Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 106


Time passed as they waited anxiously. Muyang and the others focused on staring at the gaping hole. They were terrified that the demons inside might kill them when they came out. 

Half an hour later, the demons hadn’t shown up. Mr. Popo finally concocted the clay. He then put all the completed clay into a large jar and then took out a pair of rollers with a beautiful pattern on them.

“Muyang, Son Gohan, you will apply this clay to the top of the ruptured gate, and then stamp the pattern on it when you are done.” Mr. Popo said, handing over the jar roller with the pretty patterns printed on it to Muyang.

“Aren’t you the one who supposed to repair the Demon Realm Gate? Why did you give this to me…” With a confused face. Muyang looked at the large jar of green clay while holding the roller in his hand.

Mr. Popo shook his head, “No, because it takes a day to dry after smearing the clay. During this time, Popo is going to enter the demon world to block those demons.”

“What? Wouldn’t it be dangerous for Mr. Popo to go in alone?” Son Gohan was taken aback by the news.

He thought of the demon race he had encountered in the Demon Realm before, which almost prevented him and Muyang from returning.

Then he said urgently, “Mr. Popo don’t go in. We’ve encountered the demons inside before; they’re too powerful. It doesn’t matter whether you go in alone or not.” 

“It’s okay, Popo’s strong.” Mr. Popo refuses with an apparent attitude, but his voice still so flat.

Son Gohan said, “But…”

“Let Mr. Popo go.” At this time, Kami said beside him, “Mr. Popo is the strongest person on earth. If he enters the Greater Demon Realm, those demons shouldn’t be a match for Mr. Popo. At the moment, he can buy us some time.”

How strong Mr. Popo was, as a Kami, he knew best. Maybe he wasn’t as strong as the Demon King in the Greater Demon Realm, but the average demon masters were no match for him.

On earth, Mr. Popo’s abilities were already surpassed those past generations of Kamis.

Muyang looked at Mr. Popo curiously as if he wanted to see how strong Mr. Popo really was from his rippling eyes. To be honest, Muyang never knew how strong Mr. Popo really was.

The scouter seemed to be useless on Mr. Popo’s body, and every time he fought Mr. Popo, he ended up losing. Therefore, after watching Mr. Popo for a long time, he gave up.

Not only did Mr. Popo have a long lifespan, but his strength exceeded all the previous Kamis. He was also proficient in various crafts. Such a “God” character sometimes made people wonder if there was anything that Mr. Popo couldn’t do.

Since Mr. Popo was planning to enter the Demon Realm to buy time for earth personally, Muyang told him what he had learned about the Demon Realm situation. Although there wasn’t much useful information, it was better than nothing after all. 

“Popo, after the gate here is repaired, you will only be able to return to earth through the Earth Demon Realm side’s passage. There is a huge whirlpool on the Blood River where the Greater Demon Realm and the Earth Demon Realm connect. You will be able to enter the Earth Demon Realm through there.” Muyang elaborated carefully, fearing that Mr. Popo would end up unable to find his way back.

“Okay, Popo knows.”

After hearing this, Mr. Popo nodded and entered through the broken hole in the door’s opening, quickly disappearing.

“I hope Mr. Popo will have a safe trip!”

The old Kami silently recited.

“Well, let’s get to work, too!”

After Mr. Popo’s figure disappeared, Muyang and Son Gohan also came back to their senses. They hurriedly fetched a handful of clay from the large jar beside them. They wiped it towards the place where the gate of the Demon Realm had shattered.

They didn’t know what kind of clay was made by Mr. Popo, but as soon as the clay touched the Demon Realm Gate, it stuck together perfectly without any problem.

Muyang and Son Gohan applied the clay to the gate, and soon the holes above the gate were gradually repaired and closed.

They mended very carefully, not missing a single place.

After finishing these, they also picked up the roller that Mr. Popo gave them and stamped on the top of the clay with patterns such as grass, trees, fish, and insects.

As they stamped, Muyang complained that it was just a matter of mending, stamping the patterns was nothing, and it felt a little obsessive. However, Muyang was still very serious about completing all the processes.

After completing the gate’s mending, Kami personally went to the side of the gate to check and make sure there were no flaws.

“It’s done; you’ve mended it well. You didn’t miss any cracks.” The old Kami smiled.

The next step was to wait for the clay to solidify completely. It was a process that would take about a day, which was the most challenging and most dangerous time the earth had ever faced.


In the Greater Demon Realm.

Near the entrance to the earth, the black figure of Mr. Popo appeared there. He looked around at the space filled with black demonic ki and took a few steps back, finding a place to sit down on top of a stone post, quite like a Buddha meditating on sutras. 

A little while later, some demons began to gather towards the entrance. The number of them gradually increased. They were so black that they couldn’t be seen at first glance.

Mr. Popo stood up. He put his hands behind his back and stood across the inevitable road.

“Popo is here to block the way. You won’t be able to get through.” Mr. Popo blocked these demons in front of him and said calmly.


A brief silence.

“Haha, a guy who thinks he’s strong enough to stop our army all by himself.”

“Yeah. Is there something wrong with his brain?”

“…The ki in this human is so repulsive.”

“General Niefer, what do you think we should do now?”

The demons swept their eyes towards their commander, who had intercepted Muyang and Son Gohan before.

At this time, the bloodthirsty cold light flashed in his eyes. The corner of his mouth hooked up as he coldly said, “Those two humans were your companions. Tsk tsk, you humans really aren’t afraid of death. Little ones, kill him and take the earth into your pockets with this Lord.”


“We can’t wait any longer.”

“Wouldn’t it be a little too easy to kill him alone…”

The demons present laughed. When they thought of how many weak humans there were on earth, they instantly felt like they could kill them in no time.

“You… can’t beat Popo.”

Mr. Popo still said faintly.

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