Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 109


Inside the spaceship, Muyang was surprised to see Jupiter’s huge silhouette. This was the first time he had seen a planet up close.

The massive size of the planet gives him an indescribable shock, causing a real sense of joy and sadness in his heart. “How did this spaceship manage to locate Jupiter? It’s not like I’ve entered the coordinates of Jupiter’s location.” 

Could the entire galaxy be scanned when it arrived in the solar system hundreds of years ago? Or did it monitor the brainwaves at the moment the order was given? How else would it know which planet he was referring to by “Jupiter”?

The other issue was the spaceship’s energy source. Was it automatically gaining energy just like the Namekian Photosynthesis?

Shaking his head, none of these questions was something that Muyang could figure out. He wasn’t a scientist and had no interest in researching this.

He would just assume that the technology of the Namekian had reached a level beyond his mind. 

“I wonder if there are any coordinates for Namekian?”

The thought that Planet Namek had even more powerful Dragon Balls there made his heart heat up.

He couldn’t gather all the Dragon Balls on earth right now, so let’s look for Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls?

“Proceed to Planet Namek!”

Muyang gave instructions to the spaceship.

But half a day passed without the spaceship providing any feedback.

Was it impossible?

“It seems that for planets where the spaceship cannot search for its location, detailed coordinates need to be entered.” Muyang scratched his head with a look of certainty in his eyes.

In the original story, Bulma got the Planet Namek coordinates from North Kai. But then again, if you could reach your destination by direct voice control, wouldn’t that mean Namekian just have to say go home when he landed on earth in the first place?

His father Katas sent him to earth to take refuge, and would definitely not let him return so easily.

After figuring this out, Muyang shook his head. He could only scrap the plan to travel to the Planet Namek.

“Let’s just search all nearby inhabited planets.”

As soon as his voice fell, the console buzzed, the radar range on display expanded. Soon, an Astro map appeared.

There were about one hundred and twenty inhabited planets. Each planet had a different code, and the planet in the center was earth. This was the maximum range that the Namekian spaceship could search.

Muyang wrote down the earth’s code to return. He then ordered the ship to fly towards a nearby inhabited planet.

With a “whoosh,” a white flash of light crossed Jupiter’s surface and drifted away towards the deep outer space. It was quickly disappearing into the vast sea of stars.

The Astro map scope that the Namekian spaceship could search was about a seven-day voyage, which was already quite advanced technology. It should be noted that the spaceship would only need to travel for a month from earth to Planet Namek.

A seven-day voyage, the range of planets encompassed was already incredibly vast.

Muyang saw that the nearest inhabited planet to earth was about a day’s voyage away. If it were to be the aviation technology of earth’s previous life, even if he flew for a thousand years, he might not be able to reach it.

In order not to expose the earth’s location, Muyang didn’t choose the closest planet to earth in the Astro map. Instead, he chose a planet with a five-day voyage.


The surrounding outside the spaceship was pitch black. In the vast darkness, the stars emitted a charming pale white light. Then with a swoosh, a few planets crossed in front of his eyes; those were all uninhabited planets.

On a large scale, the inhabited planets must be far apart from each other. However, thanks to advanced science and technology, interstellar crossing in the Dragon Ball World was obviously much more convenient.

People could cross several star fields in a few days or even a few months.

A small solar system came into view at a distance of five days’ voyage from earth.

That was Muyang’s destination.

Near the solar system’s habitable zone, a red-colored planet floated leisurely; the carapace spaceship aimed at that planet and flew over. 

As the huge red planet came into view.

“Was that the first planet I’m going to set foot on?” Muyang looked at the reddish-red giant planet in amazement, and excitement flashing in his eyes.

He didn’t know what the name of the planet in front of him was. However, compared to the earth’s azure blue color, the crimson color of the planet in front of him looked different, which meant that it was rich in iron and copper elements.

But as an inhabited planet, Muyang still had to be careful. That was why before the spaceship landed; he was ready to order the spaceship to leave at any time.

He believed that it would be relatively easy to escape with the Namekian spaceship.

Whirring, the spaceship approached the atmosphere. The violent roar of the spaceship suddenly broke the silence of the place.


The spaceship landed on an exposed rock on the top of a mountain. After a while, Muyang, who was wearing a scouter lens, came out of the spaceship and breathed the air with a small breath, and his whole spirit became very alert.

After prior inspection, the air did not contain any harmful substances to the human body. Muyang then observed the surroundings and found that the place where the spaceship landed was above a waterfall.

The lake in front of it was plunging, splashing white water. In the distance, there was a primeval forest that could not be seen from a distance. It was filled with life everywhere. The plant’s leaves on this planet were not green, just like the sky, they had a reddish hue. 

Suddenly, a powerful energy atmosphere approached Muyang. It made his face pale. He was about to take a defensive stance when he saw a huge bird with a wingspan of about ten meters sweeping through the sky, creating a chaotic whirlwind.

It was a giant bird.

The scouter in front of it reacted simultaneously, indicating the data – 248! Muyang was taken aback and couldn’t help but exclaim, “A bird actually contains such powerful ki.”

He then closed his eyes and felt the ki fluctuations nearby. Soon, a cloud of scent not weaker than what he had just experienced kept appearing in Muyang’s senses.

Opening his eyes, Muyang was startled to find no less than fifty powerful ki reactions in a radius of over a hundred kilometers from his location alone.

“This is a powerful primitive planet, isn’t it!”

Although according to the standard of the universe, the planet in front of him should be a Low-Level planet like earth, meaning that there were no creatures with a power level of more than 1000. For Muyang, there were too many powerful creatures here.

354, 268, 495, 311….

Within his sensing range alone, there were several creatures whose power level exceeded his.

But that was good; they were, after all, just an animal with powerful ki and didn’t have the complex thinking skills of humans, which served as a perfect accompaniment to improve his strength.

It was simply the perfect training planet.

When he thought of this, Muyang revealed a smile. He then calmed down and took the spaceship into the Acceleration Space.

Since he had never stored such a huge object before, he operated it carefully, and poof, after a while, the entire spaceship entered the Acceleration Space.

After storing the spaceship well, Muyang had no worries and could wholeheartedly practice on this planet.

Whoosh~ Muyang rose from the sky and landed at a rocky cliff side with a relatively tranquil environment.

He then set up a temporary camp there by hand. This kind of thing was very easy for Muyang. Soon a short dwelling was completed, followed by finding food.

After everything was in place, Muyang began to think about his training. Muyang named the planet beneath his feet Red Planet.

On Red Planet, there were countless powerful creatures as his companions, so he didn’t have to worry about having no opponents.

Instead, he would be afraid that the aftermath of the battle would attract even more powerful creatures because his opponents were too strong, which wasn’t an impossible situation. 

So he had to be completely prepared and observe his surroundings when looking for an opponent.

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