Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 103


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“It looks like the gate to earth has been discovered.”

Muyang was silent for a moment. The information he received was not so pleasant as he learned about that Tiger-Headed Demon’s straightforwardness just now. 

“What should we do now? Should we go back immediately?” Son Gohan asked.

“Let’s go back and inform Mr. Popo that the Demon Realm is already gathering forces.” Muyang thought about it and decided to immediately go back and tell Mr. Popo what was happening on the Demon Realm. 

At this point, Muyang looked stunned, “This is not good!”

“What’s wrong?” Son Gohan was stunned.

“You’re too naive for thinking you can leave!”

A cold voice suddenly sounded in their ears. As it rang, both Muyang and Son Gohan’s entire body went cold.

They looked in one direction in horror and saw that a green-skinned, dry, and skinny Demon had arrived more than a hundred meters away from them. 

Son Gohan was horrified, “When did he come?”

Muyang said, “What a quick move.”

“His ki is far beyond us.”

A hint of horror appeared on Muyang and Son Gohan’s faces as they carefully observed each other. They were shocked by the coldness of the opponent’s ki.

He was highly skilled!

A high-level Demon.

Muyang and Son Gohan looked at each other; their faces were somewhat pale. They didn’t even notice that such a powerful demon was close at hand.

Either the opponent also knew how to hide his ki, or the opponent was too fast. Before they could even sense the opponent’s ki, the opponent was already approaching them.

Obviously, for the Demon in front of them, it would be the second possibility.

“Tick! Tick! Tick!” The scouter screeched. If Muyang had time to look at the scouter, he would have seen the data displayed on top of the lens – 502!

This had far exceeded Muyang and Son Gohan’s power level.

They had to escape!

Without making a second choice, Muyang and Son Gohan reacted immediately. They instantly moved the ki on their bodies and rushed towards the direction they came from.

However, the Green Demon on the opposite side didn’t give them such an opportunity. With a thud, the Green Demon figure suddenly flashed and blocked their way.

His body leaned forward, and an attack containing tremendous power fell.

“Poof!” A spray of blood flew out of Son Gohan’s mouth. His body flew straight backward out of control, landing on top of a hill not far away, immediately smashing into a large hole. 

No one knew whether he was alive or dead.

“Son Gohan!!!” Muyang shouted in alarm, but then the opponent targeted him.

The electric silhouette suddenly disappeared and then appeared in front of Muyang. His eyes tightened, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

He hurriedly rested his arm on his chest as the attack came.

A heavy blow landed, and Muyang’s arm went numb. His bones took a massive hit, and his body flew uncontrollably fast towards Son Gohan.

“Hmph, insignificant human. Are you trying to escape in front of Lord Niefer’s eyes? It’s truly outrageous!” The Demon named Niefer snorted arrogantly. However, in his heart, he was screaming his luck, “If Lord Garlic hadn’t asked me to patrol the territory, I wouldn’t have known that a few little ants had sneaked in.” 

“Ha…” Muyang muttered with a pale face. This enemy was his strongest enemy so far. He even took out a Senzu Bean and put it in his mouth, as he looked at the equally miserable Son Gohan, who was busy stuffing a Senzu Bean towards his mouth.

“Muyang, this guy is so strong, we’re no match for him.” Son Gohan said in a low voice. After recovering his strength and feigning severe injury, he looked at the opponent with eyes full of scruples. “This guy must be much more powerful than the Great Demon King Piccolo from back then.”

“Don’t act rashly for a while. Let’s find a way to escape from here.” Muyang frowned as his brain quickly functioned.

The Demon Realm was not a place to stay for long. There were too many powerful demons here. Even if it was just the edge of the Dark Demon Realm, countless demons were stronger than them.

Also, since they already knew that the demons had discovered the gate to earth, they had to leave here quickly.

In response to Muyang and Son Gohan’s whispers, Demon Niefer sneered. These two weak ants actually tried to escape from him; that won’t be easy.

Immediately, Niefer circulated his ki, and black demonic ki wrapped around the surface of his body.

An icy cold chill shocked Muyang and Son Gohan’s spirit. They snorted in unison as their faces turned pale under the intense pressure.

“Listen to my instructions later. When I call out to you, follow my lead immediately.”

“Got it.” Son Gohan nodded vigorously.

There was a flash of hostility in Muyang’s eyes. He then flipped over, stepped on his toes as a few pieces of soil splashed, and rushed towards the Demon Niefer.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between Muyang and Niefer gradually became close, and in a flash, Muyang was right in front of him.

Niefer sneered, and his lips hooked up a cruel smile. Facing Muyang, who was coming towards him, he only took it as a mockery of his opponent’s stupidity.

With a cold snort on his mouth, Niefer’s hand didn’t let go. With a bang, Niefer’s palm poked out, and terrifying power erupted from above his fist.

The gale whistled, the sky seemed to be split in half, and along with the storm swirling around, Muyang’s chest took a solid blow.

Blood tumbled and spread from between his lips and teeth. A salty taste surged up his throat, which stirred up the hostility in his heart.

Cracking his teeth, Muyang bit through the Senzu Bean in his mouth. In an instant, his condition returned to its peak.

Immediately afterward, he raised his hands to his forehead and grinned and shouted.

“Solar Flare!”

With the shout, it was as if a second sun appeared in the sky.

The strong sunlight irritated the eyes. The Demon Realm’s sky that was originally blood red and dim suddenly turned bright as a white light source appeared high—simultaneously blinding all the demons’ eyes.

This went mostly for Niefer, who was attracted by Muyang’s previous actions. He then looked straight at Muyang, who was flying in the air.

At this time, the Solar Flare was displayed, and he cried out in pain, inevitably closing his eyes.

At this moment, Muyang also threw out several Heavenly Sky Beam. He then blocked the opponent’s movements with the Thunder Shock Surprise.

“Son Gohan, hurry up and follow me.”

The voice shouted urgently. Muyang had to hurry away before his opponent’s vision returned, so there was no intention of paying attention to whether or not Niefer was injured by the Heavenly Sky Beam he cast afterward. 

Son Gohan also knew that this was his last chance. So, he immediately followed Muyang’s footsteps.

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