Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 111


It took a while for the remnants of such a powerful attack to dissipate.

Muyang was looking down from high in the sky. The circular explosion crater was gradually revealed in the smoke.

The Three Horned Ferocious Beast was lying in the center of the explosion crater, the sand and gravel buried half of its body.

After enduring several of Muyang’s attacks, this Three Horned Ferocious Beas finally drank his hatred and was killed. 

“At last, it’s dead.” Muyang breathed a sigh of relief and gazed to make a confirmation. His face was somewhat pale from the intense ki consumption.

This Three Horned Ferocious Beast was actually comparable to Muyang in terms of power level. Also, with its superior defensive and offensive abilities, seriously speaking, Muyang didn’t have much of an advantage.

However, the difference between humans and beasts was there. Humans could use their intelligence to think, but beasts acted out of instinct.

The final result was that Muyang was victorious, while the Three Horned Ferocious Beast fell in a blood pool. 

Approaching and observing the Three Horned Ferocious Beast that had died, Muyang shook his head, “The skin is too hard, or else this beast could have been a meal for days.” Slightly expressing his feelings, Muyang chose a secluded place far away from here. He entered the Acceleration Space and sat on the ground to start recovering his strength. 

About half an hour had passed, and his stamina gradually recovered. He then slowly got up from the ground, then found a new target and attacked once more.

Muyang’s way to search for opponents was quiet throughout. He wouldn’t look for beasts whose power level exceeded his by a lot.

Instead, he would pick targets that were comparable to him and could hone his skills.

The original ferocious beast’s animal nature made him feel a different kind of excitement when he fought against them.

The type of swift and unafraid wildness that he couldn’t experience when he fought against humans.

Of course, there could be accidents in everything. So every time he fought, he would also have a Senzu Bean in his mouth beforehand just in case.

After all, this wasn’t an illusionary world like in the Lookout, where you could start over after death.

So, if he died here, it would be a real death, and no one would use the Dragon Ball to revive him. 

Muyang didn’t have the arrogant personality of a Saiyan. He would fight if he could and run if he couldn’t beat his opponent. It had always been his motto, and there was no shame. 

Before declaring victory, or assuming defeat, it could even be said that Muyang was ready to run away at any given moment. 


A few months passed. Apart from eating, drinking, and sleeping, Muyang was fighting with the Red Planet’s beasts every day.

During the frequent battles, Muyang frequently raised the power level in his body. He felt that he was growing and getting stronger every day. This feeling of abundance made him satisfied. 

With a crackled, his bones continued to emit crunching sounds. Every cell of his body was glowing with a brand new life.

Time had passed. After using up more than a dozen Senzu Beans, gradually… a quarter of the Red Planet’s area was swept away by him.

During this time, Muyang suffered several severe injuries and encountered several situations where he couldn’t defeat the fierce beasts and had to escape.

However, he eventually overcame every one of them. At this time, Muyang’s power level had also broken through to 450. A full 120 power level increased from when he left earth.

Indeed fighting was better for growth!

Covering people’s heads to practice was not an option. Besides, apart from choosing the right target to fight daily, there was another thing that had caught Muyang’s attention. That was that the Acceleration Space in his body had changed again.

After breaking the first limit of his body on top of Korin Tower initially, the Acceleration Space had risen and become more vast, which brought him many conveniences.

However, after so many years passed, he recently discovered that the layer of clouds over the Acceleration Space had started to accumulate again gradually.

Although there was still a long time before the clouds formed, such a phenomenon already indicated that his second limit was approaching.

Based on his previous experience, when the clouds officially formed and pressed down, it meant his body reached its limit, and he was unable to break through that limit.

But he’d make sure that his strength would not stop at nothing.

In fact, the existence of Acceleration Space had given him an infinite advantage.

Muyang’s aptitude should be considered good among the earthlings. However, he was still quite far from the great geniuses like Son Gohan and Tien Shinhan.

If people encounter bottlenecks, they could make the breakthrough only with some kind of sudden enlightenment or a battle of life and death.

However, he could use physical methods, brutal and straightforward growth. As long as the clouds representing the “limit” were blown through, he could still grow. It is a lot easier and without danger at all.

However, as an earthling, Muyang still had his worries about the future. After all, the starting point of an earthling was too low.

The intrinsic factors decided that if he wanted to be comparable to the late Saiyans and Frieza, he might need to breakthrough several limits.

Exactly how many limits he could breakthrough, to be honest, Muyang didn’t even know. Frankly speaking, the concept of limit wasn’t the same thing as the potential that was usually talked about.

The limit represented an upper limit that a person’s body could carry; basically, it was predetermined at birth.

Suppose a person’s physical limit was 1000 power level, then he had a potential limit of 1000 power level. So, suppose he had already explored 100 power levels.

In that case, the remaining 900 power levels could be grown through the body or explored through continuous efforts.

However, once the upper limit was reached, it was unlikely that the person could continue to break through the 1000 power level.

For example, Vegeta’s Saiyan should generally be considered a Middle-Level Race, and 10,000 power level was actually a limit for most Saiyans.

There were actually very few of them who broke through 10,000 power levels like Son Goku and Vegeta.

They even frequently surpassed the limit to reach Super Saiyans. There were actually very few Super Saiyans. For common Saiyans, more than 10,000 power level was already incredible.

Of course, for the legendary Super Saiyans, they could almost be considered a different race.

The Namekian’s Grand Elder could develop a person’s potential, but he could only awakening a person’s dormant power, not pushing the limits.

Throughout the entire Dragon Ball World, the one who really could make people go beyond their limits was the Old Kai, whose superpowers could really raise someone’s limitations. However, that person could only develop them once in a lifetime.

After thinking so much, Muyang ended up shaking his head. He felt a bit sentimental, then shook these worries out of his brain. “Let’s hurry up with the training and lay a solid foundation when the second limit comes.

Muyang believed that with a solid foundation, the bottom line would be profound. The same amount of ki would be able to exert even more powerful and sustained power. That was why he would have significant benefits to blast through his limits in the future. 


Shoo, shoo, shoo!

Next to the lake that was thick and filled with rain and mist, Muyang faced a group of vicious wolves with blue eyes.

Each one of these wolves was over five meters long, with greenish-blonde hair all over its body. Every single hair was standing up like steel needles, making people shudder. 

At this time, upon facing these wolves, Muyang was smiling coldly. His palm waved out a large group of ki blades.

The ki blades rotated in the air, like radar guidance, accurately hitting the back of this group of vicious wolves, sending out “Blu Blu Blu Blu…” sounds. The giant wolf’s back became flesh as blood from the ki beam attack, emitting the smell of meat being roasted.


The wolves became agitated. These giant wolves stared at Muyang with fierce eyes, then rushed quickly towards Muyang’s position as the wolf king roared.

“All of you die!” Muyang’s eyes were flickering with a cold luster. He raised his palms, and a massive ball of ki bloomed with brilliant colors.


The massive ball of ki crushed down. Suddenly a vast mushroom cloud rose in a loud explosion.

The entire pack of giant wolves in the center of the mushroom cloud’s ki coverage range was crushed into pieces by the terrifying ki.

The aftershocks spread out, the lake surface exploded directly, and countless lake water began to flood, flooding the woods at the edges!

The thick fog became even thicker for a moment.

“Power level 480!”

Muyang detected it with the scouter, and a faint smile was appearing on his lips. The 480 power level was already considered powerful in the entire Red Planet.

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