Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 107


On earth, as time flew by, the sun rose in the east and set in the west. A day finally passed.

The clay on top of the Demon Realm Gate had solidified and formed.

“You guys back off a bit.” When Kami saw that the time was up, he was no longer delayed. 

Muyang listened and withdrew a few meters away with Son Gohan, as Kami raised his finger. A golden glow flickered like an arc of electricity at his fingertips.

With a crackle, the flash jumped in the air and whizzed over towards the Demon Realm Gate. Suddenly the entire Demon Realm Gate shone with golden light, as the overall structure was being strengthened.

After about twenty seconds, the golden light dissipated. Kami looked solemnly at the repaired gate and breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s done. This gate has been completely sealed, and the Greater Demon Realm’s demons are no longer able to enter the earth.”

“Great.” Son Gohan shouted out. He looked so relieved that he couldn’t help but jump up high from the ground.

Another earth stone was used to hide the entire gate.

After completing all of this, Muyang looked at Kami and said worriedly, “I wonder how Mr. Popo is doing in the Demon Realm. There are too many powerful demons there.”

Kami pondered and said, “Let’s go to the entrance of Earth Demon Realm and wait for him. When Mr. Popo returns, that gate will be closed as well.”

Kami moved the Lookout to fly back over the valley more than two thousand kilometers away after saying that. 


At this time, there wasn’t a single person in the quiet valley. There was only a lone gate backed against the ridge, with a golden sword stuck in the front door.

Kami pulled that sword out and walked with Muyang and Son Gohan through the Earth Demon Realm entrance. 

After about two hours of waiting, a wisp of yellow sand and dust suddenly rose from the distant ground plane.

A black dot flew in the sky, followed by a large group of silhouettes. The one flying in the forefront was precisely Mr. Popo!

Muyang’s eyes were sharp, and he immediately recognized Mr. Popo.

“Mr. Popo’s here.”

Son Gohan said, “There are a lot of demons following behind.”

“Come on. Let’s hurry back to earth and close the gate as soon as Mr. Popo comes out.”


The other nodded and immediately retreated to earth through the narrow tunnel. Then with a “swoosh,” the silhouette of Mr. Popo flew out of the tunnel.

“Close the gate!”

After Mr. Popo flew out, Kami shouted.

With a shout, Muyang and Son Gohan pushed the gate up with all their strength. Then Kami also hurriedly unleashed his divine power.

His fingertips were flashing with divine light, completely sealing the Demon Realm Gate. 

After doing all this, they looked at each other, and all breathed a sigh of relief. The earth was now considered safe.


Demon Realm, Garlic’s White Bone Tower.

With a snap, the old Garlic angrily threw the ornaments on the ground. The glassware shattered all over the floor.

Upon learning the news that the Demon Realm Gate had been re-closed, Garlic was furious, “Stupid, useless thing. You can’t even get the job done and missed such a good opportunity.” 

Niefer’s face was pale as he kneeled, not daring to breathe. 

After Garlic’s anger had calmed down a bit, he carefully said, “My lord, these humans are too cunning. They rushed to close the portals between the Demon Realm and the earth before us. Especially that black and shady guy, this subordinate is no match for him.”

“Black and shady? Is this the guy from earth? What does it look like?”

Niefer sniffed and quickly described Mr. Popo’s image. Garlic was startled by Niefer’s description. He held onto the white bone seat and kept flicking his fingers, “That guy, is that Mr. Popo? If it’s really him, there is some trouble indeed.”

“Well… Although those Demon Realm Gates are closed, there will always be fish that leak out. So, if you look carefully, you might still find them. However, if you can’t, then you’ll have to break through violently.”

When he thought of this, Garlic’s cloudy eyes suddenly burst with brilliant light. He ordered Niefer, “You go to the continent’s central region right now and visit my son. He serves under the great Lord Dabura and has a few men by his side. Go over there and borrow some men.”

Lord Garlic’s son?

Niefer was taken aback by the order.

It should be known that although the area they belonged to now was called the Greater Demon Realm, it was actually a self-policing, as opposed to those remote affiliated demon realms.

In the real Dark Demon Realm, it was only a fringe area. Niefer might still consider a big deal over here, but over there, he was nothing. 

Lord Garlic’s son, however, was following the great Demon Realm King, Lord Dabura. He was serving Lord Dabura, which was the real deal!

At this time, Lord Garlic wanted him to enter the central region, which was such a rare opportunity. Of course, Niefer would not miss it.

So he immediately responded loudly, “Please don’t worry, Lord Garlic, this subordinate will immediately set out and invite masters for you.” 

Garlic waved his hand, “Go, and don’t fail again.”

“Yes!” Niefer answered excitedly.

After Niefer stepped back, Garlic’s old face became somewhat grim.

“My Junior, you were lucky this time, but next time, you won’t be so lucky. Definitely…”

The meaning of earth had been a nightmare in Garlic’s mind. It was a place that haunted him, and he didn’t want to give that place up.

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