scared. The countless chaotic mix of the Demon Realm made his scalp numb.

He knew full well that his little body was too in danger here! It was just a matter of the earth’s safety, so he had to scalp it.

The two searched and targeted a demon with a power level of 230.

“Muyang, it’s up to you now, I can’t help.” Son Gohan’s face was somewhat complicated. He was annoyed at his lack of strength.

“Leave it to me.” Faintly saying, Muyang’s figure flickered and disappeared from the spot. Muyang’s current power level was around 320; it was very simple to kill someone with a power level of over 200.

However, it would be challenging to capture him alive without attracting the attention of others.

Sure enough, shortly after Muyang’s figure disappeared, there was a noise in the distance. It then grew louder as Son Gohan was worried for Muyang’s safety.

He had flashed over while Muyang was carrying a half-dead Tiger-Headed Demon Race. 

“Human…” the Tiger-Headed Demon was out of breath and, his voice was frail.

Muyang thumped a direct punch, grabbed his neck, and asked, “You demons, what do you want to do by gathering together?” 

“Ahem… So you guys want to know this? Hey… Hugh… don’t expect me to tell you. It won’t be long before your world falls to our demon race.” The Tiger-Headed Demo was lustful. He spoke with a lot of courage.

Little did he know that he had already said all the information that Muyang and Son Gohan wanted to know with a great deal of courage…

Muyang’s heart gradually sank as he decisively annihilated the demon. 

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