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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 112


It had only been a few months since he came to the Red Planet, and to be able to make such progress was already an outstanding result.

Moreover, Muyang believed that the Red Planet’s training effects were far from finished. As long as he continued to stay here and keep fighting various high power level fierce beasts, his power level would easily break the 600 marks! 

With 600 power levels, in the Low-Level Planets, he already belonged to a small group of people who had achieved a great deal of success and could basically ascend to the throne. Even when compared to those Medium-Level Races, they were only slightly inferior!

It was important to know that the most fragile life period was undoubtedly when you were still weak.

As long as you got past the weakness, the growth that followed would be much smoother.

Muyang was confident that he could definitely complete a magnificent transformation as long as he was given one more year.

By then, he would be considered a relatively strong among the “weak.” 

Muyang truly felt that his luck was great. He had just left the earth, and the first planet he chose was so “perfect.” Even the heavens blessed him! 

Keep up the excellent work; he couldn’t afford to waste time!

So he was full of motivation to find a new target.

Muyang didn’t know that while he was scraping away at his training, there was a plain more than 10,000 kilometers away from him.

The ground was slightly raised and surrounded by ravines of bare rock, the surface was covered with cracks, and the wind would peel off the top of the stone walls when the weathered stones blew.


A fiery red mass of ki rose, accompanied by violent tremors and belated shockwaves, and as if the heavens had opened up. A wall of air made of sand and dust spread out in all directions. 

The entire land was bombarded beyond recognition.

Gradually, the smoke composed of sand and soil dissipated, and what was in front of the eyes was a desolate land that had become entirely different.

A wisp of smoke floated on the ground’s hot surface, and in the middle of the pungent smoke, a thin figure gradually emerged.

It was a teenager who looked to be only eleven or twelve years old. His hair was spiky and flushed upwards.

His eyes were hollow, and he was wearing a brown battle-armor. If Muyang were here, he would have discovered that this teenager was wearing the most popular battle-armor in the universe.

“Ahem, it’s too weak and not interesting. If that’s all it is, I think I’ll be able to finish this soon.”

The teenager cocked his head up arrogantly. A pair of vacant eyes looking forward. It was especially noticeable that the teenager had a brown furry tail on his waist.

This teenager’s name was Bazita, a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta, who appeared on the Red Planet this time precisely to take over the Planet Vegeta Task Assignment Division’s mission- to come and conquer the Red Planet. 

The Saiyans were one of the few Warrior Races in the universe. The vast majority of their lives were spent as mercenaries. The entire race, regardless of gender or age, were all born warriors.

Even newborn babies would be assigned to the corresponding planets to carry out missions after preliminary qualification tests.

The Saiyans were currently like mercenaries taking on commissions from some of the major cosmic powers, carrying out planet cleaning missions for them. 

The Saiyans didn’t have a good reputation in the universe because of their systematic slaughter missions that resulted in many killings. 

But the Saiyans’ character wouldn’t care about the reputation. To them, fame and even missions were secondary. As long as they could enjoy the battle, that was enough. Everything else didn’t mean much to them.

It had been over a month since Bazita had entered the Red Planet. This time, his mission was to eradicate the beings on top of the Red Planet with power level higher than 400 and then transfer it to his employer to be used as a training ground for the new generation.

Strictly speaking, this mission was not very difficult. It was only a low to a medium level personal mission.

As the Red Planet itself was located at the edge of the southern region of the Northern Galaxy, not to mention its remote location, the planet didn’t have any other resources besides water and life.

So it wasn’t among Vegeta’s key targets, plus it was just a small Low-Level Planet, so it was enough to send a child over. 

This Bazita, despite his young age, was one of the more famous “Elite Warrior” on Planet Vegeta. He had been tested at birth and had a power level of 80. According to the power level at birth, the Saiyans divided their people into Low-Class Warrior, Mid-Class Warrior, and Elite Warrior. 

Since his arrival on Red Planet in just one month, he had already cleared nearly one-seventh of Red Planet’s area. With his current efficiency, it wouldn’t take him long to complete the task.

At that moment, a fish that had slipped through the net appeared in Bazita’s line of sight, a squirrel-like rodent creature. With an indifferent smirk on his lips, Bazta shot out a beam of ki light without thinking.

A loud “boom” sounded, blasting the squirrel-like rodent creature in front of him to smithereens in a matter of seconds.

“Boring, the Task Assignment Division placed me on top of such a Low-Level Planet… Hmph, let’s finish the mission early, then go on a more challenging mission.” Bazita mumbled quietly and pressed the scouter in her ear.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

Different data kept popping up in the frame, showing the ki intensity and location of the target creature. It was then that a sudden climb in data caught Bazita’s attention.

“Hey, is it malfunctioning?” Bazita saw that data constantly flickering, jumping from one hundred to four hundred at one moment, and then back down from four hundred to two hundred and three hundred at another.

It was a strange phenomenon that immediately piqued Bazita’s interest.

“Twelve thousand kilometers from here, but it’s a bit far…” There was hesitation on Bazita’s face as he stood there. He wondered if it was worth running that far.

But after all, he was just a kid, and his curiosity still made him want to go over there to have a look. So with a “whoosh” sound, Bazita turned into a black dot and landed in front of his spaceship.

It was a spherical spaceship, small in size but fast in speed. It was the most common piece of equipment the Saiyans were equipped with.

Since the distant range of over 10,000 kilometers was quite far. Although he didn’t have to run to the other side of the planet, Bazita would need to use the spaceship’s abilities if he wanted to get there as soon as possible. 

“Buzz!” The spherical spaceship’s hatch opened. Bazita got in and then controlled the spaceship to fly towards the ki source.

In the blink of an eye, the spherical spaceship emerged with white light and directly rose into the sky and disappeared.


On the other side of the Red Planet, Muyang had just finished his morning training and was lying on top of giant tree branches, exhaling.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing sound came from the sky. Muyang opened his eyes. He saw a brightly glowing spherical object falling from high in the sky. 

“Boom!” There was a loud bang.

The violent impact shook the surrounding area all at once. The branches shook, and Muyang came fully awake, realizing that something had fallen nearby.

“That thing that fell just now, it seems to be a spaceship?”

Muyang looked around, somewhat confused. Because of the impact, many trees had been uprooted, and now his weariness was all gone.

His face had become slightly serious. That scene just now gave him an extreme sense of vested vision.

With a brightly glowing fireball, the spherical spaceship was descending from the sky, what a scene of déjà vu. Wasn’t this exactly the same image when Raditz came to earth? 

It was still so rude!

Wait, was it Raditz?

Suddenly struck, Muyang, who just lay down, had woken up. Wasn’t the spherical spaceship had the symbol of the Saiyans and Frieza Force? Was the planet he was now on being targeted by the Saiyans or Frieza?

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