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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 105


When these two words entered Muyang’s ears, relevant information immediately surfaced in his mind.

The Mount Five Element was the place where the earth connected to the Other-World. There was an incomparably large Furnace of Eight Divisions there, and Annin was the God of Eight Divisions’ Turnage. Her status wasn’t inferior to Kami in the Lookout.

Annin herself was also gorgeous, possessing the ability to control the size of her body freely. She wore a red robe and shawl.

Because the fog generated by the Furnace of Eight Divisions could open the gate to the Other-World, once it was extinguished, the dead’s souls couldn’t go to the Other-World.

The souls of those who returned to the Other-World for some reason couldn’t go back either, so Annin could never leave the Mount Five Element.

There was a scene in the original story about a crack in Annin’s Furnace of Eight Divisions because the burning flames engulfed the Ox-King’s Fire Mountain.

It required Son Goku to get the flamingo’s eggshell, and the octagonal nest bee’s honey then went down to the bottom of the Furnace of Eight Divisions to mend the hole.

“Are you the Annin of the Mount Five Element?”


As soon as the words fell, a cloud of white mist drifted out of the gourd mouth. It condensed into the image of Annin.

With her black hair down to his waist, a red flower plume on his head, and a tightly wound robe and shawl that was even more valiant.

This image was indeed Annin.

“Since I can’t leave the Mount Five Element anytime, I need you to deliver this gourd to the Mount Five Element. If you can do that, I will be grateful to you.”

“How can we do it?”

Son Gohan poked Muyang’s back with his hand and asked in a small voice. After seeing Annin’s pure and elegant appearance, both of his eyes looked straight.

“Well… first, bring this gourd with you.”

Muyang replied, thinking that this would be an excellent opportunity to broaden his connections. It was a simple matter, anyway.

He then said to Annin, “Annin, we can grant your request, but now we are facing urgent matters. I’m afraid we will have to send the gourd over a little later.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a little late, you just need to send it over.” Annin was able to distinguish the priorities and was understanding.

“Okay, then, when our business here is over, we’ll send it over to you right away.”

After agreeing to Annin’s request, Muyang and Son Gohan put on the golden gourd lid and continued to head towards the narrow passage at the gate to the Earth Demon Realm.

After entering the passage, Son Gohan still had doubts. He couldn’t help but ask, “Muyang, who was that beautiful woman just now? She’s not dangerous, right?”

Although Annin was a beautiful woman and Son Gohan himself was very fond of her, he didn’t feel settled until he knew who she was.

Muyang glanced at Son Gohan. Wasn’t he quite happy to see Annin a while ago? Why he even remembered to ask whether she was dangerous or not.

He laughed and said indifferently, “That beautiful woman named Annin. She lives in the Mount Five Element. She is the God that guards the channel against the earth to the Other-World. Her status is comparable to the Lookout’s Kami.”

“She is a God?” Son Gohan shrieked. When he thought of Annin’s stunningly beautiful face, he understood in his heart why his teacher, Master Roshi, was so fond of looking at beautiful women.

A beautiful woman was truly pleasing to the eye when he admired it, making his heart beat faster.

“She is truly a beauty.”

Muyang took a look at Son Gohan. Not only Annin was beautiful, but she was also strong. She could even fight against Son Goku, who had defeated Piccolo in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Son Gohan stood in place for a while and caught up, “Hey, can you tell me where the Mount Five Element is?

How about I go and send this gourd after the gate of the Demon Realm is closed?”

“Of course, we will. Didn’t we already promise her?”

As they walked and chatted, Son Gohan kept droning on and on, prying for Annin’s information.

The narrow passage soon came to an end, Muyang and Son Gohan came out from the Earth Demon Realm gate.

Upon looking back at the Demon Realm gate made of ancient stone, Muyang pushed the stone gate and then used the long golden sword to jam the door shut.

Of course, such a method could only ensure that the gate would not be opened for the time being.

Once the Demon Race of Greater Demon Realm passed through the Blood River’s whirlpool and attacked earth through the Earth Demon Realm, the sword would not be able to stop them. So, to really close the gate, it would require Mr. Popo or Kami to exert their divine power.

Sweeping his eyes over the Demon Realm Gate that had already been closed, Muyang was worried about the other gate’s situation.

The one that connected to the Greater Demon Realm was the one that truly dangerous.

As he thought of this, he pulled up Son Gohan and flew towards the sky.


In the high altitude, a red Lookout was still stranded in the sky. He met Kami. As he told Kami about the information he had found out from the Greater Demon Realm, Kami’s pale cheeks became even more solemn.

Kami sighed, “It seems that the Greater Demon Realm’s demons have discovered the gate here. We must repair the gate as soon as possible and put multiple seals to close it. Otherwise, with the ambition they have shown, the earth will be in danger.”

“How is the situation at Mr. Popo’s place?”

“He’s still repairing the gate. Let’s go over and help him.” Kami was very decisive in his actions. He immediately struck his crutch and controlling the Lookout to move towards Mr. Popo’s location.

The Lookout moved extremely fast and soon reached the sky above Mr. Popo’s location. Kami, Muyang, and Son Gohan leaped down from the Lookout together and arrived in front of Mr. Popo.

Mr. Popo, who was squatting on the ground modulating the clay, blinked his copper-like eyes when he saw Kami and others coming.

“Kami, the clay to mend the gate will take some time to modulate. A demon just came out of the gate, but I have already taken care of it.” He said, gesturing down to Kanglu, whose body was separated not far away. He had died miserably.

Kami’s eyes flashed with a hint of worry. He leaned on his crutch and approached the gate of the Demon Realm.

“According to the news that Muyang and Son Gohan  have received, the Greater Demon Realm’s demons have begun to gather, leaving us with little time left.”

“There is still time. In half an hour, the clay will be ready to be concocted. Muyang, help me pot it to the hole where the gate is cracked.” Mr. Popo’s faint voice didn’t seem to have much concern. He then concentrated on mixing the various clays.

Son Gohan was looking a bit dumbfounded at the side, “We’ll use this clay to repair the gate in a while? Isn’t it reliable?”

Kami smiled, “Don’t worry. Mr. Popo is an expert in this field. Mr. Popo made all the sealing gates on earth.”

This was a secret. Mr. Popo actually made all the gates of the Demon Realm. Muyang’s eyes flashed with surprise.

He then thought of the Shenron model in glassware, the small green Shenron, which was also made by Mr. Popo.

So, it seems that Mr. Popo was a master of handcrafted things.

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