Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 104


“No, that’s too slow!”

After sensing Niefer’s side, he felt that the opponent was gradually regaining his movement. Muyang was anxious; he quickly pulled Son Gohan and brought him across the sky.

The Solar Flare was a secret technique of Crane School, based on the principle of using a high amount of ki to produce intense light.

All of Muyang’s previous attacks were feints. So, he plotted to make the opponent lose his guard and think that they would die; that way, the Solar Flare would be the most effective.

It was obvious that Muyang’s plan had worked. However, they didn’t have much time; they had to stay away from each other and hide their ki in this brief period…

The light from the Solar Flare gradually dissipated, and Niefer’s vision slowly returned. When he saw that he had lost sight of the opponent in front of his eyes, Niefer shouted angrily as he vowed to shred them into pieces. “Damn it. How dare a little ant trick this lord.”

With his hand, he waved out a ball of ki wave, which whistled out. A huge mushroom cloud rose around him.

After venting for a while, Niefer still hadn’t found out where Muyang and Son Gohan was. He could only roar angrily and fly off in one direction with the face of birds of prey.


“Muyang, the opponent has already flown away. Can we go back now?”

Son Gohan didn’t dare to breathe, his eyes scanning the opponent’s distant back.

“Wait a little longer. We have to watch out for deception.” Muyang refused Son Gohan’s suggestion.

Sure enough, within a few seconds, Niefer’s figure appeared once again. He was looking around, still missing the two humans’ sight.

After a while, he left with a cold snort and a disgruntled look on his face.

“Damn it! It looks like they really escaped.”

Son Gohan, who witnessed the scene, sucked in a breath of cold air. His emotions finally stabilized, and said gratefully, “That was close. Thanks to you; otherwise, it would have been really dangerous.”

Muyang shook his head, “Let’s go. Let’s leave here immediately. The Demon Realm is too dangerous.”

In the Demon Realm, his and Son Gohan’s human identities were too conspicuous. Almost every demon would be able to recognize them when they saw them.

There were also so many powerful demons here. It really wasn’t a place to stay for long. To be fair, this Greater Demon Realm where Muyang was now was still just the Dark Demon Realm’s edge.

This wasn’t a high level, but it was still too dangerous for Muyang and Son Gohan, who had two or three hundred power levels.

After carefully hiding their ki to the lowest level, Muyang and Son Gohan preferred to slow down their speed. They didn’t dare to rampage recklessly.

After almost a full day, they returned next to the Blood River that led to the Earth’s Demon Realm.

“Let’s go back quickly.” With a mouthful of words, Muyang and Son Gohan jumped off the Blood River.

The road back was much harder than when they came. Because the whirlpool in the Blood River was flowing from the Earth Demon Realm, going back was going against the current, so it was hard to stabilize their bodies without a little preparation.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to be hit by the turbulent current and become internally injured.

However, the good thing was that they both had Senzu Beans, and the power of the Senzu Beans repaired their bodies.

Two figures came out of the vortex in a mess on the Earth Demon Realm’s side with a clatter. They were panting as they came up.

“Hohoho, coming from the Greater Demon Realm, is simply deadly. The turbulence here is terrible.” Son Gohan braced his hands on the ground as his arms were trembling slightly.

Muyang’s face wasn’t much better, “Come on. Luckily, this passage is countercurrent. It may be easy to get in, but it’s difficult to get out; otherwise, the Greater Demon Realm’s demon armies would have invaded earth directly through the Earth Demon Realm. Wouldn’t that be even more dangerous?”

Son Gohan was startled, “That’s right.”

There were far more gates at the Earth Demon Realm than there were in the Greater Demon Realm.

If the demons could invade earth through the Earth Demon Realm, it would be too bad. Fortunately, the Earth Demon Realm was a nook and cranny that other demons looked down on.

Not too many demons knew it led to earth. Because of the channel countercurrent, a situation like this didn’t happen for the time being.

The two did not stay in the Earth Demon Realm for long. They brought up their speed and rushed towards the exit of the Demon Realm in quickly.

They swept past countless barren hills along the way, with no grass growing on top of the bare hills.

The rivers and canals were drying up and cracking. No wonder the demons in the Greater Demon Realm didn’t look up to the place; the conditions were really too bad.

Only demons like King Shula, King Galuro, and Yaksha King, who couldn’t hang around in the Greater Demon Realm, would come here.

After all, they could dominate the mountains. Although the conditions were a little bit tougher, at least they were having a good time.

Besides, the occasional opening of the earth’s gate could give them a glimmer of hope.


The two silhouettes traveled quickly through the territory ruled by King Shula.

They moved forward again, reaching the gate to the Demon Realm in the blink of an eye.

It was at this moment–

A shiny golden object caught Muyang’s attention.

“What is that thing?”

Son Gohan saw Muyang drop his speed; he looked at his view and saw something like a gourd.

“Hey, that’s a golden gourd. What’s it for?” As he opened the lid of the gourd, a choking smell came out. At the same time, a great attraction gushed out from the gourd’s small opening. Son Gohan stumbled as he threw the golden gourd to the ground in shock.

“What the hell, what a strong attraction!” Son Gohan looked terrified. His experience in the Greater Demon Realm had left a deep impact on him.

How could this gourd have this kind of attraction?

Muyang picked up the golden gourd that had fallen on the ground and looked strangely pale. In his mind, he was pondering what this gourd was. Suddenly a spiritual light flashed in his brain.

He recalled the experience when Son Goku was practicing alone after meeting Fortuneteller Baba.

At that time, it seemed that Son Goku had also encountered a gourd that could suck people in and turn them into a puddle of wine.

Could it be this gourd?

It was just that the gourd should be on earth, and this was the Earth Demon Realm. Oh right, it dawned on Muyang, this wasn’t far from the gate to the Demon Realm.

The gate had just opened, so there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t open again.

“Hey, is anyone around?”

A pleasant female voice suddenly sounded from the gourd.

Muyang frowned and flipped the gourd.

“Who is talking?”

“Oh, there really are people. Are you earthlings? Hey, you guys have the Heavenly Realm’s ki. One of you has Noah’s power. Why are you in the Demon Realm?” The female voice looked surprised at first, then continued, “I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to help me bring this gourd back to earth.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Me? my name is Annin, Annin of Mount Five Element. I lost this gourd. If you are kind enough, can you bring it to the Mount Five Element?”

After the woman said that, she stopped speaking.

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