Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 110


Red Planet was a primitive planet. The land area only occupied about 39% of the total area, and the rest was all oceans.

The distribution of land and sea was somewhat similar to earth. However, the gravity was about 1.2 times higher than earth.

According to Muyang’s previous detection of the ki reaction on the Red Planet, he judged that the Red Planet was just a Low-Level Planet.

There was no life reaction on it with a power level of over 1000. But this was normal; it would be abnormal if he walked out of the earth and could just run into a Medium or High-Level Planet! 

It was only right to say that the vast majority of planets in the entire universe are Low-Level Planets.

However, there was nothing wrong with being careful. Even if it was a Low-Level Planet, many creatures living here had a “higher power level” than Muyang!

On top of this planet, there were many primitive fierce beasts with a power level of over 100, making it the ideal place for training.

Next, Muyang prepared lunch with the food he found. After casually eating, Muyang officially started his training.

His entire mental state suddenly changed. Closing his eyes and starting to sense the ki around him, an invisible sensation spread out. He then identified his first opponent.

Thirty kilometers away from him, there was a 335 power level energy source. There was no other high energy reaction in the large surrounding area other than that.

It was chosen!

Now that he had chosen his target, Muyang then began to move. With a “whoosh” sound, his body sliced through the air.

Muyang’s figure suddenly disappeared from the temporary stronghold.

Thirty kilometers away from where he was just now, Muyang’s figure appeared on the branches of a large tree. Through the dense foliage, he saw his opponent. It was a reptile with three horns on its head and a large buffalo-like physique.

Not far ahead was the Three Horned Ferocious Beast’s nest, surrounded by thick white bones, indicating that it had the habit of dragging its prey back to enjoy.

The beast was dangerous!

The images of the fierce beasts tearing at each other in the “Animal World” came to Muyang’s mind.

The Three Horned Ferocious Beast’s keen sense of hearing also discovered him as Muyang gradually approached.

“Roar-” The Three Horned Ferocious Beast let out a ferocious roar. Then, it defended its territory with practical actions, only to see its hooves stomp the ground.

It scraped up a large area of soil; its huge body swiftly and violently pounced towards Muyang.

The mouth grunted and roared like a small mountain.

“What a ferocious beast.”

As he faced the Three Horned Ferocious Beast that pounced on him, a fierce color flashed in Muyang’s eyes.

The corners of his mouth turned up; his body flashed and dodged. He then shook his fist and smashed heavily against the fierce beast’s abdomen. 

“So hard!” The rough, hard texture made Muyang a little frightened.

The Three Horned Ferocious Beast staggered and was knocked out of four or five positions. It shook its head as if it was somewhat blinded.

But soon, the Three Horned Ferocious Beast reacted. In order to defend its position as the lord of the forest, it exuded trembling ki.

The beast’s approach was simple and brutal upon facing the intruder, which was to tear the intruder apart completely.

“Roar!!!” The Three Horned Ferocious Beast raised its head and roared. The entire forest trembled in the sound waves. Suddenly, the beast calmed down.

Its bloodshot eyes were staring at Muyang as if to memorize his appearance. However, its mouth suddenly spat out a ball of a crimson fireball. Rather than a fireball, it was more like a ball of pure ki attacking.

“A beast that can send out ki waves?” Muyang was shocked at the sight of the fireball. He was busy wrapping the ki of the Thunder Shock Surprise around his hand and slapping it down at the fireball.


The two waves of ki canceled each other out. It generated a blast that instantly destroyed all the trees within a ten-meter radius, and a large hole appeared on the ground. Muyang’s face was ugly.

He naturally wouldn’t unilaterally defend himself. Stomp footsteps sounded in the forest. He swiftly stepped forward before the smoke disappeared and attacked the Three Horned Ferocious Beast.

The Three Horned Ferocious Beast repeatedly roared in pain. Its angular tail fiercely flicked towards Muyang.

Muyang stared with cold eyes. When the tail was about to attack, he shifted his position; instantly, appearing at the back of the triangular fierce beast’s head. 

“Watch out!”

Muyang sent several strong strikes in succession at the Three Horned Ferocious Beast’s head.


Due to the massive blow to the head, the Three Horned Ferocious Beast roared furiously. It opened its mouth to reveal its sharp teeth to bite at Muyang.

The move was very fast, but Muyang was prepared. His body moved slightly to the side, cleverly avoiding the mouth. One foot landed on the ground, instantly opened up a distance of tens of meters.

The Three Horned Ferocious Beast shook its body and howled a few times. Then it lost its balance and fell to the ground with a thud.

At this time, Muyang seized the opportunity and leaped high. A cloud of azure ki already condensed in his hand.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

The thin ki cut through the air and pounced towards the Three Horned Ferocious Beast at a breakneck speed.

Dang! As if sparks came out when metal collided, the fierce beast shook its head. However, it was as if nothing had happened.

This Three Horned Ferocious Beast’s skin was so thick that even the cutting ki blade could not cut through its defenses.

“This beast’s skin is so tough. Surprisingly, even the Heavenly Sky Beam cannot cut through its defenses.” Muyang was taken aback at sight. With the frightening defensive abilities alone, this Three Horned Ferocious could be invincible. 

It was so vicious, with no sense at all!

If he were facing an intelligent creature with the ability to think, Muyang wouldn’t say a word. He would just bugger off and repeat it.

But now, he was only facing a beast with empty brute strength and defense. As an intelligent being of the primate class, how could Muyang choose to back down? 

However, a beast was a beast. What it was lacking was wisdom.

“Looks like we need to go all out!”

Looking at the Three Horned Ferocious Beast that was still roaring, Muyang’s face became serious.

His whole body’s muscles tensed up at this moment. He took a deep breath and stepped forward. A force came from his waist, he “swoosh” like a flying arrow pierced through the air. 

The moment he hit the Three Horned Ferocious Beast head, his toe touched its skin lightly. The tremendous force penetrated through the leather into the beast’s body.

The Three Horned Ferocious Beast was in pain and was opening its bloody mouth to bite down. Muyang bounced upwards to avoid the dangerous area, while both palms kept pointing up in the air.


“Phew! “Phew!” 


A line of azure ki rays fell from the sky, like dense drops of rain pattering down.

Tuk Tuk Tuk, the numerous small holes suddenly appeared on the ground. These attacks actually couldn’t affect the Three Horned Ferocious.

However, as the ki continues to hit its body skin in the same location for a long time, it began to generate heat to withstand more than one round of bombardment. 

The Three Horned Ferocious Beast’s skin began to turn red as a wisp of smoke with an unpleasant burning smell spread out.

“Whoops!!!” The beast opened its mouth wide to let out a low and angry roar. Just then, Muyang looked at the right moment–

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

Extremely penetrating ki was suddenly generated. The azure light was specifically aimed at the Three Horned Ferocious Beast’s gaping mouth.

With a puff of blood, the Three Horned Ferocious Beast spat blood from its mouth, roaring in pain as blood continued to gush out from the wound in its mouth.

“Finally, it worked.”

The series of attacks just now had consumed too much of his ki. If it still didn’t work, he might as well retreated earlier. But the result was good; the Three Horned Ferocious Beast was already injured.

Then again, Muyang’s dark eyes flashed with a fierce color. His body rushed down from the air. When he was about to approach the Three Horned Ferocious Beast, he suddenly turned in the air, guiding the Three Horned Ferocious Beast’s hate-filled eyes to look at his position.

Both hands gradually moved to the front of his forehead.

“Solar Flare!!”

A brand new blazing sun appeared in the air, blinding the eyes with its bright colors. Although the

Solar Flare move did not have any offensive power, it was repeatedly used in combat. It could play a critical role in both escape and strategic shifts.

For example, now, Muyang grasped the opportunity.


“Thunder Shock Surpris!!!”

Several of the strongest attack moves worked together, all targeting the Three Horned Ferocious Beast, attacking the places he had been injured before.

All the ki was swung away without a reservation. 

Boom! Boom!

The violent ki exploded; the dense smoke obscured the vision, the windswept in all directions, like a nuclear bomb explosion. A circle of shock waves uprooted the trees in a hundred-meter radius… 

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